Thursday, June 8, 2017

Mr Wazoo comes home! And mows the lawn.

Mr Wazoo made his triumphant return yesterday evening, along with my daughter. They had a long trek from Oregon, and today, the movers unloaded the truck over in Charlotte, NC. Mr W spent the day finishing the brickwork pad at the bottom of the back steps, after a ride on the tractor to mow the grass. I'm glad he's back!
I spent the morning doing the hand sewing on the king sized Grunge quilt, and the customer will pick it up tomorrow. Yippee! I finished the cat quilt and will mail it off tomorrow.

After that, I loaded number five of the eight quilt lady's quilts. It was a challenge, with borders wavy like the ocean. I worked hard to get it to go flat, and think it looks fine. FYI...Everything wrong does not "quilt out". I took four hidden pleats in the borders to get it to go flat.

The quilt pattern is really pretty, but more care needed to be taken measuring and sewing on the borders. I will give her my trusty Measuring for Boarders sheet when I return the quilt.

Digital Panto: Swirls

The backing is the same fabric as the borders.
I finished this block-of-the-month quilt yesterday, but didn't get it trimmed until today.We have two more like this one! It was a class at our local quilt shop. There is always something fun going on at Fabrics Galore!

This looks like a complicated pattern...
I think the students did a good job.

Digital panto: Bubblicious

Dark gray back
While the machine was humming along, I finished the hand work on the three challenge quilts. I did some random big stitch in the background of the  bear wearing glasses. I like how it looks. I added yo-yos and buttons to the animals in the office quilt, too. Nothing new on the TV one, just binding.


computer back


glasses back


Television back

It didn't rain until after 7 today, so I took a few garden pictures. The flowers have taken a beating with all the rain, but they are coming back.

More fun tomorrow! My friend Kay and I are going to the Cobb County quilt show. Kay won a second place in the art quilt category! It was a great show last year, so I am looking forward to a fun day out.

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