Friday, January 11, 2019

Slight detour

I took a day to catch up on some handwork and repairs. One was a small repair on the back and hand sew the binding. I didn't get a picture before it went out the door.😐I finished the charcoal binding on the orange UFO quilt, and cut the next round of squares for the trip around the world repair.
I had an unusual request for some "Tuck-ins" on a favorite comforter from one of my disabled customers. She tends to pull the cover off during her sleep, and wanted a deeper piece to tuck under the mattress. Here it is, all finished.
Now, she has 20 inches on the side and bottom of the comforter for her husband to tuck in. That should do it!
Regular quilting projects went on as usual, with this quilt from a student in my Garden Delight class.
My customer took the class last year, and finished it! I love her selection of soft florals for the quilt.

Panto: Frolic

Soft and pretty green calico backing.
I went off to get my hair cut and run some errands today while Mr Wazoo held down the fort. He must have quilted like a mad man, because he finished these quilts from the same customer.
The customer who sews these is well into her 80s and still going strong. I love getting quilts from her.

Panto: Oriental fans

Elegant gold printed fabric on the back.

This quilt used soothing floral fabrics and complimentary colored blocks.

Panto: Daisy swirl

A peek at the back
I visited my quilting friend and hairdresser extraordinaire today, chatting him up, looking at his latest projects and talking shop. It was a well needed break from my daily regimen. Some grocery shopping, a trip to the bank and picking up a quilt to be finished rounded out the day. I haven't done any hand work tonight. Just a glass of wine and some Doc Martin on PBS. Life is good.
Feeling snazzy with my new hair style.
* Just a note for Shoshu: I have tried to post a reply to your questions and for some reason, they are disappearing into the ether of the internet. Email me at and I will send you the information you wanted. Thanks! Susan

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Sewing day

Not too much in the way of photos today. I finished the quilting and put the binding on a UFO from years ago, then took in three quilts and a repair project. I did a lot of handwork today, repairing a quilt back, hand sewing binding on my quilt, and continuing with the never ending trip around the world quilt I have been doing for months!  More of the same tomorrow, along with some pantograph quilting.
This was a free pattern at a quilt shop in Sarasota that has since closed. I used Kona cotton for the background, and an assortment of wild fabrics for the blocks. I'm not sure I like it (probably why it was on the shelf as anUFO) but I thin it may grow on me. It is really soft.

I have already forgotten there name of this panto. It's from Urban Elements.

The backing is from my stash. I put on charcoal Kona solid for the binding. Hand sewing in progress.
Mr Wazoo got this puzzle for Christmas from our daughter. It was a difficult and frustrating one to put together. He had a big hole of pieces yet to do when he left for South Carolina this morning to visit his mom. I thought I would just put in a couple of pieces before going to work, but ended up finishing the thing. It only took a few minutes because the dwindling number of pieces made finding the right ones easier. He was a bit miffed, but awestruck at the same time when he saw it done. It will stay on the table a couple of days for us to admire.

The edge pieces were shaped like the tiger's head.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

A wonderful, quilty finish!!

I am so happy!! I could do a little dance. The custom quilting job on the McKenna Ryan customer project is finally done. Tomorrow, I will sew on the sleeve and binding. Yippee.

Thank you, Barbara, for your patience with the long time this took. It is another stunning piece of appliqué quilt art.

Here is the beautiful pieced back.
Down from the cloud...I also finished the last comfort quilt for the guild. I will add the binding tomorrow.
They may all look the same to you, but I see them up close, and the fabrics are always different and pretty as a Spring day.

Panto: Beautiful

The binding will be the same calico as the back.
On the home front, the deer family came for breakfast this morning. I snapped a few pictures before Mr Wazoo (and Molly) shooed them away. Unfortunately, the deer love Mr W's garden almost as much as he does...

Two more skedaddled into the woods when we opened the door.

This brave doe was almost on the driveway!
Tomorrow, we're off to Cumming for an oil change and a bit of shopping. No quilting scheduled, just binding when we get home. It is supposed to be a beautiful day, too.