Saturday, July 11, 2009

Guild show and tell

Friday was guild show and tell day and I brought my finished quilts from the last WAZOO! retreat. I have been at it again, making 2-3-2-6 quilts for charity as well as finishing Jenny's and Carolyn's quilts. Of course, they are done two months after the twin's birthdays...but done, nonetheless!
I have cut out my next project and hope to get started on the sewing tomorrow at our little sewing group. Cheers!Susan

Monday, July 6, 2009

New Gammill doing well

I got my new Gammill Classic Plus this month and I am like a kid on Christmas morning! The old one had some issues and it was time for a trade in. The new machine purrs along at lightning speed, and is fun to use. Here are a couple of photos of Pat and Richard of Pat's Calico Cottage putting in the new machine and table with the help of my husband, Tim. It is a pleasure to use a machine that doesa great stitch without tweaking every few minutes! Back to work now, Susan