Tuesday, February 6, 2018

New projects, old finishes

I made the back for the weekend quilt and got it quilted today. I also started a new customer project that will consume my time for the rest of the week. Mr Wazoo did a quilt for the same customer, so I had better get on the stick and get mine done, too. I did have to add fabric to the back of his quilting project, so I guess it was a joint effort. He didn't get it off the machine, so I will put the photo up tomorrow.

I like how it looks. The circular pattern is a nice foyle to the square motifs.
My grandson's friend should like it, too!

Digital panto: Funky Fans

I had this piece of emergency vehicle fabric, and added the check fabric to make it big enough for the backing. I'll use the check for the binding, too.

Tomorrow, I'll be doing the dreaded stitch in the ditch on this beauty. I hope it moves right along without problems, because I'm itching to do the quilting!

My assistant reminded me of our 6pm quitting time, and we retired to the real world upstairs. We'll be back at the machine in the morning!

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