Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Many balls in the air

Right now, I have so many things going on that I feel like the circus juggler! Yesterday, we had the board meeting as well as a show meeting for the guild. There are lots of things to be done and vie for my attention, but I'm sure I'll get there if I just keep moving forward. One of the balls in the air is closer to being eliminated, as I am finally done with the quilting and tinting of the Rat Race quilt, and only need to sew on the binding, sleeve and label. I ran out of steam at 7:00 last night, and called it a day before going home and making supper.It will be done today!

The Rat Race

I wanted it to remain cartoon-like, so I lightly tinted parts of the background with crayon and heat set it afterward.

I also added shoe laces to the runners

I 'pebbled' the road to distinguish it from the sidewalk

Today, I will get to work on two tee shirt quilts for a customer's grown children.
I love my life, but think it is a bit crowded right now!!

Sunday, August 13, 2017


I worked on my rat race quilt today while digitally quilting a customer tee shirt quilt at the same time! It takes longer to do both, but they get done without too much trouble. First, the tee shirt quilt...

The subject matter is a bit creepy, but the quilt is expertly made and quilted beautifully.

Our go to panto for tee shirt quilts, Dazzle.

The backing is well suited to the quilt, too.
Mr Wazoo worked n his garage studio, quilting this dresden plate quilt. I love the fabrics in this.

So sweet and pretty

Panto: Flowers and feathers

Simple white on white backing.
While the Millie was doing her thing, I started in on the rat quilt. I am trying to make it look cartoonish by stitching all the lines twice. Nothing too perfect. Sort of wonky...on purpose! After stitching everything, I gave it a thorough spritz of water to get the blue ink off. It will be dry by tomorrow, and I can carry on with the quilting! So far, so good.

The whole shebang
On the left, a quilt shop!

In the center, a cheese shop

On the right, the Blairsville post office!
Tomorrow, I go to the Sewcial to demonstrate making a sleeve for a quilt. Then, I'll be home, playing with rats!