Monday, May 2, 2011

Back home!

I had to post the Paducah post after I got home because I had no internet access for a week!! Horrors! Anyway, we had a wonderful time despite the dodgy weather and the show being all over town. My quilt was hung next to two famous quilter's quilts, so I was humbled to see it there. Sharon Schamber won my category, so you can see the company I was in!! Wow. Here are a few shots from my week away. I need to get back to work pronto because I have already taken in four more jobs just today!! No rest for the folly seekers.

The almost "No- Show"

Here we are in Paducah and it almost didn't happen!! There is quite a bit of flooding in the area and the river is expected to crest well above flood stage. When this happens, they close the flood gates and everything is a mess down where the show is supposed to be. I am so impressed by the engineering feat the show organizers did. The entire show was taken down and moved to locations away from the river. The vendors all had to be organized and moved. The classes were all moved. This is a BIG show!! I can't imagine how hard this was to do. But here we Paducah after two days of driving through rain and a night in a hotel in Kennesaw, GA without power at the hotel, and now, torrential rain in Paducah. It is raining right now! On the quilt side...I made the semi-final for the show but didn't get a ribbon. Sharon Schamber took first place in my category. Good company!
Here are some photos from Paducah. The river at flood stage with the flood wall in the foreground, my traveling companions looking happy that it stopped raining for a few minutes, and me at the award ceremony looking happy to be there. Tomorrow, we go to the main show venue and see my quilt hanging with the other wonderful entries. Should be a great day!!