Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sunday sewing

After quitting for the day, I realized I hadn't taken a picture of the last two half square triangle day care quilts. Oh well, I'll take them after the bindings are all on. I did get all four finished and quilted, as well as cutting out pieces for five more little quilts. One is sewn and four are waiting their turn under the needle. Its fun looking through the stash and finding backings that are fun for kids. I'm making a dent in my kid fabric stash, for sure. I'm going to allow myself one more sewing day before getting back to my customer quilts. There are only three custom quilts waiting in the queue right now, and I should be able to get them finished in a couple of weeks of work. Sometimes we need to slow down a bit and catch our breath. Mr Wazoo has quilted the last of the pantographs and is free to do some yard work now that the temperature is decent. I guess all is well at Wazoo.
Now, if I could just get over this flu... still queasy and nose blowing. This too shall pass. Enjoy some colorful pictures.

One of our customers made this pretty tumbler quilt for her granddaughter

The fabrics are under the sea prints. Perfect for the Ebb and Flow panto.

The backing has mermaids and octopi! Cool.

Mr Wazoo quilted this customer tee shirt quilt. Its soft and nice thanks to the flannel borders and backing.

The old stand-by panto for tee shirt quilts; Square Spiral

Here is the back.

This is the first of five strip quilts for the day care kids.

The next one is staged and ready.

The four HST quilts are ready for binding.

Don't you love these crazy prints for the backs? I do!

I did a simple stipple for the quilting. All of them are done with lime green thread. My favorite color!

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  1. Lots of really fun fabrics here! The socks are my favorite :)


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