Wednesday, October 11, 2017

A fun day and a work day

Yesterday, I had a fun day. I went with some girlfriends to Cumming to see Victoria and Abdul. It was a wonderful story about Queen Victoria's relationship with an Indian guy who was brought over to present a coin to her. The story unfolds from there, with some funny bits and some sad bits. Judy Dench is superb in her role and the Abdul actor (I didn't get his name...) is very easy on the eyes!
We had a delicious Thai lunch before the show, and after the show, headed over to Thread Bear, one of my favorite quilt shops. I bought another cloth book panel for either a quilt or a book for Dechen, and two lengths of stash filler fabrics. It was a swell day out!
Today, I was in the studio, working on the African quilt. I finished the sewing around 4:00 and had it quilted by 6:00 and supper time. Here is the test block I made on Sunday, and the quilt made from the African fabrics using the same block pattern.

Test block made with fabrics from my strip bin

The quilt, made from African fabrics I purchased at the Asheville show.

The Photobomber...

Panto: African Samba

The backing is two Laurel Burch Mythical Jungle fabrics from my stash

Mr Wazoo quilted three baby quilts out in the Man cave, but didn't take photos of them. I'll do that tomorrow.
After work we all took a walk around the yard and talked about planting some bulbs. Mr W bought some pretty blue-purple pansies for the flat planter bowl, but the impatiens are so full and pretty, he didn't want to take them out yet. I agree! In fact, the combination of the flowers and the bright lime green of the shrub and ground cover is my favorite part of the rock garden.

You'd never guess it was October looking at these beauties!

With the garden cut back, the potted flowers are the only colorful thing in the back yard.
The Block of the Month class went well, except for my machine having a bad case of hiccups!! Everyone made their block, and we decided to pick up the pace next month and make two blocks! My version of the quilt this time will be black, white and red. Here's block number one.

Now, I have to get back to hand sewing squares into the double knit polyester quilt. You remember that, don't you? Slow going and tedious, but I am making progress...

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