Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sunday sewing

After quitting for the day, I realized I hadn't taken a picture of the last two half square triangle day care quilts. Oh well, I'll take them after the bindings are all on. I did get all four finished and quilted, as well as cutting out pieces for five more little quilts. One is sewn and four are waiting their turn under the needle. Its fun looking through the stash and finding backings that are fun for kids. I'm making a dent in my kid fabric stash, for sure. I'm going to allow myself one more sewing day before getting back to my customer quilts. There are only three custom quilts waiting in the queue right now, and I should be able to get them finished in a couple of weeks of work. Sometimes we need to slow down a bit and catch our breath. Mr Wazoo has quilted the last of the pantographs and is free to do some yard work now that the temperature is decent. I guess all is well at Wazoo.
Now, if I could just get over this flu... still queasy and nose blowing. This too shall pass. Enjoy some colorful pictures.

One of our customers made this pretty tumbler quilt for her granddaughter

The fabrics are under the sea prints. Perfect for the Ebb and Flow panto.

The backing has mermaids and octopi! Cool.

Mr Wazoo quilted this customer tee shirt quilt. Its soft and nice thanks to the flannel borders and backing.

The old stand-by panto for tee shirt quilts; Square Spiral

Here is the back.

This is the first of five strip quilts for the day care kids.

The next one is staged and ready.

The four HST quilts are ready for binding.

Don't you love these crazy prints for the backs? I do!

I did a simple stipple for the quilting. All of them are done with lime green thread. My favorite color!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

More sewing

I finished the pastel quilt, and just need to apply the binding.

Not my cup of tea in the end, but still very pretty. Made primarily with the collection, Laundry Day.

Digital panto: Twinkling swirl

Cute little birds on the back.
After finishing the pastel quilt, I set out to get the 9 small quilts started for Dechen's day care . There are more boys than girls, so I started with dinosaurs. One Moda layer cake will make four of these half- square- triangle quilts. I had some fun rearranging the blocks to make them different. Number one is ready to quilt, and number 2 needs to be sewn together.

All ready for quilting

Blocks done, I'll sew this together later today
Today, I am off to Dahlonega on a planned trip with a friend to go to a big fabric sale at The Common Thread shop. I did buy a good portion of backing for the 9 quilts at the local fabric shop, Quilts Galore, from their sale room, but need some tone on tone, border and girly fabric for some of the quilts. I have a giant stash, but it seems I have used much of my "kid" fabrics making charity quilts in 2017. Time to replenish!
On the repair front, I finally made it all the way around the biggest row of the polyester quilt. 46 more squares, and it will be ready for the wash!! Yippee!! More on this later.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Snow days are sewing days

I finished the big Hawaiian quilt and sent it off to Florida today.

It is a lovely quilt, but any quilting on black is a challenge.

Hard to see the quilting

Each motif is quilted, and the background echoed

Nice batik on back
Mr Wazoo braved the icy roads to get the quilt to the post office, and also get a well needed haircut! I stayed snug and warm, taking a couple of days to sew for myself. Actually, for a young friend who is expecting twins! She is like family to us, having grown up with my kids. I sent a quilt for her first child, and now, there will be two more added, a boy and a girl. I'm making the girl quilt first. I bought the pattern and fabrics at a shop in Tennessee when I went to pick up my new Bernina last June.

I assembled the fabrics I wanted to use and commenced cutting...

I took a picture of the quilt in the shop as inspiration

I finished one block before quitting for the day, yesterday.

The directions at hand, and the pile of block bits at the ready. 

The quilt top is almost done. I just need the final border. Something to do tomorrow.
Icicles on the car

Long, late afternoon shadows in on the snow.
We're hoping for a warm up in the next couple of days. Until then, the fireplace will be burning and we'll be enjoying some down time.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Sewing, quilting and blowing my nose

I'm finally feeling a bit better with this flu thing. Still keeping the Puffs tissue company in business and still coughing, but I am so much better, I am able to work almost a full day!
Yesterday, I made a small nursing home lap quilt for a demo I'll be doing at my evening guild next week. I'm going to show the invisible binding technique I learned at the Bernina booth during our show. I have used this method for charity and utility quilts, and love it. I can get the binding on and sewn down on a twin sized quilt in about 25 minutes. Yup...25 minutes. I timed it on the last one I finished.  Maybe I'll make a little tutorial here. Stay tuned!

My go to pattern, Warm wishes. It is a free download from Quiltmaker magazine's website. It goes together in an hour or so start to finish!

Panto: Flower Power, another favorite.

I had this feather fabric for the back. Sideways, but nice.

Mr Wazoo quilted this little table runner for a customer before doing a bit of yard duty. He does love to go outside to play. Too cold for Molly and me!

A pretty runner ready for next Christmas!!

Panto: Poinsettia
These are pictures from yesterday, working on the Hawaiian quilt and finishing all the borders. Today, I did the quilting in the block motifs and tomorrow, it will be taken off the machine, trimmed and sent back to Florida! I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

The motifs in the borders are this beautiful batik. 

I changed up the background fill only slightly, adding hook-swirls I picked up watching Jamie Wallen on Youtube. If you're ever too sick to quilt, go to Youtube and watch other people quilt!
Tomorrow is the guild board meeting, and then I'm off to see my friend's new house! I'm so happy she will be a bit closer to town, and that she and her husband will have a huge new studio to work in. 
Home made chicken soup for supper, some TV and early bed. Getting over the flu one day at a time.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Its official

I saw this on Sisterschoice Quilts blog today and had to share. I couldn't stand it anymore and made an appointment for the doctor. I have the flu. Another 7 days to go before she thinks it will be better. Oh joy.
I quilted the last row of the Hawaiian quilt, then gave up for the day. At least I'm getting there...
I did get the big quilt from yesterday trimmed and ready to go home. Its a beauty!!

It is so big, I couldn't get it all in from the front view

That's better!

Panto: Come Dance With Me...hard to see here

Maybe a bit easier from the back. It is a nice curvy leaf pattern.
A good night's sleep and I'll be back for a few hours work tomorrow. As for now, some TV, hot tea and bed.

Still fighting the flu

I don't think I am ever going to get better!! Of course, I don't really think that, but it sure feels like a never ending slog here with the sore throat, congestion and productive cough. Sleep is fleeting and fatigue has taken hold. I'm really sick!! Lots of fluids, plenty of rest and chicken soup have been the norm, and the few hours of 'normalcy' are thanks to DayQuil, Theraflu and Robitussin. If I don't turn the corner to health soon, I will have to go see the doctor. As a nurse, I know there really isn't anything she can do for me since flu is a virus, but if I have a bacterial infection on top of it, I want to fight that! We'll see.
Meanwhile, I did another row of background fill on the Hawaiian quilt yesterday while the computerized APQS chugged along on a king sized batik quilt. I did finish that one, but haven't taken it off yet. I'll do that as soon as I get to the studio.

I'll do the last row today, and then, I'll just have the borders and motifs themselves to quilt over the weekend. Yippee!

Millie chugging along on the last row of this huge quilt. Wait until you see it!
It was 107 x 107, yet perfectly flat and square!! I am so in awe of this quilter's mad skills. Wow.
Mr Wazoo spent his day quilting the smaller parts of the ensemble from this quilter. He did the valances and loaded the pillow shams. The whole shebang will be a stunning addition to any bedroom.

Pillow shams ready for quilting

Thanks to Miss Molly, I am able to keep going. She is my constant companion, coming to the studio when I do, and laying down with me when I nap. She is sure a faithful little thing. 

"What's next, Mom?"

"Another nap!! Okay..."
We're supposed to have a cold snap here later today, with the possibility of either freezing rain or snow. Time to replenish the chicken soup!! Have a good day, readers, and stay warm!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Work and naps

I did well today, a little work and a little napping. Worked well.While I did the second row on the Hawaiian quilt, I had this lovely house quilt on the Millie. The customer wanted Baptist Fan so I did it with the digital machine and it came out perfectly.

Its a pretty little town in the woods!

Panto: Tom's Baptist Fan

A peek at the back
Thanks to Mr Wazoo who took the photos of the quilt for me during my nap. He was busy, too, doing the quilting on this modern baby quilt.

This is a mod quilt for a new baby. I love it!!

Panto: Geometric

Even the backing is triangles!
After work, I snapped this picture of the mountains. No sun today, just a mist of rain and blustery winds. We do still have a bit of fun in the back yard. Gotta keep the deer and squirrels happy!

Time for NyQuil and more sleep...Did I mention, I hate being sick?