Saturday, November 22, 2014

Moving reality and poor Molly

Everything went well with the inspection and the appraisal, so the move is on! We will be packing the truck December 16th and will leave Florida for our new home on the 17th. I'm happy, sad, excited, scared and worried all at once. It has all fallen into place so quickly and so smoothly that is it scary. We have had fast sales before with homes, but this one was the fastest! We never listed the house. The people who bought our house were looking for something in our neighborhood and had exhausted the possibilities on the market. Their realtor called other realtors asking if anyone had any houses coming up for sale. Our realtor gave her our address and called us about showing the house. The rest is history. Sold! In one day.
As for the Molly of poor Molly fame, she had two cysts between her toes and kept licking and biting them. Tim took her to the vet and he drained the cyst and put on a little cast. Almost three weeks later , she has a new festive green cast. I thought the vet was going to remove the cast, but when he took it off and looked the foot over, he decided she wasn't healed yet and put on a new one. This wouldn't be too bad, but Molly has missed her grooming appointment and is getting a bit ripe, if you know what I mean. I'm ready to swathe her foot in plastic and give her a bath just to make her smell better!
She will have it on at least until Tuesday when she visits the vet again. Cha-ching...cha-ching...
Anything for the little miss who we love like a furry kid.
Three quilts to go, so I had better get to work!

Poor baby

The foot hasn't slowed her down. She loves to play with her toys.
Molly gets them out and either lines them up or puts them into a pile. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

111 x 111 done!!

Wow! This was one big quilt! The best thing is, it was perfectly flat and square. I am impressed! I think it makes life better when the quilt is not only pretty, but well made, too. This one was both. The quilting took three days, 8 or 9 hours each. Well worth the effort and time. I think there is a ribbon in this customer's future.
Mr Wazoo had an eventful day, as well. He went off to see if he could get his beater of a truck fixed up, but opted for a 'new' one instead. A really nice, clean gray pick-up. The owner kept it up and obviously didn't use to to haul stuff because it has a pristine finish on the outside and in the bed. It even has a bed liner! Ooooo. I'm happy for him. That old truck was 'rode hard and put away wet', as they say.
We plan a speed trip to Georgia to drop off the truck at the house so we don't have to tow it behind the U-Haul when we move. The studio workers should be doing something, and we want to pick out flooring.Then home again lickity split to avoid being caught in the Thanksgiving traffic. I'll be glad when the running back and forth is done for sure!
Enjoy the quilts!
The big customer quilt. Very nice!

The rest of the quilt, draped over my machine table

some of the quilting


block quilting

A look at the back

Mr Wazoo did this one before getting his new truck

Monday, November 17, 2014

Another big quilt and a beautiful appliqué custom job.

After the two giant quilts, I thought I was done helping Tim and could get to my stuff dice! He had another huge quilt that he couldn't fit on his table. I quilted that one and told him, "No more!!" Must've gotten through because I was able to work on a pretty Piece o'Cake quilt for a couple of days. I love the orange color theme, it is really refreshing and fun.
The man did some mowing and then came back to the frame to quilt a couple of nice customer projects. We're getting closer to the end of the queue, but I am worried my last five will take awhile since they are mostly king sized. The one I have on right now is 111 x 111 !! HUGE!! But very pretty. I have been working on it for two days so far, and think I can get it done tomorrow if I work 9 or 10 hours. Another marathon day, but well worth it in the end.
The last of my big quilts done for Mr Wazoo. Notice it is dark out...took all day.

Wonderful applique quilt. Love the orange fabrics!

circles and echoes

Some of the blocks

So cute how they overlap the sashings

Even the border circles overlap!

Perky orange backing, too

Mr Wazoo struggled a bit with this one block wonder, but it is really interesting.

Nice shadow quilt. The color went funny in the photo...the red fabric looks pink!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Back to work...and hurry it up!!

Mr Wazoo had a couple of quilts to do that were too big for his machine and table, so instead of doing my custom work, I did two GIANT pantograph quilts. It helps when the quilts are square, flat, and pretty. These were the trifecta of wonderfulness!
One more to do for him, and then I turn up the pace on the custom jobs yet to be done. I can't wait to start the next one...another Piece o'Cake cutie. Should be done over the weekend.
Stay tuned!

Mr Wazoo did this bright zebra quilt

He did this snuggly flannel quilt, too

Here is the first of my giant quilts. The angel panel is really pretty.

This batik baby is 114 x 120!! The maximum I care to do on my 12 foot table.

Draped over the machine table, it makes a great fort for little kids. Too bad there aren't any here!!

Basket Case pantograph

And I put on the binding, too. Busy day.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My last Wazoo retreat in Sebring is now history

Everyone had a wonderful time in Sebring, and it was hard to say good bye to the staff there after all these years. This was retreat number 45 for me there! I sure will miss the camaraderie of fellow quilters all sewing and creating unique items for family, friends and charitable organizations. I will miss all of you. Thank you!
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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Another trip to Georgia

It's deja vu all over again... here we are in Georgia unpacking a truck and gazillion boxes. Well, maybe not that many, but scads of stuff. I thought we had downsized before we packed, but we are getting rid of even more stuff now that we are here trying to find a place to put it all!
Tim shaved a 1/4 inch off the bases of the dining room cabinets to get them to fit close to the wall. The saw made Molly so scared, I thought it would be good to take her to see the new road and neighborhood. Up the road we went, taking in the cool morning air and woodland sounds. We walked to the new construction and then chickened out for the huge hill. When I am in better shape we'll take it on. Back to the entrance and then home. Lots of up and down hills, and some rest stops along the way.
We were so tired last night, we turned in at 9 pm! When you do that, you are wide awake at 5:30. I don't see too many sunrises, so it was a treat. I wish I had taken the picture a few minutes earlier when the sky was fiery red, but Molly needed to go, and that takes precedence!
No sewing yet...I'm not sure, but I think the retreat quilt project got a free ride to Georgia without being worked on. We have to take back the truck, go to Walmart yet again, and drop in at the Home Depot for some replacement light bulbs for the kitchen.
Enjoy your day!

The view I had for 600 miles

our nearest neighbor

our house

Molly enjoyed the outdoors

cozy fire in the evening

our sleeping quarters. Don't you like the bedside 'tables'?

Cabinets in and the cover finally on my chair!

Front porch with the new rockers...sweet!

Sunrise over the mountain

Construction happening up the road from us. This house really hangs over the cliff. Very scary looking!

The road home .

Saturday, November 1, 2014

One last thing...

Tomorrow we go to the house in Georgia and I will have limited sewing time there, so I decided to make the blocks for the next retreat project today and get a jump on the quilt. They went really fast, too!
Maybe you'll see some sewing from the new digs...who knows?!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Customer's Modern Sampler finished!

This quilt was a stretch for me, because I don't get too many 'modern' style quilts from customers. The batting is a thinner cotton, so I didn't want the quilting too dense or it would have been stiff instead of soft and drapey. I used a lot of straight line quilting with some swirls and circles to soften the look. There are eight colors of variegated thread on it! I think it looks great, and the customer will be pleased.
Mr Wazoo did one quilt today, and then went outside to gather up pots and yard ornaments for the trip to Georgia on the weekend. We will have another truckload of stuff going, but much smaller than the last time. It may only take one more load after this to completely move out. The Gammills will be the last things to go. I sure hope I have all my quilts from the queue finished!!
Enjoy the photos...I got carried away taking photos of the blocks. :o)

The back is pieced, and shows the quilting up nicely