Thursday, January 11, 2018

Work and naps

I did well today, a little work and a little napping. Worked well.While I did the second row on the Hawaiian quilt, I had this lovely house quilt on the Millie. The customer wanted Baptist Fan so I did it with the digital machine and it came out perfectly.

Its a pretty little town in the woods!

Panto: Tom's Baptist Fan

A peek at the back
Thanks to Mr Wazoo who took the photos of the quilt for me during my nap. He was busy, too, doing the quilting on this modern baby quilt.

This is a mod quilt for a new baby. I love it!!

Panto: Geometric

Even the backing is triangles!
After work, I snapped this picture of the mountains. No sun today, just a mist of rain and blustery winds. We do still have a bit of fun in the back yard. Gotta keep the deer and squirrels happy!

Time for NyQuil and more sleep...Did I mention, I hate being sick?

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