Sunday, September 3, 2017

Let's catch up!

Because I have been working on the same quilt for a few days, I haven't posted here. I am still quilting that quilt, but I took a bit of time yesterday to make the samples for my demonstration at the quilt show. I will be demonstrating the 'Easiest Quilt in the World' which I have done a couple of times before. I like making this quilt ( the top takes about 40 minutes to cut out and construct!) and picking fabrics from the stash to sew up into either a baby or lap quilt. Here are the two I made yesterday.

Lap quilt for nursing home resident

Juvenile prints in this kid friendly quilt

Panto: African Samba

Panto: Flower Power

cool Hawaiian backing

Animals in cars backing
Today, I'll still be quilting the custom project. I hope I finish soon...

Stitching background fill

Tight stipple in the central blocks

I started on the main elements yesterday.
The start of quilt show week is now just 14 days away! A few of us took another trip out to the venue to measure spaces for various displays. The size of the space is what hooked us in the first place! If you're in the Blairsville area September 22nd or 23rd, come out to the House of Prayer Church and see the quilts, You won't be disappointed!

It is HUGE!!

Miss Molly has had a vigorous week here at Wazoo. She greets customers, curls up on the batting, plays fetch and watches out the window for rogue squirrels and deer. No wonder she's pooped by 9 pm! Don't fret, though, she's ready for action this morning, and raring to get to the studio.

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