Sunday, March 19, 2017

All day stitch in the ditch

I spent the entire day stitching in the ditch. And I'm still not done!! Tomorrow, I'll wrap it up and get on with the quilting.
Thankfully, it is a beautiful quilt and easy to stare at for hours on end!

Mr Wazoo had some pressing yard duties since we had been away for a week. Mowing, weeding and dead-heading  took a while...then he put on his next job and got a good start before it was time to get dinner going.

Oh yes...I promised to show you what I was working on for a few days before the retreat. The old lady who swallowed the fly!! Except, I made her the sweet quilter who swallowed a fly! And a spider, bird, cat, dog, goat, cow and horse!! I think they enjoyed the song, and the crazy puppet swallowing everything whole! I know I had fun hamming it up for the 'crew'!
I had to give her a really big mouth for all that swallowing...
Here she is with all her lunch items!
Here we are in action! The bugs and animals are in the white bin waiting their turn to be eaten.
They laughed...eventually.

We're Back!!

After a week away in Texas to visit my Dad, we are back in Georgia, ready to go to work.
Before we left on our trip, I had the opportunity to go to Roswell, GA for the Bulloch Hall Quilt Guild show held at the lovely plantation from which it gets it's name. Bulloch Hall is beautifully preserved and created a wonderful backdrop for the quilts. Too bad every guild can't have such a fitting locale for their shows! My friend Kay had two quilts in the show, and won a ribbon on her 'The Bride Wore Red' quilt. In the slide show, you'll get a peek of Kay next to her Toulouse Lautrec quilt.

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In Texas, I gave a trunk show of forty quilts for the ladies of the Killer Bees quilt guild. I had a fun trip, and a great visit with Dad and my sister before heading home to the studio and some quilting. I'm happy to be home in Georgia, and re-energized to do what I love.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

When the cat's away, the mouse will...WORK!

Last week the blog was quiet while I was away at retreat. We had a great time sewing and laughing, with very little sleeping. There was a nap when I got home...
Ooh la la...Patchwork Pirate Johhny Depp

Ladies in the UFO room getting set up

The Hugs and Kisses room
Quilts...not real hugs and kisses.

Gail working along in the Comfort Quilt/ Heart to Heart room

The name tag challenge

A sewing area with some pretty complicated blocks being sewn

A makeshift design wall for a beautiful string quilt in progress.

In the classroom where I taught quilt-as-you-go

One camper's progress on her One Block Wonder

The ladies showing off their projects from the tuck quilt class
On the way home, we stopped at the top of a mountain to take a couple of quick snaps of the beautiful view.
After a curvy and steep ride, we came to this access point on the Appalachian Trail
The view is wonderful, with the valley stretching out far below.

There was a group of hikers getting ready for their trek, too!
When I arrived home, Molly came running to meet me, and get her new toy. The cow is almost as big as she is, but has five squeakers, so she is in love!
Molly has a cow!

She immediately took it to her favorite spot.
Mr Wazoo spent his time alone wisely, getting these quilts done and out the door. I think he is in the running for employee of the month for his initiative!

Panto: Valentine

Panto: Bubbles

The backing of this one is as fun as the front!!

This big beach blanket got the panto Splashing

You can see it better from the back side.

This customer's memory quilt has the panto Quirky

The backing is an authentic African printed batik.
The customer and her husband are missionaries, and have lived in exciting places all over the world.

Isn't this a stunning use of red and white fabric?!

Panto: Rosie
A very sad note this week, one of our Florida friends passed away after a long battle with Parkinson's disease. My grandson loved him and even got a ride in the vintage Corvette, something he didn't allow just anyone to do. Rest in peace, gentle friend.

Devin was so excited, he was speechless...for a moment.

Going for a ride.

A happy surprise was the arrival of a birthday gift from my sister! The new addition to the studio describes my stash in honorable terms, don't you think?

I never thought of myself as a hero for buying fabric,
but now, I hold myself a bit straighter when coming home with the bags.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Stuff I can't show you...yet

It has been quiet on Wazoo Newsbits this week because I have been working on a secret project for the upcoming retreat talent show. I am very certain now that making this secret object is not my talent! I am pretty funny, though, so I think the ladies will overlook the slip-shod workmanship and find my presentation humorous.
Meanwhile, Mr Wazoo has been busy quilting, and getting things done before we go to Texas later this month. We're going down to visit my Dad and my sister for a few days. Its always a fun trip.
Here are a couple of the quilts he has been finishing up.

I l-o-v-e this quilt pattern!!!I haven't figured out how to make it,
but the quilter says she will give me the pattern. Oh, yeah!!

Panto: Vertigo

Ooh la la! Bright backing, too

Next, he quilted this pretty split nine patch

Panto: Popcorn
I did get this Comfort Quilt for my guild done. I finished the binding last night, and it is ready to snuggle with.
The blocks are scrappy-happy, all with green centers.

Digital panto: Dancing Daisies

The backing and binding are a sweet print, and oh so soft.
While I was working on my top secret project, I did take a break to get this absolutely fabulous scrappy reproduction quilt loaded and ready to quilt. It is a custom job, and will take some time to do. I'm excited to get started, even if it is only to stitch in the ditch. Gotta start with the dull stuff before the fun part begins!

While I was loading it, I noticed how perfect the piecing is.
Impressive  for such a large quilt.
I'm loving the assortment of neutrals!
Tomorrow, I have to get my class samples ready for my two classes at the retreat. That shouldn't take all day, so I'm hoping to get started on the reproduction quilt. We'll see how it goes.