Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One bird stitched, one ready...

I have been so busy with customer quilts, I barely have time to sleep! The first bird is all stitched and the second ready to be stitched. Now, I have to get the babies done and apply all of it to the background! Do you think I will have this quilt done by the Dec. 31st deadline? Stay tuned.
The little bird quilt is my Brown Bag challenge from our guild. Everybody participating puts 4 or 5 fat quarters in a bag and then they are mixed up and handed out. You have to make something from the fabrics you get. My focus fabric had birds on it, so I made a bird picture. I hope it isn't your brown bag, or I have just spoiled it for you! It is due Dec. 5th. All mine needs is the binding and a label.
Well, It is time to switch gears and make dinner! Keep on quilting, Susan