Thursday, October 30, 2014

Customer's Modern Sampler finished!

This quilt was a stretch for me, because I don't get too many 'modern' style quilts from customers. The batting is a thinner cotton, so I didn't want the quilting too dense or it would have been stiff instead of soft and drapey. I used a lot of straight line quilting with some swirls and circles to soften the look. There are eight colors of variegated thread on it! I think it looks great, and the customer will be pleased.
Mr Wazoo did one quilt today, and then went outside to gather up pots and yard ornaments for the trip to Georgia on the weekend. We will have another truckload of stuff going, but much smaller than the last time. It may only take one more load after this to completely move out. The Gammills will be the last things to go. I sure hope I have all my quilts from the queue finished!!
Enjoy the photos...I got carried away taking photos of the blocks. :o)

The back is pieced, and shows the quilting up nicely

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Raffle quilt quilting all done!!

I started early and got the raffle quilt finished! I am stoked to have it off my table and on to the binding whiz. The colors don't show up as I would like, but you get the idea. I put it on the murphy bed, but it isn't the best bed to photograph quilts on. Oh well, I will get a better picture when it is hanging properly somewhere.
Now, back to work, and on to the next project in my line of quilts to be done!

On the rack with just the stitch in the ditch done

Three days later...all done!

The back is pieced, too

The back

Here is sort of how it would look on a bed

Ready to go to the next person to finish.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Raffle quilt progress

I did all the stitch in the ditch on Saturday, and quilted the borders on Sunday. Today, I finished the quilting on the 9 patches and the light squares, as well as the fan border. I'm pooped!! The quilt is in the homestretch, and should be all quilted tomorrow afternoon! I will take some pictures and post them when I am done. For now, off to bed!
Oh yes...the bathroom work is finished except for the guy who finishes the edge where the tile meets the carpet. Yippee.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Quick update on raffle quilt

I got the raffle quilt and backing today and will begin the quilting tomorrow. Barb did a great job piecing the back; it's a wonderful surprise to make the back as interesting as the front!
I will take a picture to show you when the quilting is done, so stay tuned.

The quilt top had its debut at the meeting on Tuesday

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Off to Fort Myers for my class

Today started at 1AM with Molly up-chucking. At least she had the decency to wake me up to go outside to do it! We settled back in and just started to really snooze when....up again for another trip outside. Three trips later, and now 5AM, she finally felt better and went to sleep. I had to get up at 6. Yawn!!
The construction crew came at 7:15. I was out the door at 8AM and on the way to quilting fun in Fort Myers. There wee 8 ladies in the class and they were very forgiving of all my errors in the cutting instructions. (Of course, all the home made goodies they brought softened the blow, too) Once we had the instructions straightened out, everything went along swimmingly with the sewing machines humming a merry tune.
Here are some pictures of the day's activities and the beginnings of some beautiful quilts.
Linda is making a patriotic scrappy quilt

Kathleen' sewing is so organized! 

Betty is smokin' her chain piecing!

Pat's black and tan stars are stunning

Susan (yippee! another Susan!) busy giving her featherweight a workout.

Kathy drove over from Key Biscayne to take the class! Wow! 

Yet another Kathy powered through with an injured shoulder. Can't keep a quilter down!

Here are Kathy's scrappy stars

Judy is making a night sky quilt

Here is my station, chain piecing like a crazy person.

Susan is too shy to peek over her pretty stars.

Kathy is going to make pillows for Christmas.

Kathleen finished this row and has the next one almost done. You go, girl!

I love the contrast in Pat's blocks.

Linda's quilt is taking shape. It is red, white and blue, but the lighting made it look pink!

Thanks to Betty for making me feel welcome. I hope to see them all again.