Friday, April 27, 2012

Work...and FUN!!

All work and no play makes Susan very sad; so it was a good thing I had a sewing day in the middle of a hard work week! I finished quilting two custom quilts as well as a few pantos, and then finished one of my own quilts. I hope to have the binding done tonight and send it to my niece as a surprise gift for her bed.
The strip pack came from one of my fav local quilt shops, Quilt Lovers Hangout, where they make a jelly roll size pack with fabrics from the shop. I love the mix and how happy it looks with the Kaufman Confection fabric. The stripe and the Kona white came from my other fav shop, Sandy's Quilt Shop. For the back, I used a perky striped sheet from Walmart. (yes, Walmart...and yes, a sheet) I will send the matching bottom sheet and pillow case to go with the quilt.
Tomorrow, I will be out and about to a show with the Red Hat ladies. Even this girl needs some fun now and again! Enjoy the pics!

Customer quilts

The quilt for my niece

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