Friday, February 23, 2018

A flurry of activity at week's end

Thursday started the frenzy here at Wazoo, and I am glad its Friday and I don't have to get up so early tomorrow! During the day, I worked on getting the vintage tops taken in on Wednesday pressed with sizing and trimmed for quilting. You could say it was a pressing situation, since I also had to press the wide backing for the two quilts. A little quilting joke... Then, I quilted the first one while making and applying the binding to a baby quilt repair.

Trip around the world in 30's solids, all hand pieced!

The customer chose Baptist fan quilting to keep with the 'hand made' look.

Kona muslin on the back. It is really soft fabric, and I love how it looks after quilting.
I finished work early because it was guild night in Blue Ridge, and my friend Pam was doing the demonstration there. The meeting was well attended, with Pam and Mary Jane giving three demos for the members. Buggy Barn hearts, door knob pockets, and scrappy heart blocks. The talk was fun and interesting, and the snacks were yummy! The three of us went to Wendys afterward and chatted and laughed until 9:00! Quilting friends are the best!

Pam showed us how to prep and cut the multiple block pieces for the crazy heart blocks.

Pam also showed us a clever doorknob pocket that can hold keys or your cell phone while its charging!

Mary Jane had several scrappy heart blocks to show us, and brought the directions for anyone who wanted to try them.
Like an idiot, I stayed up until midnight watching the ladies figure skating free programs and sewing the binding down on the baby quilt. That made getting up at 6 AM  an unhappy event! Along with four other ladies from the guild, I helped with Quilt Camp again at the local middle school. The kids are great, and the class went quickly because there was so much to do in so little time. They are learning to sew by making drawstring backpacks. Today, they finally got to fire up the sewing machines and sew!! There was some picking out as well as bird's nests of  thread on a few of the projects, but they were all excited and happy to see progress.
Back in the studio, I had a big project, taking off all four borders on a big customer quilt, pressing the entire thing, measuring correctly and re-sewing them on before beginning quilting. I had discussed the really wavy borders with the customer and told her they needed to be fixed before quilting. She opted to have me do it instead of taking it home and doing the repair, so I did! When I measured the backing, it was a mere 5 inches longer than the finished top. Silly me, I figured if I sewed a piece of muslin to the end, I could squeak by with it. Wrong!! I got to the last rows and the back is 2 inches too short. Rats! The quilt is off the machine, I carefully cut a strip from the top of the backing and will sew it to the bottom, followed by the muslin again. I pray this does the trick. We'l see tomorrow.

The stitch in the ditch done on this runner made from a man's clothing

The cut and pinned backing. sigh...

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