Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tuesday Bits and Bobs

This week is a mish - mash of things, and today is no exception. I will be doing a trunk show later today at the Misty Mountain Quilt Guild, and then getting ready for the trip to Dahlonega.
Its blustery and cold outside, so Mr Wazoo cranked up the fireplace to keep it cozy inside.

The other thing I hadn't blogged was the little project I did while resting my knee on Sunday. While cleaning out a drawer, I found a photo on fabric that I had made years ago of my twin daughters. I figured it would languish in the drawer unless I did something with it, so I made a little pillow. I'll give it to Jenny when she comes for Thanksgiving. Scraps and a pillow form are all you need to have some fun!

I am still working on quilting the shoofly customer quilt, but expect to finish it tonight. Molly is always close by, relaxing in her bed while I work.

And this post wouldn't be complete without a recent photo of little Dechen with his Daddy. He's one week old, and cute as a button!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

All done for now

I finished the last big quilt today and the rest will have to wait until I can stand up for hours at a time after my surgery. Mr Wazoo did one big quilt for me, but the biggest one (108 x 113") was all mine.
Mr Wazoo's big challenge, conquered!

I'm not sure of the panto...small splat?

The first quilt we have ever had with a corduroy backing.

This quilt is HUGE!!! It took most of the day to quilt. I had to sit down for a while a couple of times because of knee pain, but it's done!!

This quilt could be a tent for a family of four, I think!!

Panto: Hearts surfing

The backing was sure a surprise.
We skipped with my son, his wife and her mother tonight and little Dechen is just a chubby cutie!! They promise to try to remember to send a picture, but they seem a bit overwhelmed at the moment. It is amazing how someone so small can turn the world upside down! They will adjust and be fine, I am sure of that, but right now they are frazzled. I'm glad grandma is there to help!
Tomorrow, I'll be off to Dahlonega and the final check-up before the big event. I'm sure nervous about this, but I can't stand it anymore.Stay tuned for the whole gruesome story!!

Sewing day and quilting night

I spent the day yesterday sewing the lone star together. It turned out 106 x 106", 3 inches bigger than the customer wanted, but I think it will be fine. She opted for custom quilting, so this will go on a hanger until after my surgery, and when I am able to stand long enough to do custom work.
Finished and ready for quilting

So big, it hangs over the back of the frame as much as the front!
In the evenings, I have been doing the hand sewing on the shoo-fly quilt. I have finished the repair and am now doing the quilting. The original maker used a pretty big and uneven stitch, so I had fun trying to duplicate that style. A few more nights, and it will be finished!

All the new blocks are sewn in and the quilting has started!

One of the new blocks with its wonky quilting

My effort on the left, and the maker's quilting on the right. Pretty goo, eh?
Today, I will be putting the finishing touches on my trunk show and talk for Tuesday, and getting the parts made for the hand repairs I will be doing in the weeks to come. 
We go to Dahlonega for my pre-op appointment tomorrow. EKG, chest x-ray, blood work and a physical exam. Oh yes...the payment of the remaining deductible for the surgery. Thank you, Obama, for making this whole event cost me only $2000 out of my pocket. I wouldn't be having the knee replacement if it wasn't for my wonderful Affordable Care Act insurance. I know there are detractors out there who don't agree with me, but it's not their knee!! And when you have a sole proprietorship business, and have to get your own health care insurance, it is a godsend.
Enough preaching! I need to go to the studio and get things done!

Friday, November 13, 2015

long time no post!!

Oh my goodness! I have been so busy, I forgot to post anything here. Lots of quilting has been going on here at Wazoo, as well as preparation for my surgery and my daughter's visit. Being busy can be a good thing, but sometimes I feel like I'm meeting myself coming and going!
I've already figured out I won't be able to finish all the custom quilts before I get my new knee...bummer! I am hoping to get the repairs done, though, since I will have plenty of time to do handwork. Someone else will have to pick up the slack cooking and cleaning up, which makes for a nice break for me.
Little Dechen is one week old, and I just finished his wall hanging. The crib quilt will happen as soon as I can use the domestic machine, but he is in a bassinet for a while, so I caught a break there, too!

Mr Wazoo did some work, too!

Panto: Alfresco

I did this one

Panto: Big Splat

Mr Wazoo's work

I can't remember the panto name :o(

Panto: Springtime

I quilted this for my sister!

Panto: Featherize

Mr Wazoo again!
Panto: Ebb and Flo

My sister made this beauty! I quilted it.
Panto: Flower feather
Customer commission well under way!
I hope to get this top done tomorrow so I can have the quilting finished before knee-day. I have two more, too. Ain't gonna make it...

Meanwhile, the mountains are beautiful. The air is cool and the nip is in the air. I love it here!


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Happy Birthday, Dechen!!

The Mom and Dad, Chikako and Andrew
We are all a flutter here at Wazoo because our son and his wife just had a baby today!! Our new Grandson came into the world at a whopping 8 lbs. 14 oz, 21 inches long. A little cutie with a crop of dark, thick hair and a mellow attitude. Life is really good.
Little Dechen
Meanwhile, I had to keep going on quilts to get them done before the big knee day. The double wedding ring quilt is done. I don't have a photo of the bound quilt, but a pale yellow and white striped fabric added the perfect finishing touch.All the curves were a challenge, but the end result was with it. Here are a few more funky fabric shots from the quilt, too.

Hey! I found the horse's head!

And the bobby soxer's heads, too.

Rickshaw man...

Rickshaw rider!

Mr Wazoo finished the fire pit!! I would say it is an all around good day.