Monday, December 23, 2019

Things are looking up

My whole gang went to Marietta today to visit Mr Wazoo. He was in bright spirits and chatted with all the kids. Tomorrow, he moves to another floor for his intensive rehab. They work on him 45 minutes three times a day. That should fluff his stuffing!

All of us are going over on Christmas day to have Christmas and watch him open his presents.

We are winging it as far as the menu is concerned...all my delicious food plans have gone out the window and we are eating a variety of quickly prepared comfort foods. Spaghetti for Christmas dinner?! Sounds good to me.

Anyway...I hope you're having fun with your peeps, and that your Christmas will be memorable.
I'll see you on the flip side of Christmas!

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Not a happy day(or rather,night)

I’m sitting in the trauma waiting room in a huge hospital in Marietta,Georgia. Mr Wazoo has had a stroke and my daughter drove me here and we're waiting for the neurosurgeon to come tell us something. Thank God I am a nurse and my daughter is a PA. I woke her up and we both agreed he was having a stroke. Slurred speech, not able to move his left arm and leg, facial droop, the whole magilla. I called 911 and they arrived in about ten minutes. The ambulance took him directly to the hospital where he transferred to a helicopter and was whisked off to the closest neuro trauma hospital. After the CT the doctor called me (in the car) and told us it was a clot type stroke and they would be taking him to surgery ASAP to remove it. He had the clot busting drug as soon as he got here. Now, we just wait. Our Christmas plan just went out the window, but we’ll still be together and that’s what counts.
Pray for us and have a Merry Christmas with your families. I love you all