Monday, January 23, 2012

Feeling better

I think it has been a good day. I walked outside around three cul de sacs with my friend Bee, had a nice soup lunch (thanks, Carole), then crashed for a while before loading a quilt on the machine. That's as far as I got before it was too much. Tomorrow, I am going to quilt a couple of rows if all goes well. Standing up isn't too good because it exerts downward pressure on my pelvis, and that is where I am the most sore. This too will pass. Thanks to my sister and to Karen and Sherry for the lovely flowers! And to all of you who have called , emailed or sent cards; Thank you! Quilting friends are the best friends to have, no doubt about it. Oh yes, Kate...I ate my blueberries this morning, Yum! Until tomorrow!

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