Tuesday, August 8, 2017

All done but the hand work!!

Yippee!! I took my show quilt off the frame at about 3:00 this afternoon, then made the sleeve, binding and label. Mr Wazoo quilted one project in the morning, and I taught him how to use the computerized pantograph this afternoon. While he was busy at the machine, I got the finishing parts on and now, just have to do the hand sewing. What a relief! Enjoy the photo finish!

Mr W started with cats

Panto: Cats paws

A peek at the back

He worked in the studio with this one...Dogs!

Panto: Dog bones

It has a nice pieced back

I'm ready for a hand sewing session tonight!

Here is the back view.
Tomorrow, I will be back to customer work, happy to be almost ready for the show. I have one more little quilt to do (The rat quilt), then I coast until the show!!

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