Thursday, September 27, 2018

Starts and finishes

We have been quilting busily here at Wazoo, and I have some fun quilts for you to enjoy. I'm not going to elaborate much because I have an early date with the foot specialist and need to go to bed!

Mr Wazoo quilted this reproduction quilt

The customer chose the panto Swirl and Twirl

Here's the back

I finally finished the custom quilt! Isn't it pretty?

A look at some of the quilting

The block quilting

Great backing, too.

This customer used a panel in a really cute way!

Panto: Bubbles

Here's the back.

I also finished the Quilt of Valor

Panto: Star in a lazy log

The patriotic backing. It will be on its way tomorrow.
After all the clearing out of the fabrics and other stuff, I got a bee in my bonnet to dig out the old quilt tops I have been given over the years. I like this one, and it is in pretty good shape. I starched it and pressed the daylights out of it to get it to lay flat. Then I trimmed the sides square and added a red inner border. I have the outer blue border sewn on two sides, but I'm not sure I'm happy with it. These old tops are hard to figure out when I'm finishing them because the colors will brighten up with washing. I'm hoping this one will look better quilted and washed. We'll see.

How the top looked right out of the box.

Pressed, trimmed and bordered.
Time for bed!!

Monday, September 24, 2018

Unloading day

My friend Kay and I got together yesterday to sort and re-box the stuff from the estate clean out, in preparation for deliveries today. We took 8 bins, one big box, a bunch of bags of fluff, and two large rolls of fleece to the Blairsville Senior Center, and the Coosa Methodist Church Crafters. Both places had very nice reactions to our contributions, and we felt the glow after dropping off the stuff. Then, we went for Mexican food. A fitting reward.

We started with just short of 50 bins and boxes of sewing and craft supplies

As well as 50 bags of fluff for stuffing.

And also 5 pristine rolls of fleece.

Here is what remains. The boxes have trash, one roll of fleece and the fluff is going to Texas to a guild there, and one other group.
Mr Wazoo will be happy when its all gone. He was off in South Carolina today, visiting his mother. So you can see, there wasn't much quilting going on.
I thought I would quilt the last Quilt of Valor and get it on its way, but I sure hit a snag there. The maker didn't sew the back together, and when I sewed it up, it was too small for the quilt top. Drat!
There was backing left over from QOV number one, so I used two 5" strips to make the new back big enough. I'm only three rows into it so far.

Upward and onward!!
By the time I got back from our outings, it was late afternoon. My foot was throbbing, but I was determined to get the third border done on the blue custom quilt. I'm about a third of the way through the piano keys, but just couldn't finish. I will go on quilting after guild tomorrow. One border left, and I want to get it finished.

Yesterday, I took the quilt off,  turned it, and re-pinned it, to make quilting the long borders go smoothly. Then, I marked the motifs and quilted all the arcs. I did the flowers today, but didn't finish the piano keys.
I finished the big red and white log cabin quilt, too, but not without a glitch. You'll understand why I am not fond of the APQS computerized machine when these things happen. Once again, it totally crashed right before the last row!! When I went to the saved pattern and it sewed over some of the preceding row. The pattern didn't nest like it was supposed to. The machine frustrates me no end.
Enough of that...the quilt is now finished.

This is a HUGE one! 110x120. 

Panto: Climbing roses

Soft, white backing.
Autumn is coming. It was a bit cooler today and the hydrangea only has one plume left with color. The sedum is full on red, too. Bring it on!! I am so ready.

One last bit of flowering beauty.

The pink is starting to appear.

Pretty soon, it will be crispy brown like this one.
I love sedum in the Fall!
The flower heads are much more intense color than in the picture.
Just for fun. This is how Molly left her favorite toy tonight. Yoga for lambs?