Friday, July 13, 2018

All kinds of fun!

What a week! Meeting, sewing group, class...and tonight, Bullwinkle! Our friends need to be out of town tomorrow, so we are dog sitting Molly's best friend, Bullwinkle, or Winkie for short. Everything was going fine until Mr Wazoo opened the door and out went the moose! Its a good thing he is old and doesn't run very fast,(the dog...not Mr W), because the two of us are pitiful at chasing dogs. I managed to catch up with him in the back yard, and corralled him into the screen porch. It wouldn't look good to lose Winkie less the an hour after he was trusted to our care.  We'll be fine as long as we keep an eye on him when going out.

Bullwinkle sizing up his dinner.

When I wasn't running around and going to events, I quilted the charity project from Tuesday's sewing group. I made the binding yesterday and got it sewn on, and the quilt finished.

An Eleanor Burns pattern, Candy Cane Lane, it was fairly simple to sew. I made a mistake in the placement of a couple of blocks, but didn't want to take the quilt apart to fix it. My 'Amish humility'. I also added a flower in each corner.

The panto is a new one...Posey something-or-other. I forget.

Fences and bunnies on the back. The binding is pink polka dots. I don't have a picture with the binding on.
I loaded up one of the vintage tops from one of  my customers, and began the Baptist fan quilting before quitting for the night..
Hmmm...there's that photo-bombing pup Molly, too.
During the day trip to Dahlonega I purchased a panel of woodsy pictures and some sale room fabric for alternate blocks. I am going to make a masculine type quilt for the nursing home.

The blocks and a stack of fabric for the other blocks.
A late delivery arrived last evening, when we finally got the batting orders from last week. I swear, they brought the Hobbs order by bicycle!! It took 10 days to arrive from Texas. The Quilter's Dream came in three days from Virginia. All put away and ready for use.

QD packaged batts

Cartons of Hobbs.
Mr W was indoors yesterday due to the heat, and finished this cute quilt for a lucky granddaughter.

The customer made up the pattern herself! Very nice!

Backed with one of the coordinating fabrics from the quilt.

Panto: Flower Festival
On the trip to Cumming, we stopped in at a nursery and brought home two hydrangea, two azalea and two creepers with pretty blue flowers. Hubby got them in the ground and watered before supper. The yard is looking wonderful, and the little garden plots are producing veg for our plates!

The hydrangea are next to the post we got in Oregon. The smaller shrubs with white flowers are a new strain of azalea that blooms three times a year!! I hope they survive there.

The front rock garden.

Mr W also stained the sunny side of the house last week. It looks much better.

Loads of tomatoes coming on all at once! Only a couple are turning red. We're having them tonight along with a good sized cucumber. We have eaten cucumbers for a couple of days now.

One pepper. I don't know why we only have one.

Green beans peeking through the foliage. Last night we picked enough to have new potatoes and green beans in white sauce for supper. We also had sweet corn. I love summer fresh vegetables!

We call these the Charlie Brown tomato plants. We got them free at customer appreciation day at our bank. Each has one little tomato!
Zoom ahead to today, and the vintage quilt is done. I also sewed the binding on the quilt, but didn't get a photo. Mr Wazoo quilted a pretty and colorful quilt while I was off at a meeting.

Vintage quilt number one!

Baptist fan quilting. This quilt was a challenge due to the excess fabric in every block.

Bleached muslin for the back.

Beautiful Fossil Fern quilt

Panto: Bubbles

Polka dot backing.
After the trip to Cumming, I snapped a photo of my new car with its official license plate! We are Wazoo for you!

My car is now official! My Wazoo tag looks right at home there.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Busy week

I spent the day yesterday at the quilt shop learning to use my new Scan and Cut machine.The first class had me doubting I could ever get the computer part and actually use the machine, but the class yesterday was much better. It was a light bulb moment, and I finally got it and cut loads of tiny pieces for the snowman wall hanging we are making. I'm anxious to get this project done so I can move on to one of my own quilt patterns. Stay tuned for that!
Today, I am off to my charity sewing group for some quilt top construction with friends. I'll be at the quilt shop again, and will get the backing for a couple of antique quilts I need to finish for a customer. Nothing exciting, she wants muslin.
Tomorrow, we are off to Cumming for the Q&A meeting at the Subaru dealer. If we attend, we get a $50 gas card! Mr Wazoo is stoked to go, so we're off. I'm hoping for a quick stop st Hobby Lobby to look for the blue dot fabric I am searching for to finish another customer quilt.
Thursday, I am going to Dahlonega with a friend who doesn't like to go over the mountain alone. She has an appointment there, and then there will be some quilt shop therapy before coming home.
Friday, the retreat committee meets. Otherwise, I will be in the studio getting my homework for the Scan and Cut class done.
It seems like time flies by at a jet-propelled pace these days. It's already July and Summer is half over! Mr W's 'veggie garden' is growing, but the deer, raccoons and bears seem to be keeping pace with the ripening of the crops. One tomato, two cucumbers and five beans have come in so far. I don't think we'll need any help picking or eating the food! ha ha. It keeps him busy and happy, so it is a worthwhile venture.
The only quilt to show you is this little one Mr W did yesterday.

This customer is always busy with kid quilts...her daughter has seven kids and one on the way! Yikes!! The new baby is a boy, so she made this cute whale quilt. Panto: Ebb and Flow

The fishy backing is a perfect choice for the quilt.
Time to get my sewing stuff together and get going. See you on the flip side!

Sunday, July 8, 2018

A Perfect Weekend!

We were pleased as punch to have our daughter come for the weekend to visit. Fortunately, I was well along on the two big quilts on the frames, so I could take some time to enjoy her company. We binge watched a series on Amazon, had a nice cook-out (thank you, Mr Wazoo!), and spent some time rocking on the porch and chatting about life. I wish all my kids lived closer, but I am happy to see them when I can.
Meanwhile, in the work-a-day world, I finished the pillowcase quilt and it went home this afternoon. Turns out, I got the story a bit mixed up. The quilt is for the quilter's sister in law and her husband for their 50th wedding anniversary. The sister in law's Aunt made the pillowcases. It will be a lovely gift to remember her by.

There were 27 embroidered blocks

I used several different fill patterns in the blocks.

Border quilting

The back was pieced with the fabrics from the block frames.

While I custom quilted the pillowcase project, my Millie quilted the other quilt for an art quilter friend. I think she designed the blocks and their unorthodox placement and colors. I had a dickens of a time coming up with a pantograph that looked good on the design. The one I settled on is called Radio Waves. I was trying to mimic the zig-zag kind of pattern in the blocks. The customer didn't want the quilting to be too tight, so I think this will satisfy her. I hope so. This is one of the oddest projects I have worked on.

I think the blocks kind of look like sailboats.

Just one block has a blue 'sail'.

The Radio Wave panto shows well on the back, white Grunge fabric.
The weekend is over and I have my stuff ready for my second Scan and Cut machine class tomorrow. I haven't had a moment to practice or study the booklet since the last class, so I hope I don't look like a dope in class! 
Mr Wazoo had the weekend off and worked in the yard as well as washing his truck. My daughter commented on how tan he is and how my side of the family is on the opposite end of the tanning spectrum. We are really fair, and burn rather than tan. She put her arm next to his and we all had a good laugh.