Friday, August 23, 2019

A flimsy finish, a rescue, and a surprise road trip

I am happy to say that after months of work, I have the triangle applique quilt up to flimsy stage! It's a top, a flimsy in the quilter's jargon. Now, it is in the line to be quilted. Two down, two to go. I have 31 days to get them done. Yikes!

I thought it was done when I took this picture (the rick rack is only being auditioned) but Mr Wazoo said the bottom corners need something. I asked him what did they need? He said dragonflies.

So, I added dragonflies. There is no more room to add anything but embellishments. They don't go on until after it is quilted.

They are kind of cute...
Mr W has been working hard and finishing quilts right and left, but I had the phone with me in Wisconsin, so there are no photos of them. You'll just have to take my word for it, he did four quilts while I was away, and all of them are gone home to their makers. He did this one yesterday because he needed me to sew the backing together first. Christmas in August!?

A pretty Christmas couch throw ready far in advance.

The panto is snowflakes and is called Flurry

Its snowing on the back, too!
As for the rescue, Mr Wazoo came dashing in to get me for a dilemma outside. He was watering the pot on the porch when three baby birds all jumped out of the plants and onto the porch. He was so startled, he ran to get me o help him get the birds back into the nest in the pot. Mama was chirping and flying from bush to bush frantically the entire time we dried off the nest gingerly and scooped up babies with a dustpan. What a fiasco!! We'd put one in and another would jump out. It took more than a few minutes to get them to stay put. All the while we were running around bent over and trying to scoop up the birds, Mr W's pants were slowly falling down. I laughed out loud when I saw his jeans almost off, and his undies showing Gansta' style. Every time he bent over to get a bird, they fell down a bit more. I wish he would use the suspenders he has just for this reason, but he won't. Oh yes, it is his 75th birthday today. He did his good deed and everyone was happy. Mama went to the flower pot right after we got the last baby put back, and stayed there, I'm guessing to scold the chicks and fluff up the soggy nest.

I had the camera in my packet and took a couple of pictures before having to turn it off and help the man wrangle birds.

These are two of the escapees, chirping wildly for their Mama.
The family is back at home and well hidden in the pot.

Earlier in the day, I got a call from a friend who wanted someone to ride along to Ringgold, GA to a quilt show. I'm not one to miss a show, although I had neither heard of the town nor the show. What the heck, it was just a short trip. The show was small, but nice, held in the town's train depot. When the train goes through, it is about ten feet from the building! A surprise to show goers unfamiliar with the town. It didn't take long to see everything on offer, and we were home in time for me to load and start a huge quilt. I'll work on it while I do other sewing jobs, and probably won't finish it for a couple of days.

It was close quarters in the small depot, but everyone seemed to be enjoying the quilts and the company they met there.

Do the Martellis ever go home?! I swear they are at every show I have ever been to. They will be at our show, too!

This was my viewer's choice. I love the controlled scrappiness of it.

Quilters doing some power shopping at the vendors.
I got a few rows quilted before having to hurry upstairs and make Mr W's favorite dinner...meatloaf, potatoes and lima beans. He had a slice of coconut cake from the bakery and went to bed a happy (and older) man.
Adventures await tomorrow morning when a speed trip to Hiawassee brings a visit to a new longarmer's studio and to a garden center. We are on a mission to find a tree for the birthday boy.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Home again

I'm back in Georgia. I have to go back to work. But first, here are some more photos of trip stuff.

Polk Park. It didn't rain, but it looked really cool!!

Behind the trees, you see the Blackhawk ski jumps, used for Olympic training when I was young.
On the right are the wind turbines in Waunakee. 

This parkland has different areas to explore. This is the biggest sunflower field I have ever been in!

There are paths mowed through the wildflower prairies and crop fields.

I put my son in front of the corn so you can see how tall it is!

On the hilly part there is a small woodland.

Beautiful wildflowers are all over. We saw an otter dart from one field to another, too!

The sunflowers are beyond their peak, but still tall and lovely.

A typical Wisconsin county road. From my sister's house to my daughter's house, I went on many of these!

I had a delicious quiche here while some ladies knitted, crocheted and chatted in comfortable chairs near by. 

Later, my kids and I went to Fitchburg for an art festival.
There were kite flyers, live music, an array of food offerings and some unique art pieces.

Biotech Bucky

My stylish grandson

The happy family

One selection was Celtic music. 

There were several rows of vendors and artists.
We ran into my friend, Georgia, at the fair, as well!

Cycling cow

Later, we all went out to eat, and my dapper grandson wore his new rainbow shoes.
The whole clan from Wisconsin!

Back at home, I unpacked my goodies and went back to work in the studio. I miss Wisconsin already...

From quilt shops...

From the art fair...

From the garden center...

From another garden center...

From an antique shop

What a good catch this was! And hand quilted, too...

Mmmmm,,,Blue ribbon picks from the cheese store!
We'll be back to quilting tomorrow. I worked on the final border of my triangle quilt, and should begin quilting my show quilts soon.