Thursday, November 16, 2017

Linen and lace progress

After a morning filled with errands and appointments, I finally got to work and made some progress with the antique linen and lace quilt. Most of the blocks are cut from the pillow cases and table cloths, but some are from my stash. I made some Turning Twenty blocks to supplement the plain blocks, and add a bit of color. The doilies are a nice touch to the plain blocks. I folded one doily that was torn, and made a little basket from it. The handle and lace insert are more of the items I have to work with. The quilt is coming along, but it is tedious and slow.
I start the blocks by pinning components on the background fabric. This background is from an antique pillow case.
Here is the hand embroidered hanky and a beautiful crocheted coaster sewn down with invisible thread

This is the little basket made from a torn doily and some crocheted lace.

These hand made doilies are remarkable!

Some are made of thin crocheted strands

Others have complicated repeating patterns

This block has a border attached with hand done faggoting. The original piece was a small table cloth I cut in quarters. I had a circle of lace and a doily layered before sewing.

Blocks lined up and ready to sew

Blocks, linens, baby clothes and lace...stay tuned for more fun!
While I sewed the lace blocks, the Millie was perking along in the background on a customer quilt...until the last row. The backing was 2 inches too short!! GAAAHHH!! I took the quilt off, added to the bottom of the backing, re-loaded it, and quilted the last row. Then I left it for today, since I have to get two pillow sham backs out of the same fabric!! I hope they fit. I measured everything and knew it was going to be bad.
With the quilt all bunched up on the cabinet, I carefully sewed the strip of backing to the original backing. Fortunately, I had the backs for the pillow covers to use for the backing extension.

With the quilt reloaded, I was able to finish the last row of quilting.
The best way to finish the entire project was to butt the pillow tops to the bottom of the finished quilt and just keep quilting across them until I finished.

Ta-Da! The finished quilt. And its a beauty.

Digital panto: Frolic

The pesky, but pretty back

These are the pillow covers
Mr Wazoo worked in his man cave, diligently finishing quilts for customers near and far.
This bits and pieces quilt was made from orphan blocks. I remember the original quilts! They were nice, but this one is exciting to me.

Panto: Flourish

A local customer made this colorful quilt using the new Grunge dots fabrics.

Panto: Bubbles

This lovely quilt is mostly batiks. Perfect for Fall!

I forget the name of the panto, but it is all leafy and pretty.

You can see the design better on the back.
A fun footnote! My friend, Audrey Hiers, is one of the featured quilters in the Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks magazine. Today, I went to her house and did a little interview for the local newspaper, and took her picture. We had a pleasant morning, chatting about quilting and all the things we have in common. Quilters are a wonderful family, and that's what makes quilting such a joy. We all share the same feeling of accomplishment when we finish a quilt and give it away. We are quietly leaving our legacy for the next generation. That's another reason I love my job!

My friend, Audrey

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