Thursday, March 26, 2015

Second Lone Star center repaired!

Last night and today I worked on the second customer Lone Star quilt repair.There were 14 diamonds to replace after I gave it a good going over. The entire center star needed to be replaced, and no two diamonds were the same. I had to make a pattern for each diamond, then applique new diamonds in place. The quilt kept the wonky center seam, but with new fabrics.

I had to lay the star on the floor, because I have a secret project on the design wall.
This is the second star with all it's 14 new diamonds.

Close-up of the fixed wonky center star 
Tomorrow is my class in Clarksville. Another adventure for Wazoo! The road there is a twisty mountain road. I'm glad the class is during the day! Unfortunately, it is supposed to rain.
Stay tuned for details!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sewing, quilting and fun in the sun!

 What a beautiful day it was today! Warm and breezy...birds singing...Tim digging and watering . He is so happy to be outside, and is making headway on the yard and home improvement. The rock man came today and delivered crushed stone and pavers to do the back entry. We have been slogging through mud and wet straw all winter, and now we will have a paved walk instead! Yippee!

Nobody comes to the front door, so we can have a bit of fun with our signage
Mr Wazoo worked all morning getting the area dug out and leveled before the rock man came with the gravel and pavers. He has the first layer down and is ready to lay the pavers tomorrow.


We also have greenery on the front porch. Looks good.

Watering the baby seeds in the side yard.

Suet maintenance. The nuthatches and chickadees eat it like crazy!

One truly happy camper!

While I was away, Tim finished painting the doors, too!

On the sewing and quilting front, I have been doing two jobs at once. Quilting is progressing on Joanne's quilt, and I got the borders on and backing made for the first customer commissioned vintage quilt.
Joanne's quilt is about half done
Molly keeps me company in the studio
The first Lone Star is all mended, the background pieces sewn in, and the borders on. Now, I just have to quilt it!
 This is the second star, in need of repair before adding the background. I peeled back the freezer paper on these diamonds so you can see what I have selected to put in the place of the damaged pieces
Back away a bit, and they blend right in! There are ten to do tonight.
 I forgot to show you the additions to my stash from the Trenton shop!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Quick trip to Trenton, Florida for the outdoor show

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Stephanie and I traveled to Trenton, Florida for the annual Suwannee Valley quilt festival and had a wonderful time there. Some of our friends from Peace River guild were there, as well as a contingent from the Villages, including our buddy, Melinda! We thought it may be spoiled by rain, but that cleared away and we had a hot, sunny day.
The quilts didn't seem as plentiful as last time, but they were still interesting to look at. Trenton has turned one of the old storefronts into a quilt museum which is quite lovely. If you are ever up that way, you should go see it. There are some photos of the quilts in the museum on the slideshow.
Before the trip, we attended the Hugs and Kisses group from Misty Mountain guild and got to meet some of the ladies from the guild. I think I am really going to enjoy this group and taking a day out of my work week to sew quilts for kids and nursing home residents. I finished two kid quilts!

Now, I'm back at work doing the stitch in the ditch for my friend Joanne's quilt. I liked the pattern so much, I drew a little sketch of the blocks so I could try it. I love working on quilts that have a great pattern, color combination and precise workmanship. Thanks, Joanne!

Monday, March 16, 2015

The Stupids step out

Today was the talk and trunk show day, and Mr Wazoo had me print out three different ways to get to our destination of Grayson, Georgia. He chose to take the 'super highway' route instead of the winding road through the mountains. Bad choice. From Cumming to Grayson there must have been 50 or more stop lights, and all of them were red. Add road construction and Atlanta rush hour traffic, and you have an adventure gone wrong. Fortunately, we left the house at 2:30, thinking that would give us time to get to Grayson with an hour or so to get supper before my 6:15 meeting. We arrived at 6:10! Whew!
The highlight of our arrival was meeting a second cousin I have never seen before! My Dad has done some genealogical research for his family and found the branch with Gigi in it. She came from Stone Mountain to see us and stayed for the presentation. Our family is so small, it is a hoot to meet another
Parker faction.

My 'new' cousin, Gigi

The talk went without incident, and the ladies were the perfect audience. This is a wonderful guild, a happy, chatty group of quilting sisters. At the end of the talk, I gave away a quilt to one lucky quilter, and it turned out this was her first meeting as a member!
Twenty quilts ready for their debut
The attentive audience
The winner of a Wazoo quilt!

We took the winding road way home and after two and a half white knuckle hours, arrived in time for a dish of ice cream and the news. Poor Molly got sick in the car on the trip down, but did fine on the ride home. Everybody is ready for a good night's sleep and a fresh start tomorrow in the studio.
Thank you, Quilters in Stitches! I had a great time.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Beautiful day in the mountains

Today was a truly beautiful day! Blue sky, light breeze, 76 degrees. Molly and I enjoyed a stroll to the top of the mountain, and then it was time to sew.
The top was finished, as you know, but I decided to use the leftover blocks and bits to spice up the backing. I really don't know what goes on in my brain to think this took an hour to figure out the math and sew all the bits into a useable piece, but after that, it went smoothly.For the quilting, I chose a panto called 'Fork in the Road'. It added just the right amount of texture to this modern looking quilt.

All done but the hand stitching!

Hobbs 80/20 batting adds nice definition. Plus, it washes nicely and wears well.

The funky bits back

Tim had a good day, too. Any time he gets to go outside and play, he is a happy camper. Today, he put in one of the new rhododendrons we got a couple of weeks ago. I had to smile at him working the hard clay and handling the bags of compost in order to have his new baby thrive. He does love to do yard work and gardening!

One bush in...working on the second hole.

The Christmas tree looks tiny in the big space, but it will grow.

Hey! I am also ready for the next guild meetings. Ta da!
This is my Misty Mountain badge. I made our barn quilt and sewed it to the side of the mountain, in a spot where our house would be. The pin is the guild pin.
This badge is for the Pieceful Mountain Quilt Guild over in Blue Ridge. it had to include a mountain, a tree and a bear. Thanks to Stephanie, I had a little bear with his nose in a can! Cute!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Almost finished!

 I awoke today revived and refreshed and ready to sew! The block parts were just as I left them on my sewing table, so I set to work.

The quilt looked pretty easy in the book, but I still managed to nip some corners when joining them together. It's a utility quilt, so I won't let it bother me. Next time, I will add a scosh more to the setting triangles in the blocks. Otherwise, I think the finished block is cute!

When they were all done, I put them on my handy dandy design wall and moved them around until The arrangement was pleasing to me. Here is the final arrangement.

Once I had them sewn together, I figured the quilt was a bit small, so I added a little border. I like it. I hope to get it quilted tomorrow and do the binding in the evening while relaxing to TV noise.

Oh yes! I remembered to upload the photos of the giant ASAP quilt, too. The maker told me when I called her that it has 5324 pieces in it. I don't count my pieces...I hate math.

When I got back from it, I could see it looked like a wedding ring quilt!

While quilting, it just looked like a load of pieces!!

I love the color combination! The quilt is for a young adult girl, so I used a modern design for the quilting.The lime green thread is subtle, and looks great.

Mr Wazoo spent the day painting doors again. The weather was warm, if overcast, and he was able to work on the outside of the bedroom french doors. Yesterday, he quilted this one for my sister. Don't you think the big floral is perfect here? Another beautiful quilt from Texas. Yee hah!
He also tried our new bear claw panto on a flannel quilt for another customer.

My sister's quilt.
Love big print flowers!
Donna's soduko flannel bear quilt
The bear foot prints show up really well on the back!

It felt nice to sew for a while and I think once a week I will do just that! Someday I will retire and sew all the time, but for now, I will work on customer projects, give talks, teach classes and enjoy meeting more quilting buddies here in Georgia. Yup, life is good.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Gloomy outside, happy inside!

Last night we had such a wind storm. I think there is such a thing as a wind storm...if there is, we had one! Poor Molly roamed all over the bed, trembling and periodically yipping when the house would creak or the doors jiggle. Not much sleep for anyone. (Except Mr Wazoo, who is pretty deaf and sleeps through everything) It is still windy, but not so loud, so I hope tonight we all get a good snooze.
Once in the studio, the mail carrier brought the quilt I was waiting for that had to be done ASAP for a Florida customer. This was at 10:30a.m.. By 1:30, I had finished the quilting (edge to edge), Tim boxed it up and it was on the way back to Florida! I did remember to take a picture, but the camera is in the studio, and I am too tired to go get it. Tomorrow, I will post the pictures. The quilt is 104 x 104!
Yesterday, I worked a quilt for another friend and customer. Linda makes beautiful and interesting quilts, and this one was no exception.
Linda's pretty oriental quilt

I love the 'ghost' cranes in the sky and in the dark mountain part, too

She even oriented the bamboo correctly to grow bottom to top.

a peek at the back

Well, this has been a rambling post at best. I am pooped and need to turn in. Tomorrow, I will work on a quilt I started today after work. Everybody needs a day off sometime! Saturday will be mine.
Good night!