Raffle quilts done by WAZOO!

2019 Misty Mountain Quiltfest

Disconnected Piecers Guild 2012 raffle

Peace River Quilters 2013 raffle

Disconnected Piecers 2014 raffle

Mountain Presbyterian Church raffle 2016

Peace River Quilters 2015 raffle


Disconnected Piecers 2016 raffle

Peace River Quilters 2012 raffle

Lettuce Lake raffle

Burnt Store Presbyterian Church raffle

Presbyterian ladies raffle

Fig Tree park raffle

Misty Mountain Quilters 2015 raffle

Peaceful Mountain Quilters raffle

The winner of the raffle

2017 Misty Mountain Guild raffle quilt

2017 Peace River Guild raffle quilt

2017 Peace River guild raffle pillow cover

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