Sunday, November 12, 2017

A whole week?! Oh my!!

I can't believe how quickly the last week went by. We have been busy quilting, but also on the go to visit our twin daughters. Jenny flew to Charlotte to see Carolyn, and we all got together in Asheville for a day of touring and shopping. I certainly got my ten thousand steps in that day!!
I'll just post gobs of photos here to catch you up on Wazoo. How's that sound?
Mr W did this Autumnal quilt.

Panto: Forest Floor

Two little quilts for new Grandbabies

Panto: Dazzle

another baby quilt

Panto: Popcorn

Here's a colorful Take Five quilt

The panto is Small Splat

A customer made this nice Tee shirt quilt for a college bound Grandson


Panto: Dazzle

Here is another tee shirt quilt bound to be a Christmas present!

Our go-to panto for these is Dazzle

I love this cool dinosaur quilt!

Panto: Popcorn

Nifty back, too!

Wow! This is beautiful!!

Panto: Daisy Swirl

Daisies on the back, too.

Another customer made this tee shirt quilt for a granddaughter.

Panto: Swirlz

It has the softest pink backing.

Bum-bum-bum badda bum badda bum...Star Wars!!

Panto: Starry

Star Wars on the back

I worked on the chicken quilt a bit every day

A happy Octogenarian made this pretty Christmas quilt

Panto: Snowflakes

The back is pretty cool, too.

She also made this Warm Wishes Oriental quilt.

Panto: Fanciful

Lovely backing

Whatever this collection is, I love it. 

All the fabrics had shabby chic rose patterns on them

Digital panto: Roses

Yet another customer made tee shirt quilt for a grandson

Dazzle, again.

Meanwhile, I got this fun picture of the twins in a text. They are as kooky as their mom!

I have started a commission quilt from vintage linens and laces made by the customer's Mother and Grandmother.

It is a bit intimidating to cut up family heirlooms...

Tiny, fragile christening gown

Hand crocheted and tatted lace

Oh yes...I quilted the chicken quilt!

With a chickenwire pattern

I like this happy floral for the back. It will have black and white striped binding.
I put the last patch on the blue log cabin repair today, and ran it through a wash. Wait until you see it! That will be on tomorrow's post. We've all had enough pictures for one day!

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