Sunday, December 2, 2018

Sweatpants, paper towels and quilting

We finally bit the bullet and went to Walmart. I hate going to Walmart. Mr Wazoo and I both needed stuff that we can only get there. When you live in a small town, Walmart is probably the only store for miles, so you do your shopping there. The man needed new sweatpants, we needed paper products, wreath hooks and some other sundries, so we ventured out. The store wasn't packed, so we got our stuff and beat feet home.
The rest of the day was spent quilting (for me) and blowing leaves off the driveway and yard (for the yard man).
There isn't much to show you, I just thought I should check in and write something. The stitch in the ditch on the wedding ring quilt is completed and I have barely started the actual quilting. It took all afternoon to get this far. The quilt is rolled back to the top and I am on my way to the finish line! Stay tuned!

After the stitch in the ditch was done, I rolled the quilt back to the top to begin quilting.

It's a big one, too! Molly knows when the work day is over, and she's ready to go home.
Yesterday, we quilted a couple of Christmas gifts for customers. Mr Wazoo did another of the 12 quilts of Christmas, and I did a dog and corduroy quilt.

Dogs and black corduroy. Nice pattern!

The panto, Dazzle, shows well on the corduroy.

A peek at the back.

Mr W did a complicated panto on this simple quilt. It helped to jazz it up a bit.

Panto: Forest floor

The backing was also pieced, for a two sided quilt.

More quilting tomorrow. I plan to have all three machines humming, if Mr W cooperates. Christmas is coming!

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