Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Big wind, Tennessee scenery and some actual work getting done!

Mr Wazoo and I took a morning off to go to Chattanooga and pick up my little Bernina. It was in the shop for some minor surgery to have the knee lift mechanism installed. While I was there, I picked up a couple of feet for my 770 and some useful information on how to get it to tie off at both ends of a seam.
The journey to Chattanooga is a beautiful one, through the Cherokee forest, and along the waterways made by the TVA. It is an awesome wilderness, punctuated by river rafting and zip line businesses.
Part of the man-made waterway along the road to Chattanooga

The Cherokee forest in the Tennessee mountains.
Meanwhile, back in Georgia, we got a look at the damage to trees and sheds along the road to our house after the big storms of the last week. One home has beautiful Bradford Pear trees all along their driveway that really got blasted. That variety of tree is notorious for splitting and falling apart in weather, and is not for sale at any of the local nurseries. Now, I see why! Here, you see what happened, and what the trees look like when all is well. Too bad.
The little shed is right next to the road, and I have always thought I would take some quilts over there to photograph. Oh well, I hope the owner fixes it, but I doubt that will happen. I see sheds, houses and barns all over our and the neighboring counties falling down from neglect whenever I am out and about.

The row of trees in the Fall

Busted up and falling down, now.

My favorite little roadside shed looking battered and sad.
When I got home, it was time to get in the studio and try to finish cutting up the clothes I have been working on for two days. I have one shirt yet to cut, but just couldn't finish it. All the rest are ready to sew, and today, I'll start the process.

Almost finished with the prep work...
another load of un-usable bits in the trash

I took this picture before finishing for the day.
There is only one shirt left to cut. Yippee!

I have been doing the hand embroidery on this miniature
for the last couple of evenings.

Last night, I got it done!
Now, I just need the binding and sleeve!
Those tiny buttons were tough to sew on,
but aren't they cute?!
Time to get to work!

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