Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

I had a great day, with calls from all the kids and a face time with the littlest grandson. I truly wish they all lived where they could come visit more often, but the miracle of technology, and face time, is a wonderful substitute.
Face time with Grandma
I spent a good part of the day in the studio, prepping tee shirts and arranging them on the design wall for a customer quilt. That is the tedious part of a tee shirt quilt; getting the shirts interfaced and cut own to reasonable block sizes. Once I finished all that, it was time for the fun part...arranging the shirts in a pleasing group. Once I am happy with the arrangement, I can figure out where to add sashing and make rows that are the same length.

The final arrangement...I think!
The sashing is black with white dots. I did get three columns sewn before it was time to go start supper.

The middle three columns are sewn.

Tomorrow, I will finish the other columns and put in the sashing between the columns.
On the way up to the house, I snapped a couple of pictures of the flowers, all competing for space in the garden. I love the English garden look, and Mr Wazoo is getting good at making it happen here in the Georgia mountains!

I believe these are Lenten roses, but we didn't plant them here. They just decided to grow in our garden!

Daisies, coreopsis, roses and peonies.
A lovely mass of color and scent.

Stella D'Oro lilies. My favorite

The lilies look so pretty next to the blue catmint.
Now, we're ready for the Mother's Day dinner!! Ribs, tater tots and baked beans. Oh yeah!!

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