Wednesday, December 19, 2018

I'm pooped!!

Two days of non-stop baking (with another trip to the grocery store to get the food for the rest of the week) and I am finished! Ten varieties of cookies and three kinds of candies. Mr Wazoo washed all the windows and cleaned the bathrooms today, and says he will vacuum the house tomorrow. What a guy!! I have to change all the sheets and get the beds ready, and wrap the gifts.
I'm sure you all have things to do to get ready for Christmas or the New Year, too. The anticipation is what fuels me through the season.
At the guild Christmas party last night, we enjoyed a wonderful meal, some fun games and the installation of the officers for 2019. They each got a sewing aid as a symbol of their office; A measuring tape for the treasurer, quilting hoop for the secretary, thread for the vice president and needles for the president.It was a nice ceremony!
Peaceful Mountain Quilters' Guild  new officers

My friend (and customer),Pam, brought her quilt for show and tell!

Some of my decorations. I have these out every year. Snowmen here, Santas on the mantel, and my quilty nativity scene. 

We found the nativity scene at a garden center in Southern Pines, NC years ago.
We'll be ready by Friday, when we'll go to Atlanta to pick up some of our tribe! If I get too busy to post again, Merry Christmas to all of you out there in the blogosphere.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Countdown to Christmas

Hello from Christmas central! We have stopped quilting and switched gears to Christmas preparations. Here are the last quilts we'll do before the 28th, when the last family members go back home.
The custom quilt is coming along well, and I'm pleased  with the progress.

The large blank areas will get the treatments you see here and in the star blocks. I like echoing block patterns in my quilting. It's a bit of a challenge, but I think it ties the quilt together.

Mr Wazoo finished the second Quilt of Valor for me. I needed to get it off to the binding lady ASAP.

Panto: Starry night

Here's the back

I finished the quilting on this soft flannel-backed quilt for a friend.

Panto: Splat

The pieced back.
On Saturday, my daughter came for a weekend visit to help with the Christmas planning and shopping. We had a good time cruising the local Walmart and loading the cart with cookie supplies and stocking stuffers. We had a good laugh in the hat department with the holiday finery...

Who wouldn't want a Christmas tree head?

Or a bizarre Santa face?
On Sunday, we all went to South Carolina to the Christmas party at Mr Wazoo's mom's rehab place. We were teachers together many moons ago, and she had all my kids through her class over the years.  It was a surprise to see Carolyn all grown up! At one point, she was so overwhelmed with the whole day that she wept a bit. I truly love this woman.She is kind, generous, funny and self deprecating. A lifelong Christian school teacher.

Carolyn and Pam catching up at the party

Pam, Carolyn and Mr Wazoo

Pam, me and our man.
Today, I started the day by finishing the binding on the big log cabin quilt. The, I shut down the studio and went to work in the kitchen. I baked cookies in the afternoon, then made a pot roast in my new Instant Pot. No use cleaning up at the end of the day, because I am getting it all back out tomorrow morning!

today's cookies finished, time to get the roast going!

Mmmmm! Peanut blossoms!

Magic cookie bars. My kid's favorite.

Rangers. I send a box to a friend in Florida every year. They are her favorite.
Lots more on tap for tomorrow. I hope to get some of the wrapping done tonight, now that Mr W has retired for the night. People are coming on Friday!!