Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Busy week

I spent the day yesterday at the quilt shop learning to use my new Scan and Cut machine.The first class had me doubting I could ever get the computer part and actually use the machine, but the class yesterday was much better. It was a light bulb moment, and I finally got it and cut loads of tiny pieces for the snowman wall hanging we are making. I'm anxious to get this project done so I can move on to one of my own quilt patterns. Stay tuned for that!
Today, I am off to my charity sewing group for some quilt top construction with friends. I'll be at the quilt shop again, and will get the backing for a couple of antique quilts I need to finish for a customer. Nothing exciting, she wants muslin.
Tomorrow, we are off to Cumming for the Q&A meeting at the Subaru dealer. If we attend, we get a $50 gas card! Mr Wazoo is stoked to go, so we're off. I'm hoping for a quick stop st Hobby Lobby to look for the blue dot fabric I am searching for to finish another customer quilt.
Thursday, I am going to Dahlonega with a friend who doesn't like to go over the mountain alone. She has an appointment there, and then there will be some quilt shop therapy before coming home.
Friday, the retreat committee meets. Otherwise, I will be in the studio getting my homework for the Scan and Cut class done.
It seems like time flies by at a jet-propelled pace these days. It's already July and Summer is half over! Mr W's 'veggie garden' is growing, but the deer, raccoons and bears seem to be keeping pace with the ripening of the crops. One tomato, two cucumbers and five beans have come in so far. I don't think we'll need any help picking or eating the food! ha ha. It keeps him busy and happy, so it is a worthwhile venture.
The only quilt to show you is this little one Mr W did yesterday.

This customer is always busy with kid quilts...her daughter has seven kids and one on the way! Yikes!! The new baby is a boy, so she made this cute whale quilt. Panto: Ebb and Flow

The fishy backing is a perfect choice for the quilt.
Time to get my sewing stuff together and get going. See you on the flip side!

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