Monday, May 4, 2015

Vintage quilt rescue and some squirrly neighbors

Today was another vintage quilt day. A friend of my sister in Texas went to an auction and bought what she thought was a vintage quilt in a box. She paid $1 for it. It turned out, there wasn't a quilt in the box at all, but six quilt tops ! She really wanted the quilt she saw in the box, but isn't a quilter. Enter Wazoo. In exchange for quilting and finishing her quilt, she gave me the other five tops. I have been doing one every now and again, and today I finished and quilted an on point 9 patch which dates to the 1950s. I added two borders after squaring the top as best I could, and then did some nice quilting in the open areas. I've been working on the hand sewing during some PBS shows, but I will have to finish that tomorrow. I'm pooped!
Hey! Molly photo bombed my picture!
That's better. 
I added the red and floral borders
Fun quilting
I added the polka dot binding, too!
Also today, the squirrels who live in the tree across from our front porch came out to play! I never would have guessed there were four of them in that tree, but I saw them all come out of the hole this morning and grabbed the camera.
Can you spot all four? One in the hole, one next to the hole, one on the branch and one going down the tree.
You go first! No, you go first!
Siblings hanging out
I only have a point and shoot camera, so the photos are a bit fuzzy. I hope they come out again tomorrow! The frolicking and leaf chewing was so much fun to watch, Tim and I spent nearly an hour at the window.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Lovely day for some sight-seeing

It was too beautiful a day to stay home and quilt, so Mr Wazoo and I set out for Brasstown Bald. With it's strange name, Brasstown Bald also climbs the title of tallest mountain in Georgia at 4784 feet! We drove to the parking lot about two thirds of the way up the mountain, and took the shuttle the rest of the way to the top.
The view in every direction is glorious! The bluish haze over the mountains is an atmospheric occurrence caused by rotting vegetation (so the guide says), and that is why these mountains are called the Blue Ridge. From North Carolina up, they are called the Great Smoky Mountains. The guide also told us that on a really clear day, you can see the skyline of Atlanta, 80 miles south.Tim surmised that from an unobstructed window in one of those skyscrapers in Atlanta, you must be able to see Brasstown Bald! Hmmmm...I wonder if that would be true?
We toured the museum, walked all around the observation deck, watched the movie about the seasonal changes on the mountain, and then skipped the shuttle ride, choosing to walk down the trail to the parking lot. It was very steep, but really interesting. There are many types of little wild flowers, trees and birds to enjoy on the way down, so it wasn't too bad. Next time, we will walk up the trail. I know I can do it!
After leaving Brasstown Bald, we wound our way through the Chattahoochie National Forest to Hiawassee. On the drive back to Blairsville, we stopped for an early supper at Brothers restaurant outside of Young Harris. Yum.
Molly was jumping out of her fur coat with excitement when we got home, and was rewarded for good behavior with a giant peanut butter dog cookie from the garden center! I put my souvenir Brasstown Bald magnet on the fridge with the others, and then made you this slideshow.
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Saturday, May 2, 2015

April finishes

I've been toodling around in the studio and decided to finish another vintage top I bought at the guild yard sale. I had the right fabrics for the job, so that's what I'm doing.Photos later...
I see where other bloggers post their monthly progress on quilts, so I thought I would, too! Aside from customer quilting, these are the quilts I finished in April.

Hugs and Kisses kit quilt

Another Hugs and Kisses Kit quilt

Charity quilt

Class sample and charity donation

Fun strippy quilt made one weekend

Charity quilt

Charity quilt

Magic block quilt

Heart to Heart quilt

split 9 patch charity quilt

another split 9 patch charity quilt

Heatr to Heart quilt

Fun HST charity quilt

vintage top I repaired, bordered and finished

Top from Guild yard sale. Bordered and finished

Heart to Heart kit quilt

Air mail pattern quilt from Missouri Star Quilt Company

Friday, May 1, 2015

Barn quilt is up, lone star quilt is finished, it's a happy Friday!

What a great day! First, I had a doctor's appointment where I was sure I would have to be scolded, but was surprised to see my blood pressure is down, my blood sugar is fine and I lost 3 pounds! And I didn't feel a thing. Hate to admit it, but the plant based diet seems to be working. Goody.
Work continued on the lone star quilt until Tim interrupted and said there was a big to-do going on at the bank with free hot dogs and tomato plants. Off we went and after a dog and plant stop at the bank, we managed to spend a wad at Home Depot on more lilacs (woo hoo!) , a tickseed plant, and some tomato cages. The garden is really shaping up!
Customer appreciation day at our bank. Free lunch and tomato plants!
Mike and Jason came today and put up the barn quilt on the house. Jason had no fear on the ladder scaffold, but Mike was a bit timid...and for good reason! I think they were about thirty feet up! Tim did the smart thing and supervised from the front porch. I fought off clouds of gnats and documented the occasion from the front yard. It looks terrific, and sets our house apart from the others.
No-Fear-Jason waving from the scaffold
Mike, Jason and Supervisor
Looking good from the street
Almost done...Mike even touched up the paint!
After the big event, I returned to the studio and finished the quilting, binding and sleeve on the second lone star quilt. I will do the hand sewing tonight and move on to the next project this weekend.
Fini !!
I think it is awesome
Setting triangles look like this
Diamonds look like this
And with the borders, it is a neat package!
As long as we were off the veggie wagon with the hot dog lunch, we celebrated the barn quilt with a trip to the Smokin' Que for some ribs, beans and slaw.
A full on wonderful North Georgia day!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Lone Star progress and barn quilt fun

I had a fruitful day putting on the borders and getting the Lone Star quilt on the machine for quilting. It should be very pretty when it is finished. The quilting is moving right along, but after several hours, my back was hurting and I had to quit for the day. Tomorrow, after my morning doctor visit (ugh) I should be able to get it done and the binding made and applied. Woo hoo!
Over half done!
It's hard to see, but the quilting is really nice.
Meanwhile, Mr Wazoo had business of his own to take care of today. The wreck he was in yesterday messed up the right front of his truck, and he had to go get an estimate for the other driver's insurance. It was her fault and an independent witness was there to corroborate what happened. Her car was really smashed and unable to be driven after the accident. Poor girl was crying and worried about what her father would say. It is his car. Oops!
I picked one of the roses from our new bush in the garden. Wow, is it ever fragrant! The blooms change color as they mature, which is really cool.
Swanky roses!
I cut one of these for in the studio.
Mike came by after his work day to assemble the frame for the barn quilt. He says he should be able to get it put up on the peak of the house tomorrow. That should be photo worthy! Tim helps by staying out of the way and chatting it up with the carpenter. He did paint the boards...a safe contribution to the project.
Mike even mitered the corners! I rarely do that on quilts...
This evening, I will get the binding sewn down on the blue quilt I finished a couple of days ago while watching TV. Yes, life is good!

For now, the studio is closed!

Routine day at Wazoo

Today started routinely, and then got better! We had put an offer on the lot next door, and it was accepted. This will make our property more private, because no one can build on that side. It is a good investment.
The mountain on the way home from town is finally green!
The homestead will grow by an acre next month!
We were supposed to get rain today, but that never happened. Mr Wazoo took the opportunity to put together the elliptical machine in the garage. He has been busy with outdoor projects and quilting, so the machine just lay in pieces there. When it didn't rain, he went outside and planted the roses he bought yesterday.
I quilted one little charity quilt and added the binding, and then worked the rest of the day measuring and adding the setting squares and triangles to the second lone star quilt. For this one, I added contrasting corners. It will have a small solid inner border and an  outer border to match the corners. Hopefully, I will be quilting it this weekend!
Little charity quilt from a kit, done and binding on.
Simple freehand flower quilting
Yippee! The second lone star is almost done!
Just before supper time, Tim remarked about how the view here changes all the time and how he loves the changes. I looked out, and the treetops were glowing where the setting sun was hitting them. All the trees are green now, but the sun kissed ones appeared golden. Really nice. You know I love it here...
The sun on the trees