Thursday, May 23, 2019

Back in the swing

We had a wonderful, whirlwind vacation in the southwest, but it is always good to be home again. My Dad is doing fine, I got my quilt fix by going to my friend Nancy's guild, Mr Wazoo got to go to the Alamo, Boothill, Tombstone, Bisbee and the Bass Pro Shop!! The family visits were too short, but wonderful. The only downside was the weather while driving. Storms, storms, storms! We had perfect weather for all the sight seeing and visiting, but the driving was full of drama.
Mr Wazoo is back in the yard, mowing and weeding before beginning his quilting. I jumped right in, after giving a talk and trunk show in Ellijay.
My 1950s blocks made into a wild quilt
The baby quilt my Mom started in 1944 and I finished in 2016!

The Hummingbird quilt I made in a Darlene Zimmerman class.

Most of west Texas looks like this. The speed limit is 80 mph!

Oh look! A mesa!

Welcome to New Mexico!

We have snakes!

More distant mountains in NM. And one tiny cloud.

Their mountains are made of what looks like loose rocks, piled up. Mesquite scrub for miles and miles.

My Daughter manages a co-op grocery store in Sierra Vista, AZ. I was impressed with how clean and well stocked it is for a small specialty store.

Lots of organic and vegan items here, too.

Mr W and my daughter picking out healthy chips.

The produce guy keeps the fruit and veg looking beautiful.

Boot Hill cemetery.

The tiny O.K. Corral in Tombstone

We did the tour and saw all the places in the Birdcage that were featured in a ghost hunting program on TV.

The closed Lavender copper mine in Bisbee. It is over 800 feet deep!

The last time I was here, Amy was on crutches! She took us on a great tour in Bisbee.

One of the shops had this quilt for sale. I love how it hangs right over the quote from Marc Chagall.

Not kidding! It was warm and breezy.

Pig in a window box? That's quirky Bisbee.

I love the street mural outside a business.

The inspirational guys with their weird veg-hats went the length of the block!

Ha ha! We shopped here, too.

Giant flies on the side of a house.

Why the artist made them!

Bisbee on the mountain side. My Granddaughter ran in the Bisbee 1000, where the runners go up and down the over 1000 steps that are built into the side of the mountain! Yikes!

The graduate and her Mom.

The silly geezers and their daughter.

Amy and Mr W.

You're looking at the nature made wall between the USA and Mexico. Amy says very few try to sneak in this way. The Border Patrol presence was apparent on the way to Bisbee.

A giant road runner along Highway 20 in New Mexico. It is made of  scrap metal. In the wind, the tail feathers were moving and it made a whistling sound!

Las Cruces, NM from the mountain top wayside. They have irrigated and grown massive groves of pecans! You can see the groves from here.

It was reeeeally windy!

Along the highway, there were three giant dairy operations with thousands of Holstein cattle. I felt bad for them being outside in the dust and wind. It was really hot.

How hot? This is the car readout of the outside temperature.

A huge portion of the trip looked like this, or had rain so hard we could barely see the road. 

Back at work, I finished the top of the customer tee shirt quilt.

I also quilted this QOV. There's another one to be done, too.

Panto: Simply stars.

Pieced back.
I also sent off my quilts for the Cobb County show, entered another 5 quilts in the Blue Ridge Arts gallery's yearly fiber arts exhibit, sewed three sleeves and labels onto some of those entries, put away the 50 quilts from the trunk show, and did the laundry from the trip. Going away is fun while it lasts, but the routing of home is comforting and comfortable. I'm going off to the movies for a couple of hours today to see Poms with a friend. There's no place like home!

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