Thursday, July 5, 2018

Finish, finish, finish, and not finished

Ooh la la! What a couple of days. This evening I am tired but content knowing the African quilt is finished. I quilted all the colored bits and the border, then it was quite done. I am pleased with the result.

Big and beautiful

Some of the African symbols and the other quilting

more symbols...

There are 196 squares, so the symbols are used several times each.

Border quilting

The back is an Indian spread with borders sewn to it.

Here's the border quilting from the back.
I had a second quilt from the same customer, so I decided to get that one done and send them both home tomorrow. This is the second quilt.

Wowsers! I really like this quilt!

The quilt maker carefully placed the colored squares as well as fussy cutting the cornerstones so they have words and little pictures in them.

Panto: Yodel

White on white backing.
As soon as I began quilting the black and white quilt, the phone rang and a customer wanted to know if her quilt was done. She brought it before I went to Wisconsin, and I didn't know she wanted it ASAP. I informed her that I had a very large quilt on the frame and wouldn't be able to get to hers until it was finished. I promised to get hers done by tomorrow afternoon. With my nose to the grindstone, I soldiered on and finished quilt number one and loaded the anxious lady's project. Three and a half hours later, it was also finished. Whew!

The simple pattern really shows off the beautiful fabrics.

Panto: Frolic

A surprise of green on the back

While the APQS rattled along on the two pantograph quilts, I worked steadily on a customer quilt for another quilter on a timeline. The quilt is lovely! All the blocks feature expertly hand embroidered pillow cases made by a relative of the maker. I gather the woman is having her 50th wedding anniversary and the quilt will be a gift for her and her husband. Wonderful! I'm enjoying doing the quilting, and hope to finish the background fill and outer border tomorrow.

After the stitch in the ditch, I quilted the block borders and the yellow striped sashings. The rest of the quilting will occupy the day tomorrow. 
I didn't post yesterday, so I need to take the opportunity to remember our country's day of declaration of independence. We flew our flag and had the all American cook out. There is no other country like ours, and we will all weather the ups and downs of the various administrations and still be proud Americans. I watched fireworks on PBS as well as the New York ones. When you sit in a dark room and watch, its almost like being there...except there are no mosquitoes and crowds of people to fight your way home with when the festivities are over. Grandma fireworks!
See you tomorrow!

Long may it wave!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Routine work and a bit of hand sewing

 I worked on the African quilt most of the day yesterday, and will be working on it again today. I really want to get it finished and out the door due to pending custom work that needs to be done by the 15th. I'm not a fan of pressure, but it does keep me plowing ahead and focused.
After the workday ended, I did get the binding for the Wisconsin quilt made and attached. Last night, and a bit this morning, I did the hand sewing and finished it. Mr Wazoo will get it mailed straight away.

Binding on!

Binding finished and label secured!

The sun finally came out and I'm sure the yard man will be outside doing some power washing on the decks. His work load is under control, so he deserves some outdoor time. I'll have the tunes cranked, and be in the studio quilting like mad!

Monday, July 2, 2018

Grandma's day off

After a week away from the studio, and bringing home all those shop hop goodies, I needed a Grandma day. One just for me, doing whatever I wanted to do. So, I did my favorite thing...I made some quilts.
The first thing on the list was the Antique block quilt. I made and applied the binding, as well as labeling it with the story of it's metamorphosis from unrelated blocks made in two different centuries, to a finished quilt. I like it, even with the cut off points and funky 1960s backing.

All done! 

I'm liking the turkey red binding.
I quilted the kid's quilt, too, and made the binding. It turned out so cute! I'm sure some youngster will love it.

Ready to make someone happy.

Quilted with a loose stipple

The bright, cheerful backing and striped binding.
Mr Wazoo spent a couple of hours in the Man Cave today, quilting and muttering until he finally gave up and went out to play. He finished these two small quilts. There is hope for an employee of the month in July. He's already snagged one for June after all the work he did while I was away.

I'm a fan of bow tie quilts, and this cutie makes me smile.

Panto: Check and Chase

Perfect backing, too.

This one is sizzling with hot colors.

Because of the modern vibe, he used the panto Retro leaves.

And a fiery red backing to top it off.

I finished piecing and quilting the Wisconsin quilt kit from Loose Threads in Milton, Wisconsin. It was the last one quilted today! I hope to get the binding on tomorrow. I know exactly where it's going. To our good friends in Door County Wisconsin. It will make a nice couch quilt for the cool Autumn and Winter nights.

This was a fun quilt to make, and I'm pleased with how it turned out.
Oops! I see a photobomber...

All the picture blocks have something to do with Wisconsin.
Panto: Greenery

The backing has Wisconsin things on it, too.
After a perfect day of relaxing quilting, nothing is better than a cuppa and a movie on TV. My traveling buddy from last week sent me a surprise gift of a magnet for the fridge (I collect them) and a Packer sticker for my car. She also recommended tonight's movie, A Walk in the Woods, which had Mr W and I laughing and enjoying the story.  I bought a Wisconsin mug at Starbucks, and enjoyed my first cup of tea from it. I may live in Georgia, but my heart will always be in my home state...Wisconsin!

The magnet with the 100 on it is new. It is the 100th season for the Packers.
Thanks, Georgia!
This is the back of my new cup.

This is my favorite side!!