Thursday, September 18, 2014

Inn on the Lake September retreat

We had a wonderful time in Sebring sewing, laughing and enjoying being pampered. The girls all loved having food from a chef and a bar on premises...but I still like the homey atmosphere at the regular haunt. I am there to sew, and the room is huge at my fav spot. This venue was beautiful and the rooms comfortable and well appointed. No Granny Sue for shopping sent us out to the shops to get our fabric fix. When weighed side to side, the two places have the same amounts of pros and cons, so I will let the ladies decide which retreats to go to. No matter where we are, though, we all have a good time. After all, it's about the camaraderie!!

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Sewing in Sebring

We are here in Sebring, FL having a great time getting to know the staff and happenings at the Inn on the Lakes hotel. Everyone is having a good time and I have been able to sew more than usual because I haven't had to run all over town for food and supplies! The lunch was great and we have been laughing and sewing most of the day when not shopping for more fabric.
I have two more days of quilty friends before heading back to Punta Gorda and the work that is waiting for me there.
Wish you were here!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Georgia on my mind...

We got home to Florida late Sunday and spent a lazy evening with delivery pizza and our dog Molly for company. Mr Wazoo worked on a quilt today while I was at guild, and I fixed an errant block in the raffle quilt and got the retreat project cut out and the blocks made after I got home. Tomorrow, I have to get the quilt top done (and hopefully quilted...), grocery shop, do the laundry and get packed for the retreat on Sunday. I had better go to bed!
Enjoy this short video of the sun setting , taken from the deck of the Georgia house. We spent the night there and enjoyed having the windows open, listening to the crickets and watching the Super-moon out the window. Wonderful!


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New home in Blairsville, Georgia

We closed on the house in Blairsville and are scrambling to get utilities going and appliances installed. Thanks to my son for taking a few days off work to help load and unload the truck! We couldn't have done it without help, and he volunteered without hesitation.
We went out to the house after dropping our son off at the airport in Atlanta, and the appliances had been delivered and all but the stove installed. We'll deal with the gas company tomorrow, and it will be the last task this trip.
Uncle Leo is keeping watch over the new kitchen, and my rooster is crowing on the fireplace until the rest of the stuff comes. We won't be there for awhile, but our friends will be stopping by to watch over Leo and Buster, the peeing dog. I hope we will be able to get away for the leaf-peeping least for a weekend. Until then, it's home again, home again, jiggidy jog.

Big truck arrives! Mr Wazoo is such a good driver.

Before unloading...nice empty garage

Cabinets with their countertops!

I like the island!

Guest bath

Master bath

Fans are in and I'm ready for a toddy on the deck

The boys unloading my pie safe

Yippee! First piece of furniture in the new place.

Looking good in the guest room.

Everything we brought is now in the of those boxes has the fabric for my friend's quilt back. We are going to find it tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Garage cabinets and sewing room equipment ready for the new digs

Buster is 'christening' the fireplace.

Uncle Leo is watching out for the appliance men
Oh, I am sooo happy! Gleaming new appliances!!
The kitchen is looking good
Unloading the flat boxes that will be a bed tomorrow. Thanks, Ikea.

My rooster holding down the fort

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Late night musings

Don't worry, Uncle Leo, we won't leave you behind!!
It has been a really long day here at Wazoo. We moved all the stuff out of the studio, swept and washed the floor, and then rearranged the two Gammills so they fit in the room. I'm sure that sounds easy to you, but it was heavy, dirty, tiring work. Once we load all the boxes and some furniture onto the truck on Saturday, we will move the small table and chairs back into the eat in kitchen area to make it look more like a regular house instead of a sweat shop!! Cool.
Along the way, we heard from the realtor that the builder hasn't put in the appliances yet and perhaps we should check on their status...I did just that, and it seems he thought we were ordering them. Oh rats. I called our salesperson at the local Sears store and after much chat and checking for any sign of a transaction, I ordered the appliances he had on his list, but never ordered. Oops. Well, the bright side is, three out of four were hugely on sale for Labor Day and we saved $800! Yippee! We won't be getting them at the house until next Tuesday (fingers crossed this goes well) and they will be installed after we have left town to go back to Florida. I sense another ride to Georgia in the near future to inspect everything and make sure we get what should be there! Hey, if this is the only glitch, I'm happy. We have built a house before, and hit quite a few snags in the process. This has been a smooth ride so far.
After going to Murdock for a board meeting, changing the sheets ( I forgot them in the dryer earlier in the day...can't think why. Duh) and answering emails, I am finally ready to go to bed.
I think that's a swell idea! Goodnight, dear readers, and good luck.

The 'new' studio layout

Shelving out, Mr Wazoo's Gammill in, stacked with bags of quilts ready for pick up

kitchen eating area full of stuff ready to go to the new home

boxes of fabric, books and patterns ready to go

even the front hall has stuff!

Uncle Leo has been displaced to the hallway. I washed his clothes and redressed him for football season

Poor Andy has to sleep in here!

Oh yes, we still have plenty of quilting to do!!

boxes stacked to the fan. My rooster looks out of place there, doesn't he?

bins of strips even Bonnie Hunter would drool over. Wipe you lips, girls, they're mine!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

More quilting and packing

Last week was jam packed with activity! I have finished two custom orders and one big pantograph, as well as pack more of the sewing studio and my bedroom closet. Yikes!! We have over 100 boxes packed right now, and took 5 huge trash bags of clothes to the Goodwill.I feel like we are in a good place, move wise, and a fair place quilting wise.
My son Andy is coming to help with the first load to Georgia on Friday. He will be putting stuff in the big truck with Tim and riding up to Blairsville in the car with me. Equal opportunity visiting for both of us! I am totally excited to see the house (almost) all finished. Pictures will follow.
Enjoy some photos of our week here at Wazoo, and be glad it isn't you who's moving!

The wonderful stack and whack that I started last week and finished on Saturday.

outer border paisley feather, inner border piano keys, small border circles

pillow tuck border with close lines

All sashings with a triple pass swirl treatment

big stars quilting

Little stars quilting

a peek at the back

colorful scrap quilt

hard to see, but it is custom done

This is one BIG quilt!!!

modern wishbone pantograph

quilt of valor

patriotic quilting

What I'm working on now

Oooo!! Bare ribbons, stuffed friends,or fun pictures