Saturday, December 29, 2018

Year end review

We quilted 282 customer quilts in 2018, and 14 Quilts of Valor. I repaired 11 antique quilts and made 11 customer tee shirt quilts. I also made four large bed quilts for one customer, and 23 charity quilts, both large and small. I made and gifted another 9 to new babies and family members. I made and kept  only 2. The only regret is that I haven't had enough time to make more quilts just for fun. Like everyone else, I have a huge pile of patterns, magazines and books all earmarked for future quilts. I guess my resolution for 2019 would be to quilt a bit less for customers and sew more for fun. Let's see how that goes. Meanwhile, here is a compilation of the quilts I made, both for my customers, my friends and family, and myself.
HappyNew Year!!

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