Saturday, July 21, 2018

A nice day in the studio

I had a wonderful day today. I quilted two big quilts, bound one small quilt, and looked through loads of books and magazines for my next project. I have UFOs, but they weren't calling to me. Nothing got started, but I have some ideas of what direction I want to go.
Mr Wazoo mowed the lawn, harvested more beans and cucumbers and one tomato. He even went to the store for the things we absolutely needed. I'll get the big load on Monday.
We had ribs cooked on the grill just before the sky opened up and it rained cats and dogs.Tummy full, feet up, a movie on the tube...yes, it has been a good day!

The second Quilt of Valor. 

Panto: Simply Stars with glide thread.

I used gold thread front and back. Looks good!

This is the quilt I made from a sale panel and stash fabrics.

Panto: Dazzle

The quilt I finished quilting yesterday is now done! I'm sure someone in the nursing home will like it as much as Mr Wazoo does. He rarely comments on my charity quilts, but he liked this one and said so!

Foot progress and work

I finally went to the podiatrist and I have bone spurs. I've had a cortisone shot (OUCH!!) and have a splint and compression sock. It feels a little better today, but still hurts when I stand on it.
While I as out and about, Mr Wazoo stayed in and finished these customer quilts before going out to do yard work.

The customer found the panel of Grandma sayings. How cute!!
The baby is due any day now, so she hopes to get the binding done quickly.

Panto, Simply Stars.

This pretty quilt will be a fund raiser. Mr W did Angel Wings panto to complement the dimensional butterflies on the corners.

My friend, Pam is getting a new kitten, so she made this quilt for the breeder as a gift.

The panto is Cat Paw

The back is this cute cat fabric.

Don't think I wasn't busy, too! I finished a repair project, putting the new binding on this nice Irish Chain, and doing the hand sewing. The I ran it through a gentle wash and now it looks like new!!

Binding on. Hand sewing was done later.

All finished!
In the studio, I quilted this modern day Irish Chain. I love the subtle colors.

A touch of purple and dark blue among the grays and taupes just make this quilt sparkle.

Panto: Frolic

Sophisticated backing, too!
Next, I did one of the Quilts of Valor that arrived in the mail. The customer attempted to miter the border corners, and didn't quite succeed. It took some coaxing and stretching to get them to look square. I'll send my border worksheet along when I return the quilt for binding.

This is really big for a QOV! Someone will be able to use it for a bed quilt.

Panto: Simply Strs

Love the back, too.
After finishing the customer jobs, I took a bit time to finish the flimsy I started the other day. I should be able to get it quilted tomorrow.It will be a nice quilt for a male cancer survivor.

I got the panel from the sale bin in a Dahlonega quilt shop. The other fabrics are stash  pieces.
I also had two panels from the Wisconsin shop hop, and I made some blocks, added some borders and voila! Two more man-quilts. One has been quilted, but the other will have to wait.

I bought the border fabric when I bought the panel.

The panto is Woven Wind

I also bought the deer fabric in Wisconsin, and had enough left to make some blocks for the next quilt...the bears panel.

I'll quilt this tomorrow, too, time permitting.
Well, it sure has been a long day. I think I'll get my Kindle, go to bed and read until it hits me in the face. I'll see you in the morning!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Getting with the program

That would be the Scan and Cut program! I went to class number three and made substantial progress with the snowman project. I really thought I had all the pieces cut and was about to do a happy dance when I saw this...

Snow ghosts!! I realized I had cut their clothes...but not their bodies.
ha ha ha...they look like invisible snowmen.
As you can see, I spread out over two tables and finally managed to have something for all three backgrounds.

I can make a mess anywhere...

The night time scene is really cute.

This is the scene I had finished before class.
When I got home I promptly fell asleep in the chair and napped until suppertime. Mr Wazoo worked all day quilting these two quilts.

Adorable panel for a baby quilt.

Panto: Popcorn

This fun quilt has a flamingo theme

Panto: Flamingo Sunset

Pretty back, too.
Today, I went out to a board meeting, added labels to four quilts I will be selling at the new art gallery in town, took in two quilts, and went to Blue Ridge for a field trip to the art gallery there. My evening guild  went to see the fiber arts display. I have some quilts in the show, and it was nice to see them there. Afterward, we had our meeting back at the church we meet in, and had a picnic supper thanks to the members bringing salads, pulled pork, fresh fruit and yummy desserts.
Tomorrow, I am off to the podiatrist early in the morning to see what the heck is going on with my foot. I suspect the heel pain is related to plantar fasciitis, and won't be surprised if that's what he says, too. So far exercising the foot and ankle as well as continued icing of my heel haven't diminished the pain. Right now, I can barely walk, and can't stand to quilt for very long periods either. Something needs to change! We'll see how it goes.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Weekend quilting and some homework

My last Scan and Cut class is tomorrow, so I took some time, made a giant mess, and made some progress on the wall hanging project for class.

Finding a surface in the studio with enough room for using the machine was the first challenge.

Tracing, pressing on the fusibles and getting the fabric pieces rough cut took a long time.
I hope to get better with practice.

I did get the three backgrounds cut and their snow-base cut and applied.
The stack of fused fabric next to the snowmen is for tomorrow.I scanned all the parts in, and will do the cutting in class.

All the fusing for the top picture is finished. Sewing and embellishment come later.

The studio (and especially the cutting table) is a huge mess. I'll have to tackle it after class tomorrow.
The second vintage quilt project is done, and the third one (table runner) is quilted, but not bound.

Number one is bound and ready!

Number two, quilted and bound, as well.

Same Baptist fan, per customer's wishes.
The third project was small, so it went along quickly, just before quitting for the day. I had an extra square, so I made a little table topper to go with the runner. I know they'll like it.

Our guest, Bullwinkle, beat Molly to the punch with his photobomb.

He has behaved perfectly. What a good dog!

Panto, Orange Peel

I gave the runner a vintage looking floral backing.

Here's the extra square, with a simple feathered wreath for the quilting.
Not to be out done, Mr Wazoo quilted up a storm in the man cave. He has kept a steady pace with the quilts we have taken in last week. Every day he quilts, then does some yard work. He's a happy camper.
A pretty BQ combination of color and patterns.
Panto: Wandering Daisies

Backed with love!
Winkie's humans came home and picked him up. It was nice to have him here for a while. Molly and Winkie get along fine, so having him here when his owners need to go away is a no brainer. And besides, who could not like this face? Not me!



Molly curled up on Mr W's chair for a snooze after all the excitement.
She's a good dog, too!