Thursday, May 3, 2018

Back at work!

The weather has been wonderful here, so Mr Wazoo has been busy in the yard and getting the new raised beds in and planted. He has done one of the 25 quilts in the queue. tsk employee of the month for April!

Really beautiful modern quilt.

I wish I had more courage to make a quilt from solids. I love this one! Panto: Yodel

The flying birds backing is perfect for this.
I had the two May Quilts of Valor to quilt and send on to the next person in the chain. Both are done and Mr W mailed them .

This sampler is a beautiful tribute. Someone will be thrilled to have it.

Digital panto: Star in a lazy log

The backing was stiff and a bit difficult to get the tension right. It looks okay, but I think it should be washed before awarded.

A simple pattern using a panel. Striking and quick to assemble.

Digital panto: Simply stars. 

Same stiff backing fabric in a different color. I fought tension issues through the entire project.

Spring has sprung at last, and the gardens are starting to look colorful again.

The bright sunlight washed out the color some, but the theme is clear...Spring has arrived!

Some of the iris have opened and look happy.

My peonies are about to burst open! There are loads of buds on the three plants.

This is what is happening in the evening. A huge repair, with about 25 or  30 parts to replace. I did 5 last night, and turned a few more. Slow going, but perfect for evening TV watching.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Home again

It seems like yesterday that we were in Paducah! We've been to Texas and back since then, and now, we are back to the whirlwind of quilting. It was a nice vacation, but the work has piled up for us here at Wazoo.
While we were in Texas, I did a brief demo of the invisible thread technique of binding and a little talk about quilt restoration. My machine light bulb is burned out, making it hard to see where I'm going with the stitching, so the demo wasn't as smooth as it usually is. Oh well, I think they get the picture. One lady in particular caught my eye with her amusing tee shirt. I wish I had one of these!!

Boy, I love this shirt!!

After guild, we visited the Hobby Lobby and I bought some solid fabrics for tee shirt quilts, and a few yards of sale fabric for my stash of backing. Mr Wazoo went to the Bass Pro Shop and got himself some new threads and shoes. Pizza at Mr Gattis and barbecue at the Cattleman made the trip complete. 

We come here every time we visit. The beans  alone are worth the trip!

Its a perfect place to bring kids. There are longhorn cattle grazing outside!

Wha' choo lookin' at?

My Dad is doing fine on his own. At 95, we have to keep track of his doings so far away from us. My sister has left for Wisconsin for the summer and Dad has friends watching for him walking the dog and picking up his paper. I'm impressed with how well he does after 75 years of my Mom taking care of running the household. Millie (his dog) keeps him walking and enjoying being outside.

Miss Millie. She had a groom the day after we left. I'm sure she is bee-oo-tiful today!

She even laughs at my jokes!
I called Dad and told him we were home okay, and he was already getting ready to go out with friends. I hope I am that spry at 95!

Bye, for now.

Now, we are back to work. I took in 8 quilts today and we received 4 in the post as well. I picked up 6 to be quilted while I was in Texas, and two for repair. Never a dull moment here, is there?

Are we there yet?...