Friday, January 13, 2017

Sun up to sun down, we're working for you!

The sunrise today was so beautiful, I just had to take a picture...or two!
Early on, it looked like this

only a half hour later, it looked like this!!
With our company on their way home, we buckled down and quilted the day away. I got all of the stitch in the ditch done today on this quilt. Its one of my own, and needs to be done for the Florida quilt show in a few weeks.

It pained me to see all the mis-matched corners and mistakes on the quilt
while I was stitching. Oh well, I love it, and it will live in the guest room soon.
Mr Wazoo stayed on task, finishing two identical quilts after finishing a quilt he loaded yesterday. Good boy!!

This Blue Ridge Parkway quilt was finished first.

Panto: swirl and twirl

He quilted two of these, both the same.

He used the panto yodel on both pretty quilts.
Mr Wazoo also did me a big favor while my sister was here. He finally made my wide ironing board!! It is wonderful for pressing backs and doing some fusing on big projects. Like the door panel I need to finish for the silent auction!
Ready for action!

Huge fabric piece? No problem!

I need to get this quilted and finished.Its called Happy Jacks and will be auctioned at the quilt show.

Molly patiently waited, but with the sunset, we quit working and went upstairs for a supper of beef stew made from yesterday's pot roast, collard greens and cornbread. Yummy!, and the filling end to a busy day.