Thursday, April 27, 2017

Loving Paducah

We have been to all parts of the show, as well as the Rotary antique quilt show and the quilt museum. We did go past all of the vendors, and spent some money in a few, but sill have more to see and a visit to Hancocks of Paducah I even ran into a part of the Punta Gorda contingency at the Dome! There isn't a place I'd rather be than here at the AQS show.

All teeny tiny squares...

made this stunning quilt!

I l-o-v-e Shirley Gisi's qults!

Shirley Gisi, again.

All the pattern in this is pieced!!

Miniatures under glass are impossible to photograph

Best of Show winner, Janet Stone, with her quilt

a look at the back of Janet's quilt.

Fabric lust

Imagine making this without ruler, rotary cutter or even electric light to sew by!

Antique quilts for sale

Some Georgia girls with some Florida girls!
Our last hurrah is tomorrow. Then, I'll make a slideshow of all the photos I took. There are loads of them! Off to bed and dreams of quilting.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


We're here!! My friend didn't win a big prize, but she was a finalist and we went to the award ceremony last night. Hmmmm...I'm perplexed with some of the winners, but I think when I see them in person, I'm sure I'll understand why they won. Some of the winners are fabulous. This is definitely the Louvre of quilts. Better than anything I could ever hope to make. The Japanese are well represented again, especially with hand quilted beauties.
I will add a slide show later. We are off to the big show this morning, and I'm sure our feet won't feel so good later today! Here are just a few shots from last night's sneak peek.

The privilidged crowd who paid to go to the sneak peek waiting to get in.

My friend Kay with her quilt, Somewhere My Love.

This quilt didn't win a prize, but I laughed when I read the title...

We figure her husband said, "Are you still working on that damn quilt?!"
We don't want to think the quilter said anything bad about it...

Monday, April 24, 2017

Me time!

Rain, rain, rain... A good day to stay inside and finish up some of my own projects. I started with the bee quilt, and had it quilted by lunchtime.

The backing was in the sale rack! More money for Paducah!
Mr Wazoo was busy with this pretty bargello quilt for our Florida customer. She embroidered her label right onto the backing.

Panto: Alfresco

The embroidered label. Short and sweet!
I had this UFO almost finished. I just needed to add the border and get it quilted. It didn't look so good after quilting. I made the pattern too big when I adjusted it on the computer screen. Still learning... I may fix it later with some big stitch hand quilting.

Digital panto: Bubblicious

Mr Wazoo worked on this purple berries quilt, and finished just in time for supper. 

Panto: Bush berries

During our PBS watching, I did the hand sewing on the bee quilt's binding. All done!!
Good night!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Another finish!

I finished quilting the custom quilt I have been working on this week.I must say, it looks wonderful! The fabrics and pattern seemed Egyptian to me, so no feathery frou-frou on this quilt. Very geometric quilting.

Here it is!

I wish the metallics showed up better.

These blocks are in the corners

The metallic thread should add some sparkle under the right lighting.

A peek at the back
After work, I tried taking a picture of the red roses with my phone instead of the camera. Maybe its me...they still look pink in pictures! I swear to you, they are velvety red. Oh well, I tried. The yellow ones turn white after they bloom. Cool! 

This is some kind of ground cover in the rock garden. Don't know what it is, but I really like it! Thanks, Mr Wazoo!

It has been pouring rain since 9:00 tonight, so I think I will post this and turn in. I always sleep well when it is raining. The windows are opened a bit, and the cool breeze is wonderful. I am at the place in my latest book where the sleuth is going to reveal the killer. I think its the museum curate...