Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Routine work day

Monday was a regular type day...a bit of laundry, paying bills, and quilting. Both of us spent the entire day in the studio, and we got several quilts done. Mr Wazoo finished the feed sack quilt, but had lots of trouble keeping it straight and square on the frame. Hand pieced quilts are (sometimes) a real challenge! This is the quilt with the sashings that used to be red.I don't know what happened, but they are not red today!
The blocks are huge, 16 inches each!

The quilting pattern is an oldie, but a goodie...Baptist fan.
How about the faded sashing? 

Her batting is soooo thin! Through the backing, you can see the entire top!
I finished up the Kaffe quilt trimming and loaded a patriotic project with an intricately pieced back. I actually like the back better than the front! I wouldn't have chosen a modern quilting pattern for this, but that's what the customer wanted, so that's what I did.

Oh my! I L-O-V-E this quilt!

A riot of color. Panto: Stacked snailz

Perfect backing selection!

Patriotic strip quilt

Panto: Square Dance

This is the back!!
The last thing of the day was to quilt and bind a customer quilt for a teenage daughter. All done and ready to be enjoyed!
This is the quilt. I took the picture in the living room, since that's where the hand sewing happens.

I did a swirly quilting pattern

I chose backing and binding in the neutral grays to blend, not pop.
The quilt is bright enough without drawing attention to the edge.

Back to the studio, and the last custom project before the trip to Florida!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Another week in the books

I didn't post yesterday...I was just too tired! Horrors!! We quilted like crazy people and really made a dent in the queue. Let's have some show-and-tell.

I finished the custome underwater scene, and I think it looks great.

I put loads of bubbles, swirls, fish, and even a jellyfish into the quilting.

Hard to see, but there are turtles in the quilting, too.

Tim worked on this interesting patterned quilt.

Panto: Featherize

Nice back!
In the evenings, I finished the three binding jobs.
A new customer came on Thursday, bringing quilts made by her mother. This isn't unusual for us except for the fact that the customer is in her late eighties! The quilts are made of feed sacks. One has the thread holes in it's piecing from the sacks. They are not especially pretty, but they are family heirlooms that she wants quilted so she can give them to her grown children. The customer is also a quilter, and has made over 100 quilts all by hand. I enjoyed chatting with her, and I'm glad the first quilt held up to the longarm machine.

This is the more intricate of the two quilts, with feed sacks for the piecing.

Some of the blocks had so little contrast between the two fabrics, it was hard to see the design.

The pattern chosen was Big Splat
I set to work on two Kaffe Fassett quilts for another customer. Very different indeed from MrWazoo's antique projects.

The placement of the fabrics gives a woven effect to the quilt

Of course, I can't remember the name of the pantograph...
Its getting harder and harder to remember all the pantos. We have over one hundred of them.

Even the backing is luscious!
Mr Wazoo quilted this quilt for Tennessee fire victims
Panto: Modern Twist
(HA! I remembered!)
purpleicious backing.
Today, I had my sewing day! The border bits for one of my UFOs is well along and I worked on it sporadically while also quilting the top that Mr Wazoo found in the garage. It turned out quite nice, I think.

My 'garage' quilt

I tried out a new digital panto of Baptist fans

The binding is the same as the backing. I did the hand stitching during the Super Bowl,
not so super for Georgians.

The borders are coming along.

I finished quilting the second Kaffe Fassett, and will take it off the frame tomorrow.
It was already 7pm, and I was really ready for the ribs MrWazoo was cooking on the grill.

This is the second feed sack quilt. The sashings used to be red!
Now, I'm watching tonight's episode of Victoria, and then I'll be off to bed. Until tomorrow!!