Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Goodbye to Florida, and hello to Georgia!

It's hard to see the house empty, but we know the adventure has begun. I think it will take awhile to un-load all the stuff and get it sorted and put away in the new house. I also have the feeling I will be looking for stuff for months after the move!!

Living room




The studio progress is steady and I am so excited to see how it looks with walls! Once the floor is down, we will be able to assemble the machine tables and get the quilting up and going. I figure that part of the studio will be the only thing in there until Tim has time to put together all the Ikea shelves! There will be very little sewing going on for at least a couple of weeks.
My scarf is almost done!

Simple pattern, but still pretty.

I can't believe the Christmas cactus has decided to burst into bloom today, of all days. The flowers are beautiful, but I think too fragile to survive the trip in the truck. Hopefully, some of them will hold off opening until we get there.
My Christmas cactus

I love the delicate flowers and the unusual pink and white color.

Well, it looks like it will be a quiet Christmas next week, as the kid's plans didn't materialize to come visit us. We have had Christmas by ourselves before, but it is never easy. I miss my family most during the holidays, and expect a little weep on Christmas morning. Next year, I plan to have all of them there...I figure I have a year to make it happen, so that will be the project for 2015.
My kids. Next year, guys...you WILL be home for Christmas!!
We will be unpacking and will have the turkey dinner as planned, despite not having family to share it with. We have our health and a lovely new home, so its all good.
The next post will be from Georgia! Stay tuned.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ready to load the truck...

I haven't been able to sew or quilt since my stuff has been packed and stacked. I did go to my sewing group for the final time and made a lap sized top from some fat quarters I had set aside. I will have to add borders and finish it after the move.
Small top made from fat quarters

The nights have become boring with nothing to do while watching TV, so I got some yarn and started a warm scarf for myself to have for walking Molly in the cold weather. That's fun...
My scarf so far

Did the Christmas cards and all the laundry. Packed the dishes (except for coffee cups and 2 cereal bowls) and the eating out has begun. We go to a friend's home for dinner tonight and to a restaurant tomorrow. If you knew Mr Wazoo, you'd know what a coup this is on my part, since he hates to eat out. We rarely go out, and then only to close by eateries. That's fine with me. Someone else will cook and clean up...Heaven!
Christmas cards ready to be mailed

The house is pretty bare. We have sold the furniture we meant to sell and I am relegated to a dining room chair in the evening unless I boot Molly out of her spot on the couch and sit there. We have been sharing the couch for three days...she's confused!
What a sad looking studio...

Everything that didn't go in the first two trips

We are relegated to the murphy bed for the next two nights.

Mr Wazoo does the final vacuum in our bedroom

Poor Molly has been laying low...the Christmas cactus is ready to explode with blooms. Drat!

What's left of the living room

The next report should come from Georgia where we should be moved in permanently.
I'll see you there!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Quilting is done...party is over...packing continues

It has been a bittersweet week here at Wazoo. I finished my last customer quilt before we move, and we dismantled the machine and table today. The studio looks really bare without the colorful fabric and quilts on the walls. Boo hoo.
The last custom quilt

Lots of background texture and a touch of botanical color

one of the geometric blocks

the center medallion

more textures

The back is pretty cool, too!

Like a color shadow of the front.

Last week, two of my friends organized a farewell party for me and I was absolutely astonished at how many people came. Friends are my life-blood, and I will be hard pressed to find ones as warm and loving as the ones I have here in Florida. They come from all over the US and Canada, and all have the same commonality; the love of quilting. We had food and cake and loads of laughs. Thank you to Carole and Terri for their gift of this gathering of friends.
The honking' big cake. Delicious!

The smaller chocolate marbled cake. YUM!

Table of fun

the gals who were flared out by the sunny window in the first photo

Second table of fun

Two sets of sisters and one friend, too

fourth table of fun...my plate is front and center!

fifth table of fun

sixth and final table of fun girls I will miss.

The house is really starting to look un-occupied! Most of the things that make it home have been moved to Georgia already, and just the essential stuff is left to move. Even the garden is looking generic without it's gee-gaws and pots. Tim wants to leave the Tiki totem given to us from a friend, but I am fighting to keep it. I think it would look swell in my screen porch. Just a touch of whimsey. We'll see. He is constantly worried all of our stuff won't fit in the truck. I am the type B person in this couple...I just don't worry about such things until they happen. Takes too much energy.
My tiki men would miss me...

I would miss them...

Even the guy with half an upper lip!

Mr Wazoo taking down my table

My machine is out of place today

His machine is gone...all that remains are his table parts

Bare living room

Guest room is stark without quilts

The only sign of the big holiday looming is the Christmas cactus bursting with buds. I hope it makes the trip okay and keep some of the blooms for the new house. Like the song says, "we need a little Christmas right now!"
The Christmas cactus is ready to pop with a hundred blooms! It will go inside in Georgia.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Working in Georgia

 Everything is going swimmingly here in Georgia, plus the weather is beautiful!! Molly and I have taken a walk up and down the mountain every day since we got here. The hills are killer, but the view is worth it.
From the top, looking down the next big hill

On the top of the mountain

Quarry on the adjacent mountain

Through the woods looking east, there are two roads in the picture, too!
across the range toward Blairsville

After our walk, I began painting the guest room in preparation for the new mattress delivery on Tuesday. Tim did the trim work from the ladder, and I did the rest. We are ready for the delivery tomorrow.

The happy yellow color of the guest room
Why would a builder paint bedrooms tan?!(See the color we covered over the window)

Tim gives the wall a final roll-over

We took a couple of photos to show where the house is located on the mountain. Do you see the house?

Now, do you see it? Hint: The peak of the house is what you are looking for.

Here is the same road, as seen from my deck.

The road where I took the house picture. My driveway is in the foreground
A closer view

We will be back in Florida Wednesday to finish up the packing and the last quilt. The first weeks in December will be a blur with all the things we have to do and all the people we have to say a proper goodbye to. It is all moving at what seems lightening speed to me. Are we ready? We'll see!