Friday, October 20, 2017

Out and about

We have had a wonderful time here in Texas, going to stores we don't have in GA and taking Dad out for his birthday. The first dinner out was at the barbeque place, where we sat by a window in order to watch the longhorn cattle outside. After filling up on sliced brisket and ribs, we ventured out to the cow pasture just in time for the man to feed the cows. I got a couple of pictures, but it was getting dark and they aren't the best. The horns on those cattle must be at least five feet long!! How do they maneuver with those big appendages sticking out of their heads? Amazing.

Yesterday, we took Dad to Mr Gattis (his favorite pizza place) for his birthday party with the people from his park. 28 showed up, and we had a rollicking good time.

Dad (in the hat) and some of the party goers. I'm on the right.

Before pizza!

He was wearing his spiffy Wisconsin shirt!

After dinner, a photo-op with Sponge Bob Square Pants.
Dad got a pile of cards and a plant.
You'll have to wait to see pics of my presentation at the Killer Bees Guild, as I have asked to be accepted on their FB page and am waiting for an answer.  It was a good meeting with some beautiful quilts at show and tell.

In the evening, I have been working on the repair job, and I am making progress!!

Now, we're pff to Mr Wazoo's favorite hardware store, and then to Walgreens for some itch medicine for Miss Molly. Leftovers for supper at our host's tonight, and my brother comes late tonight!! Another birthday dinner tomorrow night at Cheddars, a local restaurant, some time with my brother and sister in law, and then home on Sunday. It's been a good week so far!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


We have been in Texas for a couple of days now, and I felt like I should post a brief report. My daughter Carolyn came right before we left, and we spent some time with her at the Sorghum Festival in Blairsville before shoving off.

This booth was selling barn quilts. They were a bit pricey, but pretty. 

At one point, there was a long line to get a biscuit with sorghum here.

Mr Wazoo was all smiles. He always is when Carolyn comes to visit!
We left Georgia early Sunday morning and were in Baton Rouge for the night. Miss Molly relaxed and watched a little TV while we ate some supper. Off to Texas the next morning, arriving in Harlingen by late afternoon. Mr W unloaded all the boxes of quilts for our customers here, freeing up room for the shopping we'll do while here!

Ooooo!! Dogs on TV!

Molly had to catch up on her Hallmark mysteries...

Speeding along the highway past Houston. By Beaumont and Rockport, we saw the aftermath of the terrible floods after Hurricane Harvey. There were huge piles of household items along the streets waiting to be picked up. Signs were blown down and many businesses had banners saying 'We are open!' Hopefully, Houston will be ready for the big quilt show in two weeks. 

Unpacking the car

My Dad opened up my sister's house for us to leave boxes of quilts, ready for her to bind.

This box went to our host, another quilter!
Yesterday, we took a sightseeing trip with Dad to the Marine Academy to see the museum and the life sized replica of the Iwo Jima monument. It was awesome! I'm sure my teenage grandsons would have loved the tanks and cannons, as well as all the displays of items from Iwo Jima, donated by marines.

The statue is the actual plaster cast, used to make the bronze monument that's in Washington. The museum guide told us it requires maintenance, but has held up well over the years.
In the evenings, I have been working on my latest quilt repair. This log cabin quilt was made by the customer's Grandma, and they want it fixed. Its slow going, but I am making progress every night!

You've had a look at some of the damage...later tonight, I'll post pics of what I've done so far. Now its time to go out for barbeque at Cattlemans, our favorite place for decadent amounts of meat and beans!! Yee hah!!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Odds and Ends

I worked all day in the studio, finishing up things and getting my act together for the program I'm doing next week in Texas. I finished the African quilt, and just need to give it a short spin in the wash before taking it to Texas for its debut.
Bound and done!
Next, I quilted this bee themed quilt with a new pantograph called Honeycomb. The quilt is so busy, it is hard to see the pattern very well.

This collection has some very nice patterns and colors in it.

Hexagons on hexagons!

A look at the backing.
At the show, I had done a demo of an easy quilt. I still hadn't finished it, so I sewed the rows together and got it quilted today, too. My new foot for binding on the Bernina (foot 10D) is wonderful for quickly finishing up charity quilts!! It took less than half an hour to apply and sew down the binding on this quilt!

I used quite a few fabrics from  my cowboy stash

Panto: Simply Stars

I've had this backing fabric for eons. I'm glad to finally have a quilt to use it on! Notice the binding? Looking good!
I had just enough time before quitting, that I was able to put together the door panel I bought at the local shop. Good thing I got around to it before winter arrives!! ha ha I'll get the sleeve and binding on tomorrow.

I had the crow fabric for the border in my stash. I'm afraid this will be the last project for that fabric...there is very little left. 

The quilting design is called Twinkling Leaves. I have never seen a leaf twinkle, have you?

Backing from the stash, too.
With the quilting and trimming done, I was through in the studio for the day. Some more squares appliqued on the big polyester after supper, and I'll be happy. Bye for now!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

A fun day and a work day

Yesterday, I had a fun day. I went with some girlfriends to Cumming to see Victoria and Abdul. It was a wonderful story about Queen Victoria's relationship with an Indian guy who was brought over to present a coin to her. The story unfolds from there, with some funny bits and some sad bits. Judy Dench is superb in her role and the Abdul actor (I didn't get his name...) is very easy on the eyes!
We had a delicious Thai lunch before the show, and after the show, headed over to Thread Bear, one of my favorite quilt shops. I bought another cloth book panel for either a quilt or a book for Dechen, and two lengths of stash filler fabrics. It was a swell day out!
Today, I was in the studio, working on the African quilt. I finished the sewing around 4:00 and had it quilted by 6:00 and supper time. Here is the test block I made on Sunday, and the quilt made from the African fabrics using the same block pattern.

Test block made with fabrics from my strip bin

The quilt, made from African fabrics I purchased at the Asheville show.

The Photobomber...

Panto: African Samba

The backing is two Laurel Burch Mythical Jungle fabrics from my stash

Mr Wazoo quilted three baby quilts out in the Man cave, but didn't take photos of them. I'll do that tomorrow.
After work we all took a walk around the yard and talked about planting some bulbs. Mr W bought some pretty blue-purple pansies for the flat planter bowl, but the impatiens are so full and pretty, he didn't want to take them out yet. I agree! In fact, the combination of the flowers and the bright lime green of the shrub and ground cover is my favorite part of the rock garden.

You'd never guess it was October looking at these beauties!

With the garden cut back, the potted flowers are the only colorful thing in the back yard.
The Block of the Month class went well, except for my machine having a bad case of hiccups!! Everyone made their block, and we decided to pick up the pace next month and make two blocks! My version of the quilt this time will be black, white and red. Here's block number one.

Now, I have to get back to hand sewing squares into the double knit polyester quilt. You remember that, don't you? Slow going and tedious, but I am making progress...