Tuesday, September 18, 2018

A repair finish

I'm happy to say that the embroidered quilt is finished! Way before the deadline, too. After the appliqué and replacement of the worst block, I set in to do the hand quilting. The two blocks next to the ripped one needed to have their feathered hearts re-done, and the setting triangles had to be requilted, too. I also quilted the replacement block to match the others. A soak and wash, and voila!! Good as new.

This is where I started. Giant hole, and no quilting on any of the surrounding blocks.

The binding was completely gone all along the edge. Notice, no quilting in the setting triangles, either.

Ta-Da!! Clean and ready to go home.

The new block is in the center on the right side. I hand quilted the corners and setting triangles, and all the missing quilting from the surrounding blocks. 

The new block

One setting triangle

Another setting triangle

A better look at the new block.

New row at the bottom in this picture.
The fun never ends here at Wazoo. This is the next repair job...

Each grandchild got a quilt when Grandma died. 

My customer got this one. Simple utility quilt, but she told me of the fond memories of sleeping under this quilt on trips to Grandma's house as a youngster. She loves the feeling she has snuggling in this quilt, and wants it fixed.

The batting in the quilt is another quilt! I could see the 9 patch blocks under some of the larger holes.
This evening, I went to my guild in Blue Ridge for a wonderful meeting. There were loads of pretty show and tell projects, and a demo of making multiple half square triangle blocks at one time. Diane did a great job with the demo, and I can't wait to try making 54 -2 1/2 inch HSTs at a time from two fat quarters! My cookies, cupcakes, cheese and cracker platter and pico de gaillo with chips were all a hit. We had enough food for a group twice the size of ours. Pasta salad, veggies, fruit, mini eclairs, banana bread and more cookies from the other two ladies!! Quilters rarely go hungry.

Monday, September 17, 2018

My foot hurts...

Mr Wazoo is getting tired of me saying my foot hurts several times a day. Trust me, I'm tired of saying it...and feeling it! So far, the physical therapy isn't making a difference at all. If anything, my foot feels worse. Oh well, I've had to suck it up and keep working. I finished both cabin quilts for the same customer!

The first quilt is for a 7 year old granddaughter.

She likes flowers and butterflies, so I used the panto Butterfly swirl

Sweet vintage backing

The second, bigger quilt, is for the customer's bed. 

She requested feathers, so I used this pattern for the center...

...and this pattern for the blocks.

The quilting shows nicely on the back.
While I worked the two cabin quilts, I was doing more custom quilting on the blue quilt. I have all the pieced blocks done, and one of the borders. In case you wondered how I mark and quilt them, I have taken some pictures while doing the quilting.

Here is one of the finished blocks

I decided to mimic the triangles in the border as part of my quilting design. 

The triangles are 90 degree angles, so I used a small square ruler for the marking.

Starting at the edge of one of the white triangles, I use a Bohin chalk marker to make triangles until I reach the corner.

Like this!

I use my favorite eight  inch long, quarter inch thick ruler to guide the hopping foot along the chalked lines.

I flip the ruler top-bottom-top-bottom until I reach either a corner, or the point where I need to advance the quilt to keep going.

I do the same on the top and bottom borders.

I did a freehand design in one side of triangles, and echoed the straight lines on the other side (not seen here)

Making progress!
I have been working on this quilt today, too, and need to get back at it. Sometimes, I have to get off my foot for a bit.
 Mr Wazoo has been quilting, too. He quilted a modern "plus" quilt, and a cute Cat in the Hat quilt.

Here is the man, hard at work in his Man Cave.

The customer said this quilt used scraps and clothes for the plusses.

Panto: Double Diamonds

Look closely and you'll see the cardinals on the back!

I like the 3-D effect from the different values in the blue and red sashing.

Panto: Popcorn

Lots of "Things" on the back!

I need to make a speed trip to the grocery store and then get back to work! I'll be doing some baking later tonight. I have guild tomorrow evening, and my friend and I are doing the snacks!!

Friday, September 14, 2018

There's a hurricane coming?

We live in the northeast corner of Georgia, and have been told to get prepared for hurricane Florence on the weekend. What?! The path has it making a curve over South Carolina and up toward where we live, dropping large amounts of rain and bringing high winds. Mr Wazoo is ever diligent, so he had four big trees removed from the yard. They were dead and hollow, and he feared they might fall on the house if they blew over. Okay...

Mr W "supervising"
After they cut the tree, a guy on a tractor scooped it up and took it to the grinder.
The tree guys had machines to grind and reduce a tree to sawdust!

Another one bites the dust!
Down it goes!

Once the trees were gone, Mr Wazoo blew the leaves and small branches off the driveway

Just stumps left
The view is better without the dead tree.
Meanwhile, I finished the bindings and labels on the last two Quilts of Valor.

QOV with pinwheels
Panto: Stars and Stripes
Here's what the QOV labels look like
This is my favorite of the three.
In the center, there was a star
Nice back, too!
I also had to get going on a repair. It needs to be finished by October 7th!

The biggest rip

Also, needs to have the binding off and new made.

I took out the torn block and basted in new batting

After adding iron on stabilizer to the back of the cross stitched part, I made a freezer paper template, ironed it to the top and carefully cut 1/4 inch away. Then, I turned under the edge and removed the paper. I glue sticked the "appliqué" to the new background and cut it to fit the hole.

I cut away the background from behind the cross stitched part after appliquéing the motif to the background, then stitched the new block into the space by hand. I am in the process of hand quilting this and other blocks where the stitching is gone. I made and applied the binding, and will hand stitch it down after I finish the quilting.
While I was doing all the hand stitching, I had the APQS quilting this Christmas tree skirt for a customer.

Log cabin tree skirt. The customer will cut the slit and bind it.

Panto: Holly Berries

Holly on the back!
Honestly, I am beat...it's time to go to bed. Tomorrow I have more PT for my foot, and more hand quilting. Good night!