Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

No turkey here today. We will be having an unconventional Thanksgiving tomorrow with friends and our daughter, Carolyn. She is a vegetarian and the friends don't like turkey. I am making a vegetable lasagna, and my friend is making sides and tiramisu for dessert. It should be an unconventional twist on a traditional meal. Mr Wazoo is a turkey lover, (so am I...) so we will have some turkey eating friends over for the traditional turkey-fest on Sunday. A four day celebration is fine with me!
Yesterday, we closed out the week with a bit of sewing and quilting. I finished the top and backing of the huge tee shirt quilt and added it to the quilting line. Customers visited and picked up their quilts, and we got a couple more done.

This quilt is so cute!! Retro fabrics and modern trees are a great combination

Panto: Candycanes. This was an intricate pattern. Each pass took 20 minutes!! Wow!

Super cool retro poinsettias on the back

This quilt has such a wonderful story. The customer made it for her friend whose husband passed away. The friend has a dachshund, and the dog sweaters on the quilt are made from her husband's flannel shirts.

She chose the Heartstrings panto to show her love.

Cozy flannel backing.
On the way to guild the other night, I had to pull over and snap these pictures! It struck me that it was Moon Over the the quilt block. We see this vista every time we drive to town .I love the view.

In the distance is Brasstown Bald, the highest peak in Georgia.

A bit wider view.
When I got home from guild, this was Mr Wazoo's surprise! The tree is up and the lights are on. When Carolyn gets here, we'll start decorating it. Christmas is coming, folks...are you ready? I'm not! For now, let's savor the holiday at hand and enjoy our family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving!

I took this from the comfort of my armchair. 

Monday, November 19, 2018

What is a normal day?

We started out in the studio getting quilts loaded and listening to Christmas music. Nice. A couple of customers stopped in to get their quilts, and we chatted a bit. All very normal for Wazoo. The only thing that was out of the ordinary was a trip to the local movie theater to see Bohemian Rhapsody. It was a fun diversion from an otherwise regular workday. If you like Queen and want to hear the music and see how it all came to be, go see it!! I liked it.
Back at home, I finished another of the 12 quilts of Christmas for our prolific customer. I expect her tomorrow morning to pick up another three quilts.

This one has the bright magenta Kaffe Fassett fabric as the focal fabric. 

I chose the Frolic panto.

another Paris backing, too.
Mr Wazoo (still coughing, grumbling and snorkeling in his man cave) quilted a carpenter's star quilt. 

The focus fabric in this quilt is lovely!! It is in the wider inner border as well as the piecing

We chose Come Dance With Me as the panto. It always looks elegant.

The back is this mottled brown

I am in the process of doing the binding, too. I got it sewn on and will do the final sewing tomorrow. It will be machine done to save the customer some money.
I made the borders for the tee shirt quilt and will also be sewing them on tomorrow. Another regular day of quilting is planned. I think this would be the night to hit the hay early! Say good night, Molly!!

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Great day, and a slideshow!

I met my goal of finishing the big oriental quilt, and constructing the tee shirt quilt top. Life is good!!
My two friends came for a studio visit and we had a wonderful time chatting and catching up. Tomorrow, I move on to new projects in the quilting queue.

Big, beautiful  oriental quilt

A better picture of it's size

Panto: Oriental Clouds

The backing is another pieced quilt for the colder months.

The customer wants a king sized tee shirt quilt, and she is going to get one!!

There will be two columns of tee shirts on the back, too!!
Well, tomorrow we have people coming to pick up quilts. It will be a happy day. After lunch, I'm going to the movies with friends to see Bohemian Rhapsody. Should be a fun diversion. We'll be quilting, too. There are quilts calling to us and we have to finish them.
Here is the last of the slideshows. I sure had a good time in Houston. It is an inspiration to see what people can do with fabric and skill.

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Sunday workday

We usually have Sunday Funday here at Wazoo, but we are trying to keep up with the quilting to be done before Christmas and the running of the home, too. I am expecting visitors today, and I am excited to see them. My friends Gayle and Debbie used to own a quilt shop in Florida, but have now retired and are quilting up a storm both in Florida(Debbie) and here in Georgia (Gayle). I saw on Facebook where Debbie is up visiting and told her I was just down the road, and to stop by. So they are!!
Meanwhile, I got the slideshow debacle figured out and am back posting the Houston show pictures. Traditional quilts today, special exhibits and dolls tomorrow.

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Yesterday, I finished another quilt for a customer, added fabric to a too small backing and loaded a giant oriental quilt. I am a few rows into the quilting while still sewing the tee shirt quilt together. More quilts came in yesterday, so we are now in high gear with the quilting.
Mr Wazoo is recovering from his crud, and is a bit grumpy. Still, he got a quilt done yesterday, too. We'll be in the studio today, listening to Christmas music and working on your masterpieces!

Neverland quilt for a granddaughter

Panto: Twinkling stars

This is such a soothing color palette

Mr Wazoo did this calm Federalist blue quilt

Panto: Paisley

A peek at the back

Rows sewn, rows pinned and rows waiting. The tee shirt quilt is growing!

HUGE oriental quilt reaches from end to end of my leaders.

Eureka! Success with the slideshow.

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