Monday, September 12, 2011

Big quilt exercised my brain!!

Last week I worked on a quilt that really made me think outside my box for how to quilt it. It has BIG open spaces that screamed for quilting, as well as beautiful hand applique. The pillow tuck was the hardest part. I traced the applique motifs and made some plastic templates to use. I marked all the motifs on the area and quilted them in, removed the marks and did background fill. It took one whole day to do this!! This was day 2 since day one was spent stitching in the ditch and around all the applique with invisible thread. Day 3 I tackled the 15 inch wide borders. Deb Levy taught us to divide and conquer, so that is what happened. Two more days of quilting and filling the backgrounds and I was finished!! The quilt is to be a bedspread for a queen size bed, but I have a king bed so the picture isn't an accurate depiction of how it will eventually look. Anyway, my customer has her work cut out for her just applying the binding, don't you think?!

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