Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Texas show and tell, and heading out

I left you with the quilters in Harlingen Texas, and I have a bit more to show you before we jump in the car and head for Arizona. After the speaker finished, we had some eye candy from the members.

The next morning we left for Fort Stockton, TX by way of San Antonio. Mr Wazoo had never been there, so we made a side trip to the Alamo.

Hello, San Antonio!

The downtown is really clean and beautiful. I love the old buildings with all the detail.

Mr W at the memorial to the Alamo dead.
Bonham and Bowie are the famous heroes on this side of the monument.

One of the re-enactors who schooled us on cannons.

Get three guys talking about fire power and you'll be bored silly.
I know I was! Mr W loved it all.

The mission building of the Alamo. The museum and displays were fantastic.

In the courtyard outside the mission.

Just above the walled fort, you can see modern San Antonio and the Texas flag.

The well in the courtyard

The live oak tree is so old and so huge, it has a sign warning tall people to duck!

One end of the memorial. The names of the fallen heroes are listed all around the base.

The most famous hero get to be front and center. Here are Travis and Crockett.

The other end has this lovely statue.
From San Antonio, we drove far into west Texas and stopped for the night at the far outpost town of Fort Stockton. I'll take you out of Texas and on to New Mexico and Arizona tomorrow. We have had a fun trip so far with near perfect weather, once we got out of Louisiana!
Tomorrow, in real time, we'll be visiting Tombstone! 

My two favorite geezers sharing a quiet afternoon.


We have been on our sojourn to the southwest USA to visit family and do a bit of sight seeing. I lived in Texas years ago, and have visited my folks there twice a year for 20 years. Mr Wazoo, on the other hand, has only been to Texas for the parent visits, and not to any other part but the Rio Grande Valley. 
We started out in Harlingen, where my Dad lives, and enjoyed a nice, but brief, visit. My friend Nancy took me to her quilt guild meeting, too! Let's take a look at the first few days of our trip.

The speaker was Laurie from Wisconsin and lately of Texas. She had a wonderful array of antique quilts that she shared and talked about.

Members walked the quilts through the audience so we could see and photograph the fabrics up close.

I love this blue work quilt with the set deco animals.

Laurie bought this as a top at an estate sale

She had it custom quilted by a longarmer.

This member brought three of her relative's crazy quilts. They were fabulous!
This one was about 24 inches square and is packed with beautiful stitching. The member later appliqu├ęd the photos of her ancestors onto the piece
Here is one of the pictures.
Tomorrow, I'll post the pictures of the second part of the trip. I am just too tired to do it now. Besides, you are probably ready to move on. This was a really picture heavy post!
Good night from Fort Stockton, Texas!