Saturday, August 26, 2017


Do you ever have one of those days where you are just blah? I had one today. Molly and I went to the studio bright and early, but I just couldn't get my mojo going. I needed some things from Walmart, so I decided to go get them and have a haircut, too. Got the stuff, but had five in front of me for a cut. I still have the Oompah-Loompah style I have been trying to tame since the girl cut it last time. (Add big sigh here)
We opened up two packages that came this week and found a little surprise in one of them! Two hand towels for the kitchen and a little plaque that summed up my relationship with the longarm. (I'll show you that tomorrow)
The remainder of the day, I tried to make some things for the boutique, and decided I am not good at fussy crafts. I also spent a couple of hours on the computer looking for a pattern I wanted, knew I had, and couldn't find. I got frustrated and bought it again. HA! Now, I'll find it for sure.
A whole blah day in a nutshell. I hope tomorrow is better. I have work to do!
Here is the second tee shirt quilt, all done. I forgot to put it on yesterday. Also, my adorable grandson and his wonderful parents. Off to bed!

I'm really digging the striped sashing. I sewed all those 1 2/ x 3 inch gold and maroon bits to get the stripes going on. Worth the effort!

Our Tee shirt favorite panto: Dazzle

Maroon plaid back with gold binding.

My friend sent me two of these hand towels. They match my red theme in the kitchen! Thanks, Audrey!
A very happy family
He has grown so much. I wish I could see them all more often.
Get a load of those striped pants! He's stylin'!

Thursday, August 24, 2017


 Yesterday was a catch all of quilting. Mr Wazoo worked on a quilt for the boutique, as well as a Halloween baby quilt. The customer was asked to make a Halloween quilt for the little boy, so she did!
All Halloween!

Panto: Spiderweb

It really shows up on the back!
Keeping the Autumn theme, he also quilted this Boutique quilt
The leafy panto is called Plumbago, but it looks like stylized oaks to me.
Autumn back, too!

I added the binding, and will get that sewn down tonight. Meanwhile, I finished the hand sewing on the binding of the second Tee shirt quilt, and also quilted a small Christmas themed Boutique quilt. I did this on the computerized machine while loading and starting the stitch in the ditch, and around the applique of the next custom quilt.
This beautiful applique quilt has been waiting in the queue for a long time.
Boutique quilt all done and ready for the binding. I was just too tired to take it off at the end of the day.
While the machine chugged away on the Christmas quilt, I dug through my orphan blocks and decided to make a table runner from the leftover bits from my show quilt. I got it about half sewn. I like it! My bear is waiting to get his outfit made, too. I need to get busy! But right now, I need to get to the studio and to work!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Back to the studio!

I thought I would get the tee shirt quilt done yesterday after guild, but everything went wrong with the timeline, and I didn't get home until five o'clock! The birthday boy got his meatballs and noodles he requested, and we had cake and ice cream. The kids called to wish him well, and he got cards in the mail. It was a fine day for the Man!
I figured out how to get the pictures off the phone and into my computer, bu emailing them to myself and dragging them into my photo program. Here is the tee shirt quilt I will be finishing today, complete with it's Florida State colored sashing and borders. The shirts for this quilt had much smaller graphics on them, so I needed to fill in a bit with the sashing to make it the size the customer requested. I like it!

My favorite photobomber just made it into the picture...
I had to be frugal with the Florida State fabric because I had used what I had on the other quilt, as well. I sure didn't want to order more and wait a couple of days to finish the project! This is all I had left when I finished the top!
Trimmings too small for the crap bins!

Just to show you the eclipse effect, I have the photos back, and here they are. Not very good photos, but you get the idea.



2:37, Look at the blue sky opposite the eclipse!
There was a glow of sunset all around, right at the horizon, too.
Well, its time to go to work. I'll close today with the cutest dog in the world, being herself last night.

Miss Molly relaxing with her 'flea' toy

Keeping a lookout for renegade squirrels.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Eclipse bummer

Everyone in the blogisphere is writing about the eclipse, so I will, too. We saw the whole thing from right here in our driveway, and loved it! Mr Wazoo made us some pinhole camera obscura, and they worked fairly well. The glasses were wonderful, and we looked through them until our necks ached. Today is Mr W's birthday, so I got him (and me...) an eclipse tee shirt.
The birthday boy in his Georgia shirt

I like mine, too!

Testing the pinhole camera

High tech...

Geezers in glasses

What it looked like in the box

Right at the moment of totality...bummer

During the eclipse...cant see it this way. No, I didn't look, just pointed the phone up there and took the picture. We saw it clearly with the glasses.

After totality, this is what it looked like.
You'll have to increase the size to see it.
After the darkness abated, we both went back to work. For some reason, the pictures wouldn't go from my phone to the computer. I tried several times, and then, they disappeared completely! Drat!! Oh well, it got dark, sort of a midnight blue color, and then slowly returned to a bright day. The only surviving picture is Mr W in the yard. My tee shirt quilt photo is one of the missing ones. I'll take some later today after guild.

Back to work, removing a stump
Before going out, he finished this patriotic quilt

Panto: Star Spangled Banner

A look at the back
I have to go to guild today. Its the last meeting before the show next month, so there are many things to go over. Later, I'll be quilting tee shirt number two and getting that done. Same old, same old...

Monday, August 21, 2017

Eclipse day!

Today is the day we will see the total eclipse! Mr Wazoo is wearing his eclipse shirt (a no brainer for his birthday tomorrow...) and we are ready with our special glasses and shoebox camera obscura. Now we wait... I will tell about it tomorrow.
As for yesterday, I finished the first of two tee shirt quilts for the same customer.

All quilted and ready for binding.

Our go-to tee shirt panto: Dazzle

Soft brushed plaid on the back
The binding is the same fabric as the sashing. I sewed it down last night, and the quilt is finished! I worked on the second quilt most of the day yesterday, getting the shirts cut and arranged on the design wall. These tees have much smaller designs on them, and made for smaller blocks. I will make up the size with the sashing and borders.I'll be doing that when we're not 'eclipsing'!

Another Florida State fan
Mr W worked yesterday, as well, and finished the quilting on this autumnal colored quilt. Good job!
Another quilt where the border measuring was dubious. Mr W had me straighten out and baste every row. No pleats or tucks in the quilt, so we did a good job. People!! Measure for your borders! It will make the quilting go so much smoother if you do.

Three borders. The quilt was two inches bigger at the top and bottom than it was in the middle!

Mr W did an outstanding job with the difficult panto: Autumn oaks. Those acorns are tough to hand guide the machine around!
Well, I had better get moving and get something done before the eclipse-mania starts. Until safe, and enjoy the event.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Tee shirt quilts

I haven't posted lately because I think its boring to look at tee shirts being prepped for a quilt. I cut the front and back apart, remove the sleeves and neck, back them with fusible interfacing, then trim them straight. One all that is done, I play on the design wall, trying to get a pleasing configuration using all the shirts.

Experimenting with placement
Once I get them in a nice balance, I cut some sashing and start sewing the bits together like a big puzzle. I sew the shirts in columns, trying to keep the width of each column consistent. Here they are sewn together.
I didn't add vertical sashing because the quilt was already as large as it could be without borders.
Then, after measuring the center part, I added small borders to bring it to the size requested by the customer. I just need to make the back, quilt it and add binding!

Top done!
Meanwhile, I quilted this quilt of valor on the computerized machine. Mr W was happy to see me do this one, as stars are really hard to do on the hand guided machine.

Panto: Simply stars

I had some trouble with little dots of bearding on the back.I don't know what the cause was, but it drives me nuts!!
Mr Wazoo worked in his man cave, and finished this pretty quilt made from vintage blocks inherited from the customer's Grandmother. She is giving it to her daughter.
The blocks are all hand pieced

Panto: Feathers and flowers

The sashing and backing are perfect for this sweet quilt
I got another small quilt done, too. One for a favorite customer of mine. These quilts go to her missionary effort at her church.
I have this fabric, too! I love fabrics with people on them.

Trains on the back

Panto: Paper dolls

At the end of the day, I'm in my happy place.