Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The flurries begin!

I don't mean snow flurries...I mean quilting flurries! Today was the final block of the month class, and I was happy to see some finished and almost finished tops! One was sandwiched and partially quilted!  Yowza! Here are the ladies, and their quilts.

Yup! Mine is done but for the binding!

Panto: Diamond Spiral

Cindy Did her quilt in Southwestern colors. She even cut the sashing with arrow print so they are all going the same direction! You go, girl!

Nancy's blocks are finished, and she is ready to join them together.
I love the blue palette. Very soothing.

Pam's quilt is scrappy and just sparkles.

Joanne finished her blocks, and the result is stunning. It reminds me of Florida. The color combination is perfect.
Mr Wazoo has been quilting half days lately because the weather has been decent. He is getting everything planted or mulched in preparation for us going away for a while. He has been doing smaller projects in the Man Cave, 

He still can't take a decent picture...
It is a pretty baby quilt by a newbie quilter.

Panto: Daisy swirl

Far away, but better. Cute four patch scrappy quilt

Panto: Popcorn

I was in the studio making the first of the two queen sized tee shirt quilts. It needs the side sashing, and borders. Its a work in progress.

Maybe tomorrow... if I get all the quilts for the storytelling festival logged in and organized.
Gotta go to bed. More 'flurries' tomorrow!!

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