Thursday, December 7, 2017

Studio work

Mr Wazoo stayed in the man cave yesterday and quilted up a storm! Here are the results of his labor.

He quilted two of this Olivia quilt.

Both are done with the panto: Quirky

I quilted this pretty pastel quilt

Panto: Frolic

This fun Pickles quilt is so cute!

Panto: Modern twist
I worked the entire day on tee shirt quilt number three. It is finished and ready for binding! Yippee!!

I finished quilting at 6 pm and left the trimming and binding until today.

Panto: Diamond spiral

Swirly backing
My daughter in law is visiting her family in Japan with my grandson. They took a day trip to Monkey Mountain, a place we visited before the kids were married! He seems fascinated.

Soon they'll be here for Christmas! I'm getting excited.

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