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Here at Wazoo I want you to love making quilts as much as I do, so I have many classes that are project driven rather than technique heavy. I want you to have fun making quilts, and getting them finished! I am happy to come to your group and teach any of these quilt classes. Here are a few classes and my happy students.

Beginning quilting: You will learn accurate piecing and quilt assembly in this one day class. Here are some samples of this quilt.

  Garden Delight - This quilt hides a trick that makes the piecing easier than you would think. It is a fat quarter friendly project, too! Here are some pictures of the class having a ball making Garden Delight.

Another fun class is Boxed Square - This quilt is a generous throw size using 2 1/2 inch strips. The block assembly technique will allow you to finish the top in a one day class.

Belle Wave - This pretty and modern quilt is fat quarter friendly. You can finish all the blocks and start the assembly in this one day class.

Ride Em Cowboy - This little quilt looks more complicated than it is. You can complete the top easily in a one day workshop.

Sparkling Stars: This wall quilt is a fun one to use that fabric with motifs you could fussy cut. I made mine with chickens, but florals and wild prints look great.

Spinning Stars: You can make this quilt with two fabrics or a variety of scraps. We'll sew up the quilt and borders without waste.

Disappearing Fourpatch: Easy and fun, this quilt cleverly uses cutting and manipulation to change the look completely.

Garden Path: I have made several of these for friends and family because the pattern is easy to follow, and showcases your focal fabric so well. Another top you should be able to finish in class.

Magic block, beautiful quilt: This quilt utilizes those 2 1/2 inch strips you have in your stash, and can also be made with a combination of strips and focus fabric. It has a magic reveal during the construction that never fails to please my students. Fun and good for confident beginners.

Strips and focus fabric

All strips

Strips and focal fabric
Finishing your quilt: Do you hate binding your quilts? Do you always get a label on? Is there an easier way to attach a sleeve for hanging? These questions are answered in a fun half day class where you'll learn binding making and application with no special tools or fussing around with the strip ends. We make mitered binding joins and end that look identical on the quilt edge. Easy label for those family and charity quilts, and the sleeve you need to hang a quilt in a show, or on the grandkid's wall.

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  1. My friend and I are interested in a quilting class - do you have anything coming up this summer? Thanks!


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