Friday, August 17, 2018

Working and waiting

We had a fine day here at Wazoo, quilting and listening to Investigation Discovery on the TV. I like mystery shows because I don't have to watch them to know what's going on. Just listen to the narrator and you get the whole story!
Mr Wazoo worked on the quilts I fixed earlier this morning. I had to make two backs big enough for him to load and quilt. It wasn't hard because there was enough fabric provided to do the job.

Number one is this sweet HST quilt.

Mr W chose to quilt it with Wandering Daisies

The fixed binding looks fine!

Number two is another floral quilt.

Panto: Small Splat

Another fixed backing that looks nice!
With all the work he did, he also drove to Blue Ridge to pick up one of my quilts from the art center. He really wanted to see if his favorite nursery had their mums in yet. Nope. He'll have to take another trip there later in the month.
I finished the teal colored batik quilt, and by quitting time, the custom quilt, too! It was a good day and I feel like I accomplished something. Life is good!

This is so pretty! i am definitely going to make one.

Panto: Stacked Snailz

I thought the panto was a good one, considering the backing has the same pattern!

All done! Hand embroidery and pieced blocks.

The horse knows the way to carry the sleigh...

I figure the bottom picture is Grandma's house, and they haven't arrived yet.

Sashing and block quilting.

Holly in the geese blocks.

A peek at the back.

I waited and watched for the new customer who was supposed to come today, and by 6pm I figured she got busy and forgot. Maybe she'll come tomorrow...

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Busy, busy day

My day started and ended with phone calls. There was some quilting in between, but phone calls were the order of the day. On the bright side, my appointments are all arranged, I caught up with friends and family, and we took in and sent home a number of quilts!
I only finished one quilt today. This cute wall hanging for a family member who RVs. The details in the pattern are adorable!

This trailer park quilt is so much fun to explore! My favorites are the satellite dish and the lawn flamingo!

Panto: Woven Wind

It even sports camping backing!

Mr Wazoo dealt with horses and bears. On quilts, that is. I had to un-pick some fabric strips a customer added to the top of the quilts instead of the backings. They needed to be a bit bigger, and she accidentally sewed the strips to the tops by mistake. I will re-sew them tomorrow.

This customer is making quilts for all the little kids in the family. She is 80 years old and still sewing up a batch of quilts!

Panto: Square Spiral

Soft minkie on the back

Bears, bears, bears!

And a bunny, too! Panto: Angel wings.

More cuddly minkie on the back.
I am into the quilting on the "Over the River...' quilt. I got a good start on the flying geese in the border, and will be doing sashing and background fill tomorrow. I have a customer quilt on the APQS, too, so I am jumping  between two machines! It will be another busy day tomorrow.

Some holly leaves to echo the pattern in the fabrics.

Almost finished with this quilt. The bobbin ran out at 6, so I left the rest for the morning.
Now, I have to take Molly out and make one more phone call to the robot at the pharmacy. Then, its off to my comfy bed to dream of quilts and quilting.

More quilting and a little shopping score

Yesterday, I had to run a few errands in town, so I added a grocery trip to get us a sub sandwich for lunch. While I was there, I perused the meat counter and picked up some bargains from the 'reduced for quick sale' meats. Chicken thighs, pork chops, ground chuck, and (gasp!) lamb chops! We rarely have lamb because of the exorbitant price per pound, but these were significantly reduced and quite nice looking. Goody for us! Once divided at home, we have 14 meals worth of perfectly nice meat.
While out, I mailed the Quilts of Valor back to the maker for binding. Here is the second one I did on Tuesday afternoon.

QOV in lighter, happier fabrics

This is a digital pattern of loops and stars. I can't remember the name of it.

I'm guessing it is for a woman, as the fabrics are mostly sweet florals.
Mr Wazoo has been doing one or two quilts a day, keeping up with the growing queue of quilts. He still engages in garden follies, but always gets his quilting work done first. Perhaps he'll be employee of the month again, who knows?

Here is another quilt from the same customer who made the ombre quilt. More ombre fabric, in an interesting block pattern. I love it!

Panto: Alfresco

A Spring backing to go with the Spring-like pastel ombre.

This little baby quilt was a rush job for a customer leaving town today. Mr W drove it to Blue Ridge so the maker would have it for the trip.

Panto: Wandering Daisies

Lavender was the color of the day!
I also quilted a purple quilt! This appliqué project used the customer's stash of lavender and purple to great advantage. I'm not a purple fan, but I like the block she used. I would like to do it in bright colors...

The placement and variations of purples are what makes this quilt lovely.  The light aqua background is especially nice with the flower colors.

Digital panto: Baby Blooms

More purple on the back.
I am currently working on an embroidered quilt. It is a custom job, so I spent the day stitching in the ditch. I am almost done with that tedious task and will be on to the fun quilting later today.

One more row of flying geese and I will be able to start the 'real' quilting.

At 6pm, I did another couple of rounds on the rope bowl. A bit every day will see it finished in time!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Quilt of Valor

My day didn't go at all as planned. It started with multiple customers bringing quilts in the morning and putting the kibosh on the sewing group. The last one left at noon, and I had to be at the eye doctor by 1:00. My glasses are adjusted again, but still squeeze my face a bit. I'll just have to get used to them. I see so much clearer, I need to wear them. A quick run to the store for a ready baked cake and some ice cream for later, then home for a bit of quilting before we had to get ready to go out.
I quilted this Quilt of Valor while starting another rope bowl.

This one is for a Navy vet. The border is all Navy stuff.

Flags on the back

Panto: Simply Stars
Mr Wazoo spent most of the morning on hold while trying to make an appointment with the V.A.. He has been approved to get his hearing aids and now needs the appointment to get them. Many, many hoops...he is tired of jumping through them, but hanging in there to get decent hearing at last. We both quilted in the afternoon, and this is the beautiful one he got to do.

These ombre fabrics make lovely quilts, don't they?

Panto: Modern Twist

I like the backing, too!
We had a fun dinner out (I had the grouper...yum!) and ate some carrot cake and ice cream when we got home. Turns out the birthday boy and Mr W will be the same age for one week! Then my dear man will move up a year, out aging all of us! Life sure has a sense of humor.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Fun class day

Today I had fun!! Our guild has special learning days called Sewcials. Someone from the guild treats us to a skill we may not have tried before. It is free and it is fun! Today was rope baskets with my friend Kay. She demonstrated the technique of wrapping scraps around clothesline and stitching it into a pretty bowl, mat or hat! It was really a foreign feeling at first, but once I got the hang of it, I was at ease with the wrap and sew part and making a basket. Here is my finished (yes, done) project.

I had all different scrap strips for my basket. Some people had monochromatic scraps and made beautiful pieces.

I started with an oval rather than a circular spiral, but will make a circle next time.

Kay showed us how to fashion handles while still sewing the rope around and around. The spiral on the front is how we ended the sewing. 

I hand sewed the final spiral down and added a chicken button from my stash.

You don't see the fabric patterns on most of the rows, but at the top, I spy bees!

I still have half a bag of strips, so I need to make more baskets!

Mr Wazoo and Molly had a surprise, too. Mr W was upstairs when he heard Molly barking her head off in the studio. He figured the AC guy was here for the annual check-up, so he went out on the porch to tell him he'd be right down...and then he saw the bear!! Yup. A bear was wandering around the front yard, taking in the sites and teasing Molly. I had the phone with me at class, so there isn't a picture. Sorry. Anyhoo, picture a black bear just walking around and looking the garden over before sauntering across the road and down the neighbor's driveway to check out what's happening over there. Two other friends had bears, too. They were able to take a picture and post it to Facebook, but you'll have to imagine our bear.
Once Molly calmed down, Mr W got to work and quilted a Tula Pink fabric quilt. Then he got to go out and scout for bears while doing some gardening.

I like the modern look of these fabrics.

Panto: Retro leaves
After finishing the basket, I sewed the blue and yellow blocks together and put them on the design wall. It was already 6pm and I needed to get busy with supper, so I will tweak the layout later, and square up the blocks. For a spur of the moment stash quilt, it isn't too bad1

It's getting there...
I have so much to do tomorrow, I don't think I will be able to stay at the sewing group for long. I have a customer coming at 10:30 and an appointment at 1:00. Kay and Henry have invited us to go out to dinner for Henry's birthday, and we are throwing in Mr W's birthday (next Wednesday) ,too. We're coming back to the house for cake and ice cream, so I have some baking to do. Busy evening with friends. Life is good!