Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A couple of finishes

I didn't find time to post yesterday, so here is what I did on Sunday and Monday! Sunday, I finished sewing the sample for the up-coming 'sewcial' at the guild, and got it quilted and bound. I like how it looks and will make it again for sure.

I love the border fabric so much, I used it for the back and binding, too.

Panto: Rosie
Mr Wazoo worked on Sunday, as well, and finished this customer project.

Panto: Ginko leaves

The customer didn't have enough backing, so I added this textured gray fabric to the backing.
Yesterday, I tackled this modern quilt. The customer wanted the quilting to look like the pattern photo, and my heart sank when I saw it. All diagonal lines. If you don't have a longarm machine, you don't know that diagonal lines must all be done with a ruler and parallel lines are especially time consuming and difficult. It took all day, but I got it done. My wrist and hand were aching at the end from holding and steadying the ruler, but I think I captured the look she was going for. Yippee!

And a white back, too!! No room for error here.
Mr Wazoo kept me company, doing this lively quilt.His first foray into custom quilting!

Most of the quilt has the panto Curlz, but he designed a little shell
for the corners, and did piano keys in the border!


Good job, Mr W!
Today is guild, and I will be showing the raffle quilt, the sewcial sample and my grandson's quilt from my class. Pretty good for someone who also works full time quilting! Gotta love what I do.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Saturday quilting

I started a bit late today. I had to go to the store and get a few things, and then started this little wall hanging. The customer must be a really new quilter, as almost every block is wonky and has the points cut off. Now that its quilted, it doesn't look too bad. I think she'll put it up and feel the pride of a finished project. I just have to hand sew the binding and sleeve before I give it back to her.

I had problems with the internet last night, so I am posting this on Sunday morning...the quilt is totally finished and I am looking forward to the next project.
I am doing the project for the next guild 'sewcial' and I didn't have a finished quilt to take to show them. Yesterday, I made the blocks ( after work, of course) and have them up on the design wall.  Today, I will sew them together and add the border, get it quilted and then...more binding. Sounds like fun to me!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Gray day...good for quilting!

We had a foggy, drizzly, gray day here today which means we accomplished a lot! Mr Wazoo had to stay inside and he got some primo quilting done. Our customer commissioned me to finish a baby quilt she was stymied on, and I did! She made the blocks, I added the border and made a back from a panel I had and some red fabric. The binding is a fun bias stripe, and the panto Tim did is called Popcorn.


I can't believe I didn't get a photo of the bound quilt before it was sent to Wisconsin!
This next project is a summer quilt for customer who cleverly used flannel as batting. I was skeptical at first, but it has the weight of a blanket and is very soft and drapey. I used the panto Splat!, and think it looks great. Yes, I did a pantograph...quilt too big for Mr Wazoo's table.

When I finished that one, I slipped in my own quilt and got it quilted. After supper, I finished the hand sewing and now, its ready to send to my Grandson in Arizona. Of course it has to go to guild show and tell first...

Ready for binding!

Panto: Badda Bing

I had an extra block, so it went on the back!

Label and binding

Mr Wazoo stayed busy, quilting a customer quilt for a grandson going off to college, and a customer quilt for a little girl. All in all, a jam-packed day.

He is going to Virginia Tech

Panto: Razzle

Simple, but very pretty

The customer wanted the girl's name in the border, so I added that.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Raffle quilt #2 finished, and a bit of fun

I finished the raffle quilt binding and sleeve so it is ready for show and tell next Tuesday. After that, someone will make a beautiful label and then it goes to the quilt ticket sales person. Good bye for now, Big Red.
binding and sleeve done!!

Ready to go
Today, I took a project that has been on the design wall during the raffle quilts week, and sewed it up. This is the quilt I just taught to two guilds a couple of weeks ago and never finished. I will get it quilted tomorrow, and then send it off to my grandson in Arizona. He needs a better quilt since the last one has race cars on it and he is now driving! Time for a young man quilt, don't you think?

blocks languishing on the design wall

Same blocks, ready for quilting!
Mr Wazoo spent his day behind the Gammill, as well, quilting this oriental delectable mountains quilt.

Panto: Shell swirl
After a long day, the rain stopped and we surveyed the yard before going in for supper. Tim has done such a good job making this a lovely place to come home to! Enjoy the view, and we'll be back tomorrow.
These shrubs are new, planted before the rain came.
They are flowering up a storm, but will be variegated greens most of the summer.

Things are filling in here in the back yard.
Those pansies just don't quit!!

My Mother's Day gift is blooming, too!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Racing toward the finish line

Rainy day in Georgia, so quilting was in full swing yesterday.  I got an early start and finished all the quilting on the guild raffle quilt. Late in the day, I sewed the binding and sleeve, and applied them as well.
Ta Da!!

It is queen size, so here is a pic from the back of the machine

Border treatments

Motif in the open areas

Some of the appliqué

My favorite bird

A peek at the back

Ready for binding sewing...it's now done, too!

Mr Wazoo did the second of two flying geese quilts from the same customer. I like this one even more than the other one! Nice!

Panto: Fantasia
After a trip to the orthopedic doctor, I will be starting another customer job today. This is my last visit since having my knee replaced. It still hurts and is very stiff sometimes, but I am confident that will be better with time. Ah, old age! Who ever thinks about it while they are beating up their joints in their youth? I sure didn't! Off to work!