Saturday, August 12, 2017

Happy work day

I had a very nice day, doing what I wanted all day long. I did deliver the wedding ring quilt, and the quilt maker seemed pleased. Whew!... Then some grocery shopping and home.
Mr Wazoo stayed busy in the studio, quilting a bed runner that is 36 x 117"!!. It just fit on the big Gammill, and he was rejoicing the fact he didn't have to quilt rows and rows and rows only 36 inches wide. He only had to quilt 3 rows, but each one took 20 minutes!! Wow!

Its a biggie!!

Very pretty. It will look nice at the end of a big bed.Panto: Feathers and flowers
I spent the day planning the quilting for my rat quilt. I'm not a good artist, so it took a long time and a lot of erasing to get it the way I wanted it to look. I did a paper pattern with a pencil sketch first; then I traced it with a sharpie. I laid the paper pattern and quilt top on the light box and traced it  with a water soluble pen. 

The finished drawing

Left side...


right side.

And here it is, traced onto the quilt top.

I have to re-do the cheese shop, the sign was too low.
Tomorrow, I will start quilting. Aaah, stitch in the ditch. Horrible to do, but necessary for a nice, square finish.
Brats and sweet corn for dinner tonight, and raspberries about one inch across! Yum.

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