Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Guild Spring challenge

I have finished the spring challenge due next week! Wow! I never finish anything this early. Anyway, here it is.It had to have a floral theme and be no larger than 160 inches all around. I had the floral fabrics, so I applied fusable to their backs nd hand cut out loads of flowers. Then I arranged them like a wreath on a square piece of background fabric and fused them down. I sewed them all down with lilac metallic thread, added a layer of batting to the back, sewed around the wreath shape, then trimmed away all the excess. Then I put the backing, another batting, the top, and a layer of sparkly tulle on the big machine and quilted the snot out of it! I trimmed it into a circle shape and put on bias binding. Oh yeah, the bird is there because it looked a bit dull without some kind of focal point. How long does something like this take? Only one and a half days! I had to get back to work, you know!!
I hope you like it!