Monday, July 28, 2014

Baby with his quilt

I sent a quilt to a friend who just had her first baby. He is a cute little peanut! She sent this photo of him with the quilt. I thought you would like to see that all those quilts we make do go to wonderful homes. Thanks, Pam, for the photo!
Colton on his quilt

me at show and tell before sending the quilt off.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Home again, home again, jiggity jog

Two weeks of car travel punctuated with family visits and some sight seeing/shopping and we are back where we started. I spent the entire day Sunday getting unpacked and doing laundry and grocery shopping. Mr Wazoo came down with a nasty respiratory bug the Wednesday before and was in full snorkeling-coughing and throat clearing mode by Friday. It was worse at night, and I could tell he was miserable despite taking drugs for every symptom. We made the decision to cut the trip short and by-pass his Mom because he didn't want to give her what he had. She is 93. Anyhoo, we got up at 5AM and started home in a heavy rain by 6AM. By the time we got to the Florida-Georgia border, the rain had stopped and the sun was shining. Picked up Molly at 4:30 and had pizza delivered (no food in the house...) at 6. By 10PM we were both snoring in our own bed. Vacation done.
I spent today getting the stuff ready for my class tomorrow and doing a bit more work on the next retreat project. The man had to mow as the grass went wildly tall while we were wandering around Texas and the southern Appalachian mountains. Then he got a wild hair up his nose to start going through the junk in the garage!! "Can you just look through this box and see if you want to keep any of this stuff?". Of course, this turned into ten boxes and making a big mess of everything while sorting and tossing, and all in the stifling heat of Southern Florida. Yuk. Needless to say, no quilting got done today.
Since I am teaching tomorrow, and have Nifty Fifty on Wednesday, there won't be any longarm action until Thursday. Plus, Mr Wazoo is contemplating a speed trip to South Carolina to see his Mom as a birthday surprise. He is having a pang of guilt for not getting there before coming home. He has pooh-poohed the need for a doctor and says he is feeling better. Pack the bag, Susan, we're off again...
It wouldn't be a good blog post without a couple of pictures, so I will leave you with some vacation shots. Not too many though, I left my battery charger at the first hotel and took the rest of the pictures with my phone. Don't fret, they mailed it to me and it was here when I picked up the mail!

Trust me, I watched hard for snakes.

Mr Wazoo was on the Forestall aircraft carrier when he was in the Navy. It is being cut apart for scrap in Brownsville. Sad sight.

Dad is still active and sharp. Mom's pic came out blurry,... rats!

The husband patiently watches Cubs baseball.

Total camera accident and my daughter still looks good!

Mille keeps watch at the window.

No swimming?! How dumb do we look?
My friend, Stephanie, lives on top of a mountain. The driveway there is really steep!!
The view is worth it. Wish I had a picture for you...

We went fabric shopping and had a nice lunch in nearby Blue Ridge

Thanks for the  shop hop, Stephanie!

Rain, rain, rain...

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Last quilt before vacation is done!

I have been working on this quilt for four days and I finished it just in time to pack and go to Texas! I think it is  beautifully made and very soothing to look at. A real winner, if you ask me.
Enjoy looking over the quilt. I will be sure to keep you all up on our time off having fun.

Gorgeous customer quilt

the borders

one corner

enjoy looking at some of the stars...

egg and dart border

center medallion

view of the quilting

more stars...

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Fourth! It's a sewing day!

I usually take off from the Gammill on holidays, and today I just did one small quilt for Mr Wazoo and then set off to the sewing machine.  My sister asked if I had seen the latest Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorial, the disappearing hourglass, and I had not. So I fired up the laptop and watched Jenny make a block. Nice star block. Thought I should be able to do this easily, right? Well, maybe...
The initial sewing went fast, sewing around all four sides of the ten inch squares and cutting them in quarters diagonally. Even the hourglass part was a breeze. Then you're supposed to measure the blocks and cut them into three equal parts in both directions. Easier said then done. Not all my blocks are equal in size, but close enough to square up to 12 3/4 inches square. So now, I am squaring them all up, then I will cut them into 4 1/4 inch segments. It's slow going, but I think the block is cool! I am taking them to Texas when I visit so my sister can see them. Meanwhile, back to work tomorrow.
Here is a picture of what I was working on before I stopped to sew the blocks. It is a beautiful quilt. I almost finished the stitch in the ditch, and will get going on the real quilting tomorrow.
Have a happy Fourth of July!

Pretty customer quilt, on hold for the day

massive amount of half square triangles

Yes, I really can sew in this mess.

All arranged and ready to go

Chain piecing makes for short work

Don't forget to press! See the little 4-patch? Perfect!

Stack of hourglass blocks to be squared and cut

I couldn't resist making just one block to see what they look like. Nice!

Mr Wazoo didn't take the day off. He quilted three quilts!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Deja vu or another dozen donuts

Over the weekend, I finished the dozen donuts quilt I made during the class. This one has only two fabrics, a real step out of the box for me. It's cute, though.
Also, I finished another Under the Sea quilt for a customer. You may say,"Deja Vu yet again!", but you would be mistaken. I did one for another customer just like it a bit ago. The quilt may look unfinished, but you need to imagine it with big, bright yo-yos on the sea creatures. Those get added now that its quilted. I'll see if I can snap a photo of the finished product when she brings it to show and tell.

another dozen donuts

lovely floral with tiny bugs

butterfly quilting

Sea creature quilt

'Watery' quilting

Seaweed border quilting

Watery backing, too!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

One Dozen Donuts, and eight happy quilters

Today was my One Dozen Donuts quilt class at the guild. Eight guild members took the class, and I think it was the first time there was a man in a class! Thanks to John for being brave enough to step up and sew with the ladies! He turned out to be a great student and a wonderful quilter. I brought the appropriate snack for the class, a box of donut holes! We found some crazy glasses at the venue and goofed around a bit at the end of the day. Seems to me it was a good time for all of us.
Enjoy the slideshow!
One Dozen Donuts quilt

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Work and play at Wazoo

Last weekend we took some time to get other things done besides quilting. Sometimes, even us die hard quilters need to do something else to keep our sanity. Mr Wazoo mowed lawns, laid sod and pruned everything in the back yard. You won't catch me outside in the Florida heat digging in the dirt! I am not a gardener at all, but I sure do enjoy the fruits of his labors. We have four pineapples coming on, and they are so cute! Miss Molly chased a bunny all over the back area, in and out of the plantings and finally to the bunny's escape through the space next to the gate. That called for a two hour nap on her part afterward.
My day was filled with the chores nobody likes; cleaning, paying bills and doing the laundry...yuk. When its done, I feel better, but actually doing it is a drag. I'd rather be sewing.
Speaking of sewing, I got to quilt a lovely hand embroidered piece on Sunday and Monday. The customer has to have the best satin stitch I have seen on an embroidered project. Really wonderful.
I finished the zig zag quilt I started at retreat, and made my demo pieces for my talk tonight at guild. I'll be demonstrating the 'world's easiest quilt' that I saw at the Fort Myers show. Fast and easy and just the size needed for our guild's Head Start quilts.
Today, I am back at work and happy to be there. Did I mention, I love my job!?
Customer embroidered quilt

A look at the quilting

One of the beautiful blocks

Border feathers

Do you see all four pineapples?

Here's one!

All neatly trimmed

One of many pots


Molly take a breather

The easiest quilt in the world

Queen Anne's wreath in it's full glory

It reminds me of lilacs bck home in Wisconsin