Saturday, February 25, 2017

A little detour

Yesterday, I had a lesson on my new machine from an APQS dealer from Marietta. Shirley drove up here to answer my questions and show me some tricks that will make my quilting go better. I'm still not 100% with the Millie, but I will try, try, try to get comfortable with using it. I took off the partially finished quilt I was working on, and put on a charity quilt for the practice session. After Shirley went home, I finished the quilt, machine sewed the binding and label on and re-mounted the custom job. I'm determined to get it finished this weekend.
pretty charity quilt for Pieceful Mountain Quilters guild.

Pattern: Dazzle

This quilt is really soft, thanks to the lovely hand of the fabrics used.

Progress is being made on this happy quilt. I am determined to get it done!!
Mr Wazoo split his time between quilting and yard work because the weather was so darn perfect! He got a good start on my customer commission, and vows to finish it today. Then, I'll be hand sewing the binding. A huge job.
The panto he is using is Flower Festival
My UFO group got its order s for March, and I have to get going on my number 7 project. I used EQ to come up with a plan, and cut the pieces before quitting for the day. Here's a teaser...

Print out of what the quilt will look like, without the panel blocks. (represented by the blank blocks)

The days are getting longer! I took this picture as I walked up to the house after quitting for the day at 6:00. Just a couple of weeks ago, it was dark when I took the same walk.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

No surgery!! Back to work for the man.

The trip to Gainsville was a nice one in that Mr Wazoo is healing well and can avoid surgery for now. The rotator cuff tear hasn't changed in size, and the fracture is slowly healing on its own. The doctor is happy with his progress. Six more weeks of rehab and he should be good to go. Yippee!!
When we got home, both of us charged right in to working, and are pleased with what we accomplished today. By 6PM, Mr Wazoo had finished yesterday's cowboy quilt and did a small charity quilt for me to tweak the settings on his machine. He has been having some tension problems, but not with my quilt. Must have been the slinky backing the customer used on the cowboy quilt.
Cowboys galore on this manly quilt

The customer got the panels in California and added the denim
sashing and borders to keep the manly vibe going.

Mr W did a starry panto in keeping with the star in the center of the quilt.

The back is a slinky sheet. Not our favorite fabric, for sure; but it turned out better than expected.

This UFO has been in a bin for a couple of years. I was going to add a border, but decided to just get it done as a child's charity quilt.

The panto is Jungle Fever

This is one of the fabrics I got on my little shop hop when my sister was here.

I wasn't idle while Mr Wazoo was busy quilting. The final borders are on the Dresden plate customer commission quilt, and I sewed up the backing and pressed everything so it will be ready for him to do the quilting. 
Top together, inner borders done

Here is what the blocks look like

Small outer borders on and ready for quilting!

Just before quitting for the day, I made and sewed on the binding for the cowboys. I'll do the hand sewing tonight after supper. Mmmm..Turkey pot pie.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

After show after-glow

As a final nod to the Peace River Quilters' Guild 2017 show, I made a little slide show of my favorite quilts from the hundreds that were shown. Sorry if I left yours out, but I had limited time for photos, and picked the ones that made me say, "Oh, Yeah!!"

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I have been home a couple of days, and the work is flowing along.

All the blocks for the customer commission are done and the sashing in

I couldn't fit them all on the design wall.
There are two more rows on the ironing surface!

The quilts are put away, and Mr Wazoo will hang my ribbons soon.

He just finished quilting this cowboy quilt, and I need to get the binding cut, sewn and applied.

My colorful show quilt is happily on the bed where it will live from now on.

Tomorrow we travel to Gainsville to follow up with the Orthopedic doctor about Tim's shoulder. He still has pain, but is able to lift it pretty far. I sure hope she doesn't recommend surgery.Not sure he'd go for that... Well, time flies when you're having fun, and we have winged our way to midnight. Good night readers. I'm off to dream of beautiful quilts.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Long time no blog

 I'm living it up at the quilt show here in Florida, where I added a couple of new ribbons to my stash for the studio. The quilts are magnificent, and the show is really over the top this year. They even had a gals quartet singing around the show floor. Cool!
My friends are all here working the show in one capacity or another, and I did some white glove as well as helping in the silent auction. Last night they had a lovely wine and cheese reception for the members. That was nice, too.
First came the judging. I was a scribe both days.

The girls held up the quilts for the judge and we feverishly wrote down every word she said.

After the show was set up, they threw the reception for the guild. Our show chair, Rochelle, did the honors of announcing the winners.

Someone finally liked my fun animals!

My colorful quilt got a second place ribbon.

My customer, Dottie, with the quilt she made and I quilted.

My friend, Audrey's quilt was right next to Dotties!
Audrey scored a third place ribbon for the quilt that I also quilted.

She also got an honorable mention for her entry in the special exhibit,
Follow the Sun.
I quilted this Halloween quilt for Audrey.

Another customer, Kitty, won an honorable mention for her quilt that I also quilted.

Here is my friend Joan with her show quilt.

My customer, Mary, got a third place for her beautiful quilt. I am so lucky
to be able to quilt these heirlooms.
Best of show is a wonderful underwater scene
The special exhibit, Follow the Sun
Show view. I quilted the big quilt in the right foreground.
My friend Becky won a third place ribbon, as well as the award for Best use of a classic pattern.
I quilted this one, too!

Here are some of the baskets for the basket auction. Lots of goodies to be had here!

Ladies looking for a bargain in the books and magazines
Midday in the boutique. This was when I could get a picture when you could actually see the tables!
Some of the items in the first day of the silent auction.
Tomorrow, we do it all again, and then I'll pick up the quilts and head for home on Sunday. It's been a wonderful week, but there is work waiting for me up in Georgia, and I'm excited to get back to it. Especially when I see how nice those quilts look hanging in a show!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Routine work day

Monday was a regular type day...a bit of laundry, paying bills, and quilting. Both of us spent the entire day in the studio, and we got several quilts done. Mr Wazoo finished the feed sack quilt, but had lots of trouble keeping it straight and square on the frame. Hand pieced quilts are (sometimes) a real challenge! This is the quilt with the sashings that used to be red.I don't know what happened, but they are not red today!
The blocks are huge, 16 inches each!

The quilting pattern is an oldie, but a goodie...Baptist fan.
How about the faded sashing? 

Her batting is soooo thin! Through the backing, you can see the entire top!
I finished up the Kaffe quilt trimming and loaded a patriotic project with an intricately pieced back. I actually like the back better than the front! I wouldn't have chosen a modern quilting pattern for this, but that's what the customer wanted, so that's what I did.

Oh my! I L-O-V-E this quilt!

A riot of color. Panto: Stacked snailz

Perfect backing selection!

Patriotic strip quilt

Panto: Square Dance

This is the back!!
The last thing of the day was to quilt and bind a customer quilt for a teenage daughter. All done and ready to be enjoyed!
This is the quilt. I took the picture in the living room, since that's where the hand sewing happens.

I did a swirly quilting pattern

I chose backing and binding in the neutral grays to blend, not pop.
The quilt is bright enough without drawing attention to the edge.

Back to the studio, and the last custom project before the trip to Florida!