Saturday, July 20, 2019

Hot! Hot! Hot!

All over the country, people are hot. There is no difference here, we have been under the sticky heat wave, too. MrWazoo isn't able to spend time in the yard, and for this I am relieved. We have both been indoors and tackling the chores we hate to do. Nobody likes to tidy up, and I am the world's worst clutter monger! We managed to sort and toss magazines and papers, and briefly see the table tops. Enough of that! I'd rather be sewing!!
I finally decided on the borders for the chicken quilt. Plain black. I am surprised to have chosen this fabric. I auditioned a few other fabrics, but this is the one.

This rooster is ready to have the applique sewn down.
One of the borders had some small chickens running to and fro, but it was nixed. Too busy. Rather than toss the chickens, I made some small blocks with them and have been assembling a wall hanging from them. The next time you see these, it will be done!

I have added sashing and cornerstones, but didn't take a picture yet.
Customer quilts are also being quilted, and both of us have been busy. I had 4H quilt camp and a couple of meetings, so my output isn't remarkable, but it is progress!

This quilt was made from leftover triangles from another quilt! Stunning!

The Tula Pink fabrics are all ocean themed, and the customer requested that as the quilting design.

Octopi, crabs, seahorse, fish and starfish are in the pattern.

From under the sea to in the air! This quilt has a bird theme.

The customer has made one of these quilts for each of her siblings, and they all have the same pantograph: Little Birds

Maybe you can see it better on the plain back.
Mr Wazoo did two quilts for the same quilter. I think she did a really good job with both of them.

Disappearing nine patch is always a good design for a quick and pretty quilt.

There are tiny butterflies on the background fabric, so we used the panto Angel Wings. It looks like butterflies.

This one is a stack-n-whack from a kit.

The fabric is bright and colorful...right down my alley!
Panto: Small Splat
The quilt show is looming on the horizon, and registration closes at the end of the month, so I have been taking an hour here and there to get my own entries moving toward completion. Yesterday, I quilted the Japanese quilt I made at the retreat. Sleeve, binding and label will put it into the 'finished' pile.


The panto is called Clamshell with grasses. I chose a simple design to match the elegance of the Japanese fabrics. Custom quilting would have been lost on this busy quilt.

The backing also came from Japan. It has a large noshi design on the blue background.
Even without his loving care, the yard looks wonderful. Heat and rain made the plants happy.
We are going to our town's Butternut Creek Festival today, and hope it doesn't pour rain on us. The guild has a booth and will be selling tickets for the raffle quilt there. Mr Wazoo wants to buy another birdhouse for the yard. Fingers crossed for a nice day...

The view down the driveway. The brown ramp was built so Mr W could get the tractor into the yard without having to drive all the way around the house to get to the yard.

These hydrangea are only two years old!

There is the welcome to the garden post we got in Oregon.

The walkway to the studio.

The front garden view from the studio.

The fountain/birdbath automatically shuts off at 6PM.
This is what I see when I step out of the studio.

Carolyn sent Mr W the sign for the garden for Father's Day.

We are starting to see more butterflies on the flowers this week. The roses are still struggling along after being attacked by beetles. . Mr W carefully picks the beetles off and drowns them in soapy water. He could spray the bushes, but he doesn't want to kill the bees.

Mr Frog among the roses.

Everything along the flagstone path is looking lush and pretty

Not a lot of color in the back garden, but it is still lovely.
Butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds come and go here. I love to sit on the porch and watch the action at the end of the day.

Another view.

Mr Wazoo wants to add a green birdhouse to the row houses. Only one has a tenant right now, a little Carolina wren.

These hydrangea are a hybrid variety. The heads are huge, but less ball shaped than the regular ones.

Monday, July 15, 2019


I am nearly out the door to quilt camp for the Blairsville 4H, so I'll make this short. I finished the applique quilt! I will post more later, but here it is.

I'll be back n the studio this afternoon, back at work and feeling good!