Monday, January 21, 2019

Fun day-Sunday

I had fun yesterday making the final two borders for my Thicket quilt. I loaded it on the machine before quitting for the day, and hope to get it finished today!

The challenge with the border was that I only had a yard of the black grunge dot to work with! I spent quite a bit of time sewing patches to insert into the borders to make them fit. There was about an inch of the dot fabric left when I was done!

Loaded up and ready to quilt. I found some gray swirly fabric for the back in my stash! Total coup.
While sewing away on the Thicket, I had the APQS chugging along on this beautiful log cabin quilt for a customer. I guess you could call it a palette cleanser, after the wonky one the day before. Perfectly square, perfectly flat. Woo hoo!

This is scrappy goodness! I loved the mix of blues and the reds just pop.

Panto: Alpine

The dark backing really shows off the quilting pattern.
Mr Wazoo helped out with tracing the pieces for the first border of the raffle quilt. Somebody smarter than I am could have used their Scan and Cut to do this, but I knew it would take hours for me to figure it out, so I opted for the low tech light box way. I cut the pieces out during Victoria on PBS and will pick fabrics today.

There's a lot of appliqué in my future. This is only ONE border...
Super blood wolf moon. That's what happened last night. I took a very bad picture of the giant full moon around 7 pm, and ventured out in the cold to see the total eclipse at 12:30 this morning. Brrrr!! It was freezing outside, and very dark! It was so weird to look at an orange full moon, and yet see millions of stars like the new moon phase. No picture of the blood moon...the phone saw only blackness.
That's not the sun through the trees, it is the huge fuel moon!

It was another cool moment of a lifetime that Mr W snored through. He had to get up early to go see his Mom  in SC. She is in the hospital, and he is going over to see what is being done and how she is doing. You may remember that his Mom is 97 years old, so every illness or fall is a scary moment for us.

Mr W's Mom at Christmas.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Snug in the studio

Why go outside when there is a nice warm room and quilts to be worked on? I'm not going to brave the cold weather when I can be inside with my fabric! Yesterday, it was blustery and cold, with rain on and off. Just a gray day. In the studio, I had the giant, wonky horse quilt to contend with. It almost beat me, but I persevered and got it quilted.

You have to zoom in to see them...the seams I put into the borders to get them to lay a bit flatter so I could quilt them. The quilt was baggy in some places and canted to the right the entire time I was quilting it. All this taken into consideration, it turned out pretty good!

Panto: Woven wind

Lucky for me, the back is this busy print that hides all the  places where I had to alter the front.
Mr Wazoo had quilted this bright quilt , but hadn't trimmed or photographed it. I was in the way with my own sewing project. Midway through the day, I cleared the cutting table and trimmed away on it.

The simple pattern works well with the bright fabrics

Panto: Alfresco

The backing was a plain white bedsheet.
While not manipulating the big horse quilt, I worked on the borders for my black and white Thicket quilt. Hopefully, I will get this flimsy done today and work on the raffle quilt borders. I'd really like to get that quilt finished ASAP and start selling tickets for our guild's show.
Cold weather be damned! Let's quilt something!!

I put this aside for a while, but felt the need to get it finished. Two borders are on, and I'm in the home stretch of the sewing part. Wouldn't it be something if I actually got it quilted, too?

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Daughter on the road, quilt on the frame

Our girl is on the road. Like any parent, I am worried about her taking such a long trip (over 4000 miles!) by herself, but have to trust she will be careful and aware of her surroundings. She called from the hotel after the first leg of the journey and said the hotel wasn't in the best neighborhood, and that she wouldn't go outside until morning. We texted back and forth during an especially bad Hallmark movie, easing some of the anxiety she was feeling. Tonight, she should be at her Grandpa's house in Texas, and enjoying her aunt and uncle, as well. No matter their age, we still worry about our kids.
On the home front, I quilted the second Quilt of Valor and Mr Wazoo packed them up and took them to the Post Office for shipping. This one was a bit of a quandary as it was just big pieces of fabric sewn together. I decided it needed a more complex quilting pattern to make it more patriotic.

The top was well made, but a little blah.

I used the panto, Freedom, in contrasting gold thread to give the quilt some character.

Nice backing with eagles.
After this, I spent over an hour pressing and trimming threads from a huge quilt and backing for a customer. Usually, my customers are really good about trimming and pressing, but this one was particularly bad. I used my brand spanking new Best Press I bought the day before, and in the end, the quilt looked much better. It isn't square, has many problems, but I think it will turn out okay in the end. Bless her heart for trying something so big and complicated! I hope I can make it pretty.

At the end of my day, I snapped a picture of the quilt, finally loaded, with the quilting underway. Miss Molly photobombed again...she's such a Diva!
During the movie, I had a text from my daughter in law with a quick shot of my grandson. We put these silly glasses in his stocking on Christmas, but he wouldn't try them on then. I guess he changed his mind. A little levity made my worrisome evening a bit easier. I love my weird family!

Little Dechen in disguise!
I think you can see where he gets son, goofing around in a party store.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Plugging along

Yes, I have been remiss in posting here, and I really have no valid excuse other than what I have been doing is pretty boring. The last week or so, I have been trying to get some repair work done on the two quilts I have had here the longest. I would really like to get the trip around the world one finished and back to the owner. There are many squares still to be done, and the edge finish has to be repaired, too. I did almost all of the front of the large patch quilt, and should have the back done next week.
While I do this tedious hand work, I run the APQS with pantographs. Here are the quilts I finished since the last post.
This beautiful quilt was made by my customer and friend Gail. Her sense of color and pattern placement is genius.

It is a very big quilt, but is also perfectly square and flat.

I used the panto, Stacked Snailz, and wool batting really shows the quilting nicely.

The colorful circles on the back are perfect for the quilt.

Gail's second quilt features black and white with triangles!

The triangle panto is called Take Five, but is difficult to see on the front.

The quilting shows up a bit better on the back.
Mr Wazoo has been quilting steadily during the rainy weather we have had lately. I hope there will be some sunny days soon, as he is getting quite grumpy! He has to be able to putter around outside to be happy. And, if Mr W. ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!!

Here is a good use of strings! I love the colors, especially the random strip of lime green!

Panto: Alfresco

The backing shows off the quilting pattern well.

It was obvious to me that this quilt is for a pre-teen girl!! Unicorns, pink, purple and some sparkly fabrics, too.

The panto is Celebration.

The back is a lively mix of fabrics.

Here is a sedate sampler brought to life by the choice of fabrics. What could have been dull is now dancing with bright colors.

Panto: Featherize

The backing is a pretty marbleized mix of the top's fabric colors.

Mr W also jumped in and quilted a Quilt of Valor for me.

Panto: Ribbon Stars

The backing color is not this grayed. It is a nice, patriotic blue.
I mailed my quilts for the Florida quilt show this week, and hope they get there safely. I'm always a bit nervous when we drop them off at the Post Office.
Ready to go!!
My daughter is here tonight on the first leg of her journey to her new home in Portland, Oregon. I have sure enjoyed seeing her more often while she was in Charlotte, and able to visit us. Now, I'll have to plan a big trip to the west coast... If the sun comes out, I may even get Mr Wazoo to go, too!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Slight detour

I took a day to catch up on some handwork and repairs. One was a small repair on the back and hand sew the binding. I didn't get a picture before it went out the door.😐I finished the charcoal binding on the orange UFO quilt, and cut the next round of squares for the trip around the world repair.
I had an unusual request for some "Tuck-ins" on a favorite comforter from one of my disabled customers. She tends to pull the cover off during her sleep, and wanted a deeper piece to tuck under the mattress. Here it is, all finished.
Now, she has 20 inches on the side and bottom of the comforter for her husband to tuck in. That should do it!
Regular quilting projects went on as usual, with this quilt from a student in my Garden Delight class.
My customer took the class last year, and finished it! I love her selection of soft florals for the quilt.

Panto: Frolic

Soft and pretty green calico backing.
I went off to get my hair cut and run some errands today while Mr Wazoo held down the fort. He must have quilted like a mad man, because he finished these quilts from the same customer.
The customer who sews these is well into her 80s and still going strong. I love getting quilts from her.

Panto: Oriental fans

Elegant gold printed fabric on the back.

This quilt used soothing floral fabrics and complimentary colored blocks.

Panto: Daisy swirl

A peek at the back
I visited my quilting friend and hairdresser extraordinaire today, chatting him up, looking at his latest projects and talking shop. It was a well needed break from my daily regimen. Some grocery shopping, a trip to the bank and picking up a quilt to be finished rounded out the day. I haven't done any hand work tonight. Just a glass of wine and some Doc Martin on PBS. Life is good.
Feeling snazzy with my new hair style.
* Just a note for Shoshu: I have tried to post a reply to your questions and for some reason, they are disappearing into the ether of the internet. Email me at and I will send you the information you wanted. Thanks! Susan