Thursday, January 5, 2012

The long, long, long day

Oh my goodness!Tim and I now know way more about the guts of my Gammill than we ever cared to. I have had to take off and put on the back parts three times and replace the switches, too. I have cleaned every inch of it and adjusted the belt.Yet it still sounds awful and runs without turning on the switch!! I almost lost a finger when the machine suddenly started at breakneck speed while I was fussing with the belt. (Expletives deleted)I am so tired and frustrated, I told my dealer/mechanic I had to quit for now and start fresh tomorrow. He's trying to avoid a trip from Georgia and I am drowning in technology and mechanics. The motherboard comes tomorrow, and I may not need it in the end. I'm frazzed, but as you can see, Molly is chill as usual. Stay tuned!

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