Update on the studio- 2017

The newest member of the Wazoo family is Millie. She's an APQS machine.

Millie and Big Gammill stare each other down daily in the studio. Millie is for computer guided work and Big Gammill is my favorite for hand guided custom work. 

The office corner now has a wireless scanner/copier/ printer to handle all the office needs.

Thread, patterns, packaged batting wall.

We added a frige and microwave for drinks and snacks.

The acquisition of a Bernina 770QE required a bigger work surface. I got the Koala cabinet in Paducah at the show. I spent the wad and got the Bernina chair, too!

The fabric wall is still stuffed to capacity despite making more than 60 quilts this year!

Mr Wazoo made me a bigger ironing surface and I am thrilled with it.

More books...more patterns...more stuff. I swear, give me a big space and I'll fill it up.

One of the oldest things here is this mobile I made way back in 2008.

Sailing boats overhead and more ribbons for the collection

We got the girl with a kite and the moon and kite mobiles in Oregon.

The quality assurance officer is still in residence, keeping an eye on things and greeting customers.

Mr W has set up Little Gammill in the garage. It is now his Man Cave.Pretty soon, I think I will have taken over the entire lower level with quilting!!

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