Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Getting with the program

That would be the Scan and Cut program! I went to class number three and made substantial progress with the snowman project. I really thought I had all the pieces cut and was about to do a happy dance when I saw this...

Snow ghosts!! I realized I had cut their clothes...but not their bodies.
ha ha ha...they look like invisible snowmen.
As you can see, I spread out over two tables and finally managed to have something for all three backgrounds.

I can make a mess anywhere...

The night time scene is really cute.

This is the scene I had finished before class.
When I got home I promptly fell asleep in the chair and napped until suppertime. Mr Wazoo worked all day quilting these two quilts.

Adorable panel for a baby quilt.

Panto: Popcorn

This fun quilt has a flamingo theme

Panto: Flamingo Sunset

Pretty back, too.
Today, I went out to a board meeting, added labels to four quilts I will be selling at the new art gallery in town, took in two quilts, and went to Blue Ridge for a field trip to the art gallery there. My evening guild  went to see the fiber arts display. I have some quilts in the show, and it was nice to see them there. Afterward, we had our meeting back at the church we meet in, and had a picnic supper thanks to the members bringing salads, pulled pork, fresh fruit and yummy desserts.
Tomorrow, I am off to the podiatrist early in the morning to see what the heck is going on with my foot. I suspect the heel pain is related to plantar fasciitis, and won't be surprised if that's what he says, too. So far exercising the foot and ankle as well as continued icing of my heel haven't diminished the pain. Right now, I can barely walk, and can't stand to quilt for very long periods either. Something needs to change! We'll see how it goes.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Weekend quilting and some homework

My last Scan and Cut class is tomorrow, so I took some time, made a giant mess, and made some progress on the wall hanging project for class.

Finding a surface in the studio with enough room for using the machine was the first challenge.

Tracing, pressing on the fusibles and getting the fabric pieces rough cut took a long time.
I hope to get better with practice.

I did get the three backgrounds cut and their snow-base cut and applied.
The stack of fused fabric next to the snowmen is for tomorrow.I scanned all the parts in, and will do the cutting in class.

All the fusing for the top picture is finished. Sewing and embellishment come later.

The studio (and especially the cutting table) is a huge mess. I'll have to tackle it after class tomorrow.
The second vintage quilt project is done, and the third one (table runner) is quilted, but not bound.

Number one is bound and ready!

Number two, quilted and bound, as well.

Same Baptist fan, per customer's wishes.
The third project was small, so it went along quickly, just before quitting for the day. I had an extra square, so I made a little table topper to go with the runner. I know they'll like it.

Our guest, Bullwinkle, beat Molly to the punch with his photobomb.

He has behaved perfectly. What a good dog!

Panto, Orange Peel

I gave the runner a vintage looking floral backing.

Here's the extra square, with a simple feathered wreath for the quilting.
Not to be out done, Mr Wazoo quilted up a storm in the man cave. He has kept a steady pace with the quilts we have taken in last week. Every day he quilts, then does some yard work. He's a happy camper.
A pretty BQ combination of color and patterns.
Panto: Wandering Daisies

Backed with love!
Winkie's humans came home and picked him up. It was nice to have him here for a while. Molly and Winkie get along fine, so having him here when his owners need to go away is a no brainer. And besides, who could not like this face? Not me!



Molly curled up on Mr W's chair for a snooze after all the excitement.
She's a good dog, too!

Friday, July 13, 2018

All kinds of fun!

What a week! Meeting, sewing group, class...and tonight, Bullwinkle! Our friends need to be out of town tomorrow, so we are dog sitting Molly's best friend, Bullwinkle, or Winkie for short. Everything was going fine until Mr Wazoo opened the door and out went the moose! Its a good thing he is old and doesn't run very fast,(the dog...not Mr W), because the two of us are pitiful at chasing dogs. I managed to catch up with him in the back yard, and corralled him into the screen porch. It wouldn't look good to lose Winkie less the an hour after he was trusted to our care.  We'll be fine as long as we keep an eye on him when going out.

Bullwinkle sizing up his dinner.

When I wasn't running around and going to events, I quilted the charity project from Tuesday's sewing group. I made the binding yesterday and got it sewn on, and the quilt finished.

An Eleanor Burns pattern, Candy Cane Lane, it was fairly simple to sew. I made a mistake in the placement of a couple of blocks, but didn't want to take the quilt apart to fix it. My 'Amish humility'. I also added a flower in each corner.

The panto is a new one...Posey something-or-other. I forget.

Fences and bunnies on the back. The binding is pink polka dots. I don't have a picture with the binding on.
I loaded up one of the vintage tops from one of  my customers, and began the Baptist fan quilting before quitting for the night..
Hmmm...there's that photo-bombing pup Molly, too.
During the day trip to Dahlonega I purchased a panel of woodsy pictures and some sale room fabric for alternate blocks. I am going to make a masculine type quilt for the nursing home.

The blocks and a stack of fabric for the other blocks.
A late delivery arrived last evening, when we finally got the batting orders from last week. I swear, they brought the Hobbs order by bicycle!! It took 10 days to arrive from Texas. The Quilter's Dream came in three days from Virginia. All put away and ready for use.

QD packaged batts

Cartons of Hobbs.
Mr W was indoors yesterday due to the heat, and finished this cute quilt for a lucky granddaughter.

The customer made up the pattern herself! Very nice!

Backed with one of the coordinating fabrics from the quilt.

Panto: Flower Festival
On the trip to Cumming, we stopped in at a nursery and brought home two hydrangea, two azalea and two creepers with pretty blue flowers. Hubby got them in the ground and watered before supper. The yard is looking wonderful, and the little garden plots are producing veg for our plates!

The hydrangea are next to the post we got in Oregon. The smaller shrubs with white flowers are a new strain of azalea that blooms three times a year!! I hope they survive there.

The front rock garden.

Mr W also stained the sunny side of the house last week. It looks much better.

Loads of tomatoes coming on all at once! Only a couple are turning red. We're having them tonight along with a good sized cucumber. We have eaten cucumbers for a couple of days now.

One pepper. I don't know why we only have one.

Green beans peeking through the foliage. Last night we picked enough to have new potatoes and green beans in white sauce for supper. We also had sweet corn. I love summer fresh vegetables!

We call these the Charlie Brown tomato plants. We got them free at customer appreciation day at our bank. Each has one little tomato!
Zoom ahead to today, and the vintage quilt is done. I also sewed the binding on the quilt, but didn't get a photo. Mr Wazoo quilted a pretty and colorful quilt while I was off at a meeting.

Vintage quilt number one!

Baptist fan quilting. This quilt was a challenge due to the excess fabric in every block.

Bleached muslin for the back.

Beautiful Fossil Fern quilt

Panto: Bubbles

Polka dot backing.
After the trip to Cumming, I snapped a photo of my new car with its official license plate! We are Wazoo for you!

My car is now official! My Wazoo tag looks right at home there.