Sunday, January 22, 2012

Step on a crack...

Hello blog followers. Last Thursday I had the misfortune of taking an ugly fall and breaking the T-12 vertebrae  and bulging out the L-3,4,and 5 disks. Not a happy camper! I underwent a miraculous surgery called percutaneous kyphoplasty and am able to walk (shuffle) with a lot less pain. However, I am now sore all over and unable to do the simplest things for myself. Bummer. Quilting is on hold until the stiffness and soreness abate enough for me to stand and load a quilt, so there will not be too many lovely photos to see. Dear Hubby has been very helpful with picking up the slack around the house, taking the dogs out and (gasp!) doing the dishes...that sort of thing. I will be leaning on the quilt buddies for the  real work, mostly the cooking. You are a loving bunch, you quilters, and without you I would be in a world of hurt...oh shoot! I am in a world of hurt!! You know what I mean...we take care of each other. I thank you.
Here you see pictures of what I did "Before the Fall". I promise there will be new quilts later.

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